Apex Parents’ Night Out

Apr 18, 2014
4:30 pmto9:00 pm
Apr 25, 2014
4:30 pmto9:00 pm
May 9, 2014
4:30 pmto9:00 pm
May 23, 2014
4:30 pmto9:00 pm
Jun 13, 2014
4:30 pmto9:00 pm
Jun 27, 2014
4:30 pmto9:00 pm
Jul 11, 2014
4:30 pmto9:00 pm
Jul 25, 2014
4:30 pmto9:00 pm
Aug 8, 2014
4:30 pmto9:00 pm
Aug 22, 2014
4:30 pmto9:00 pm

Parents, treat yourself to a night out, and treat your kids to an evening at the Apex Center! We’re more fun than a babysitter and a lot cheaper. All activities are well organized, supervised, and include a monthly theme. The evening is geared toward ages 1 to 10 and includes toys and activities in the Apex Kids’ Clubhouse, pizza in the party room, gym games, a G rated movie, and snacks. Pre-Registration is a must! Check in and pickup is in the Clubhouse.

Location: Apex Center, 13150 W. 72nd Ave.

Res. $19 (additional children $16)
non-res. $29 (additional children $26)

Register for class #178301 for September-March.

Register for class #378301 for April-August.

Friday, 4:30-9 pm

Ask at Apex Center Guest Services, 303-424-2739, for details.

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Comments (15 Responses)

  1. Kalina Herr says:

    Do I need to reserve a spot for my kids in order to participate in parents night out?

  2. Rob says:

    Yes, please registering ahead of time. Space is limited and they tend to fill up.
    You can Register online or by calling 303-424-2739.

  3. Fer says:

    I love it but the change of the hours is not very convenient. I guess that is why sessions are not filling up as fast as before. Most people are still at work at 4:30 so it does not give us much time to do anything.

    • Amy says:

      On the other hand, since we have young kids with a 7:30 pm bedtime, these hours actually give us a chance to get out and do something!

  4. Rachel says:

    How much does it cost for someone who does not have a pass to the facility? Is it different?

  5. Stephanie Alegria says:

    I’m not an Arvada resident and I’m understanding my fee to be $29. Please Verify. Also, do I need to reserve a spot for my child, if so how do I do that. Is 2/26 available?

    • Rob says:

      Stephanie, thanks for your interest.

      There are still 14 spots for the 26th as of this morning. $29 for non-residents of Apex PRD (not the City, see below). You can register by phone at 303-424-7733 and once you’ve done that, you’ll be in our system and you can do it online in the future.

      You can find out about classes, including fees, and enrollment number by going to the Registration link at the bottom of the page.

      Residency Status is not based on City residency. Some people who live in the City of Arvada are not Apex PRD residents and visa versa.
      You can find out more about Residency status by going to our Residency Information page.

      I hope this is all clear and answers you questions.

  6. Robin Gubanich says:

    Just spent 23 minutes on hold trying to talk with a person about this. Won’t be coming.

    • Terry says:

      Robin, I apologize that you were on hold that long. Parent’s Night Out is a fantastic program and I encourage you to try it out. You can contact the program manager directly about it at 303-403-2594.

  7. KP says:

    It says ages 1-10. That’s a huge age difference. My kid is 3 and I’d worry about him getting lost in the crowd of older kids. How are the toddlers supervised? What’s the supervising_adult-to-tot ratio?

    • Rob says:

      We usually have 5 staff members. Ratios are about 1:7. We don’t get a lot of older kids for PNO.

      In the upcoming PNO on September 10, there are only 11 signed up so far and the ages are 1-7 with most being 4-6 yrs old.

      Please feel free to give Scott a call at 303-403-2594 if you have further concerns or questions. He’s the program director.

  8. Kim says:

    We signed up for tomorrow night’s PNO, but won’t be there until about 5:30 and will pick up between 7:30/8, is that a problem? Thanks!

    • Scott Melin says:

      It is not a problem to drop your kids up late or to pick them up early. At 5:30 the kids will be in the party room eating pizza. Between 7:30 and 8pm the kids will either be in the gym playing, on their way back to child watch, or in child watch watching a movie.
      We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

  9. Eric says:

    My four year old son, Trenton, just loves going to this. He marks the days off of his calander, leading up to the next one. Great teachers, and good activities.