Apex Park and Recreation District Weather Related Closures

Closed facilities and athletic fields and canceled activities

Facilities and Activities

There are no facility closures or activity cancellation at this time.

Apex PRD Sports Leagues field closures and cancellations can be found at at teamsideline.com/apex


We try to decide on sports field closures no later than 2:30 pm each week day. While we try to keep current on all closures and offer the best customer service possible, if you need a more recent update, please call your group or association. Should the weather change after 4 pm on weekdays play will be determined by the association and or the officials on site. This page will NOT be updated on weekends. Please call your association on weekends.

FieldsStatus as of 09/29/2017
Lutz #1TBD
Lutz #2TBD
Lutz #3Closed
Lutz #4Closed
Lutz #5Closed for renovation
Lutz #6Closed for renovation
Lutz #7Closed for renovation
Lutz #8Closed for renovation
Youth MemorialClosed
Pioneer FieldsClosed
Long Lake Ranch Field 1Closed
Long Lake Ranch Ball Field 2 and 3Closed
Long Lake Ranch Soccer FieldsOpen
Long Lake Ranch SyntheticsOpen
Foster FieldsClosed
Stenger (Soccer)Closed
Stenger SE QuadrantClosed
Ralston Addition Ball FieldsOpen

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