February 7, 2008 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Wide

(Formerly North Jeffco Park and Recreation District)
13150 West 72nd Avenue – Arvada, Colorado 80005 – 303.424.2739

February 7, 2008

Vice-President John McKibbon called the February 7, 2008 meeting of the Board of Directors of Apex Park and Recreation District to order at 7:08 p.m. at the Apex Center, 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, Arvada, Colorado. Apex board members in attendance were: John McKibbon, Jim Whitfield, Susan Miller and Ken Harrell. Bob Loveridge was absent. Apex participating staff members were Mike Miles, Executive Director, and Luann Levine, Recording Secretary.


MOTION: Director Whitfield moved for the absence of President Loveridge to be excused due to advance notice to the board. Director Miller seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Harrell moved for the approval of the Agenda as posted. Director Miller seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Director Miller moved for approval of the Minutes of January 3, 2008, as presented. Director Whitfield seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Brandon Marete – Arvada Parks Advisory Committee. Mr. Marete stated that he had two questions for the board. Does Apex have a sustainability plan’ Mike Miles, Executive Director, explained that Apex coordinates field maintenance for athletic fields and has a recycling plan for facilities. Apex is also investigating solar power for the Apex. The City maintains parks, trails and open spaces.
Mr. Marete also asked if the Apex Board of Directors plan to send a representative to the APAC meetings. Response from the board was that Directors would alternate attendance at the meetings.


1. Art Exhibition Invitation
Mike Miles, Executive Director, introduced Scott Gagon from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mr. Gagon extended an invitation to the Board to attend The “From Dürer to Rembrandt, The Renaissance of Faith in Art” exhibit, hosted at the LDS Church in Northglenn on February 26th and 27th. This is a collection of etchings with ties to biblical stories and is the largest private collection of old master prints in America. The exhibit is a touring exhibit and this is the first time that all 200 pieces will be on display. The invitation is extended to Apex staff also. More information can be found at www.rembrandtexhibit.org.

2. Staff Introduction – Jill Moore, Community Center Coordinator
Nancy Wellnitz, Community Adult/Senior Services Director introduced Jill Moore, the new Recreation Coordinator for the Community Center. Jill interned at North Jeffco during the summer of 1989 and then worked in Broomfield for several years. Jill began working at the Community Recreation Center last September. Jill stated that she is very excited to be working at North Jeffco and enjoys working with Nancy. The board welcomed Jill to North Jeffco.

3. Seniors Who Shine Recognition
Nancy Wellnitz introduced Evelyn Steinman and Linda Monroe, Senior Council members, who will present awards to Community Recreation Center volunteers. The Rotary and Volunteer Connection have also honored some of these volunteers. The Community Recreation Center could not provide the level of service that they do without the help of these extraordinary volunteers.
Robert Dexter
Robert is honored for his dedication to serving his country and his community. Robert was born in 1920 in Fort Lupton, Colorado as part of what is termed the Greatest Generation. Like others in his generation he grew up during the Great Depression, fought in World War II, parented two baby boomers and has experienced a life full of changes. Bob was inducted into the Army of the United State in 1942. His tour of service took him to the European Theater where he received battle medals for Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes, and Central Europe. He was with General Patton’s Third Army from Utah Beach to Czechoslovakia. On a rainy day in Pilson, Czechoslovakia he meet his wife Isabelle, who was serving as an Army nurse in a muddy field hospital. He completed his service duty as Captain. Upon returning to the U.S. Bob completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering at CU. He and Isabelle built a house in and raised their two daughters in Arvada. Bob spent 34 years as a hydraulic engineer for the Bureau of Reclamation. Since retiring Bob volunteered for 24 year for the Juchem Ditch companies Board of Directors, serving as their president for 20 years. Bob has also served on the finance and investment committees at Arvada United Methodist. Now well into his 80’s Bob participates in Men’s Fitness class at the North Jeffco Community Recreation Center, which has been his routine for more than 20 years.

Butch and Joliene Augustine
This couple of forty-three years attributes their years of marriage to a blend of stubbornness and commitment. They met each other on a blind date in 1962. While raising their children and grandchildren Butch and Joliene have stayed active in their community, serving as Cub Scout leaders, school chaperons, and they volunteered many years for the Arvada Soccer Association. In recent years they have also been involved in improving their community by volunteering for North Vision 2020 citizens committee to help develop the future direction for the district to the year 2020. Seeing the needs of the district, they both served on the 2006 campaign committees. Additionally at the North Jeffco Community Recreation Center they serve as trip drivers and escorts, going above and beyond the call of duty by bringing treats for the participants, dressing in elf costumes for the Christmas light tour, and hosting a stop for cookies and cocoa at their home. They both are available to jump in and help at concerts, fashion shows, in the kitchen or wherever. North Jeffco and the community are blessed to have these two caring hearts.

