Adventure beckons with a new initiative to get active: the Arvada TRYathlon!

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Posted on January 27th, 2013 *Post last modified on May 13th, 2013


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“I’ve always wanted to try…” What’s on your list? Rock climbing or snowshoeing? Pickleball or racquetball? Pottery or printmaking? Beginning on January 14 you’ll have a couple of months chance to stretch your boundaries without stretching your wallet. The Arvada TRYathlon is a great way for you to try out dozens of area activities, free or at reduced costs.

It starts the week of January 14, and each week offers 6-10 different one-session activities. For example, during the kickoff week, free or discounted programs include adult dance, discounted admissions at the Apex Center, a watercolor class, public skate, a Majestic View Nature Center presentation, Zumba, hiking and Cycle Burn!

We are trying to provide as many different activities as possible to as many audiences as possible, to engage and educate citizens on the rich and varied opportunities for adding fun to their lives.

The program is a collaborative effort by Apex Park and Recreation District, the City of Arvada, the Arvada Press, the Arvada Chamber of Commerce, and Majestic View Nature Center.

The TRYathlon begins on Monday, January 14 and concludes on Wednesday, March 6. Each week, planners will announce a new set of activities, along with special pricing and details on how to get involved.

Here are some highlights of upcoming single-session TRYathlon activities:

Week of January 14:

  • Discounted admission at the Apex Center
  • Free adult dance and Zumba classes
  • Free indoor cycling class
  • Free presentation at Majestic View Nature Center

Week of January 21:

  • Free youth lacrosse
  • Free public skate session
  • Free Soccer Fit class
  • Free racquetball court time

Week of January 28

Watch for more on the TRYathlon here and at

Download TRYArvada.pdf (PDF, 150KB)

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