Apex Field House, Apex Simms Street Center Construction on Track

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Posted on September 28th, 2011 *Post last modified on December 12th, 2011


DSCN2092 346x260 Apex Field House, Apex Simms Street Center Construction on Track
Apex Field House Location:

Apex Park and Recreation District is making progress on two new facilities, both of which are set to open in late 2011. Update: The Grand Opening for the Apex Field House is scheduled for Dec. 10, 2011. Update: The Apex Field House is now open for business!

A great new building is emerging at 5724 Oak St. next to the Harold D. Lutz Sports Complex…the Apex Field House, a year-round facility for indoor soccer, lacrosse and flag football programs, classes, drop-in facilities and leagues. In mid-August, the foundation and basic framing were complete enough to allow passers-by to visualize the facility’s size and orientation on the site, and look forward to the recreation activities to take place there. The photos below show views from north and south, and the conceptual drawing shows the parking lot and landscaping features.

The Apex Field House will house two year-round indoor turf arenas, with practice areas for each arena. The expansion from one to two arenas will equip the district to better serve the increasing demand for year-round turf sports

The new facility emerged from the need to relocate activities and programs at the Garrison Street Sports Center. The building is scheduled for demolition due to the Army Corps of Engineers floodplain project. The Apex Field House will also feature classrooms and changing rooms.

Garrison Street Sports Center activities will move in December 12, 2011 when the Apex Field House opens. For more information call 303-403-2518.

DSCN2133 346x260 Apex Field House, Apex Simms Street Center Construction on Track
Apex Simms Street Center Location:

The gymnastics, dance, cheerleading and pottery programs currently housed at the Garrison Street Sports Center are moving to great new digs at 11706 W. 82nd Ave., just west of Simms St. This new facility, the Apex Simms Street Center, is on the western side of Christ Community Covenant Church. It is now being renovated and transformed into the district’s host site for these popular programs. Students and parents can look forward to many improvements. For example, check out the photo of an exciting gymnastics feature: the trampoline area that runs almost the length of the room and ends in a small pit that will be filled with foam for a super-soft landing! Among the other new amenities is a viewing area for the dance room.

The Apex Simms Street Center also includes an administrative area. Like many other APRD facilities, the building features improved lighting, energy efficiency and optimum use of space.

Update: The Apex Simms Street Center is now open!

Update: Apex Simms Street Center Ribbon Cutting Set for November 19

Check back often for more information and updated photos of construction progress.

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