Lois Weber
(Lois was honored both by the Rotary and by the Jefferson County Council on Aging). Apex is fortunate to have Lois Weber as one of our extremely dedicated volunteers. Lois is now in her 13th year as both a Crafty Senior and a RSVP Warm Heart volunteer for the Community Recreation Center clocking in over 2225 hours. The Crafty Seniors take donated craft supplies and create gifts to sell in center bazaars and the gift shop with proceeds benefiting the center. The RSVP Warm Hearts make items to donate to those in need in the community. Their creations benefit agencies such as Head Start, nursing homes and battered women’s shelters. Lois has taken leadership roles in both craft groups. Additionally Lois has volunteered for Craft Fairs, garage sales, open houses, holiday events, teaching Bunka embroidery, and much more. Lois is truly an asset to the Center, her fellow senior volunteers, and the community.
Lois’ volunteer heart extends beyond North Jeffco, as she is a 16-year, 5,000+ hour volunteer for Saint Anthony’s Hospital as Vice President of fundraising for the Volunteer Association Board and volunteers in surgery check-in, in the thrift store, and as an ambassador to the Orthopedic Clinic. If that weren’t enough, Lois volunteers helping adults age 17-79 with reading, math and preparing to get their GED’s so they can get better jobs. She loves this as she finds these students are so eager to learn, as well as it utilizes her teaching background. She also volunteers for Kids in Crisis helping them with craft projects. Through the years she served as a Girl Scout Leader and camp cook. Her philosophy of life is to keep busy and help others and then some joy will return to you.

Audrey Lawson
Audrey Lawson, a long time participant and volunteer of the North Jeffco Community Recreation Center. Audrey has been active at the Center for many years attending several fitness classes weekly. She has served as a Front Desk Volunteer Receptionist for 12 years, giving more than 1900 hours to the Center. She volunteers every Friday afternoon, and often substitutes for others. She also enjoys helping others by giving them rides to the Center, doctors’ appointments, shopping or about anywhere. She also served for seven years as a driver for Meals on Wheels, delivering a hot meal to many homebound seniors. She loved getting to know the clients she served, and enjoyed helping them with task such as opening a stuck jar, or taking their laundry off the line. After years of visiting the same people, it was fun to greet them as friends. Audrey says she has been blessed throughout her youth, adult and senior years, continually surrounded by a loving family that would do anything to help you out. Maybe that is why she is so quick to help out others.

Ed McLeod
At age 80+, Ed McLeod, is the master of spoiling others. Ed has spoiled the staff and participants of the Community Recreation Center since he first began here in 1995 and has logged over 2131 hours. He started as a volunteer to accompany his wife, who volunteered in the gift shop. Ed soon ended up volunteering in the gift shop, library, kitchen, at special events, and took on extra duties such as cutting, staining and installing chair rails throughout the center. For many years Ed has served as the volunteer for our bi-monthly poker group, whipping up all sorts of refreshments to keep this crew happy. Ed is a great cook, with his specialty being cookies and cake. He also prides himself on being the chief dish and bottle washer, and will not let staff even wash their own spoon when he is in the kitchen. Ed served two years in the Navy as a “dry land sailor,” repairing the ships at a destroyer base in San Diego. After completing his service he moved back to Denver where he worked as a supervisor at the Gates Rubber Company for 38 ½ years. He met his wife Betty Jo at a dance club at 14th and Champa. They married in 1950 after courting for one year. Betty Jo had many health challenges throughout her life, and Ed stood beside her as the best and most compassionate caregiver. Ed made it possible for Betty Jo to continue her love for volunteering well into her senior years by taking her to her shifts, wheelchair and all. His beloved Betty Jo passed away in 2004. Ed’s hobbies include fishing, camping, polishing and faceting rocks, and gambling. Ed believes in enjoying all of life. Each day is a gift and is special; so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it. We honor Ed today, and thank him for his ability to spoil the people that cross his paths.

Lois Fenimore
(Lois was honored both by the Rotary and by Volunteer Connection)
Lois Fenimore, is the pied piper of recreation, she believes in staying active and encourages everyone around her to stay active. Lois began volunteering at the Community Recreation Center in 2003 and since that time has logged more than 819 hours. As a volunteer she teaches Mahjongg, Pinochle, and cribbage serves as a Silver Star to assist with fitness social events and the balance class, picks up other participants to attend programs, and is on the advisory council to the center. All of this she does while she continues to exercise daily either water walking or on the treadmill. We are blessed to have Lois on our volunteer team, working to help others have fun and enjoy their present life. She still strives to share smiles and hugs with many. Lois is a senior hero.

Verna Knutson
Once you meet Verna, you love Verna! The Community Recreation Center is fortunate to have her on our team as a volunteer front desk receptionist. Verna’s appreciation for life and compassion for others make her an exemplary volunteer. Our volunteer receptionists are here to meet and greet the many participants and to help them sign up for activities. But Verna does not let her job end here, as she takes time to learn people’s names and to hear their stories. She remembers the concerns of other’s life, and compassionately follows up on how they are doing. If Verna notices someone has not been in for a while she is quick to pick up the phone to find out where they have been. Verna compares her volunteer job to that of a bartender, where clients pour out their lives to her listening ear. She says after a while she becomes attached and they no longer are customers, but family. Verna is a lady who puts others above herself and tries to make a difference in their lives. We definitely could use more Verna’s in this world.

Janice Gould
Janice does not let being 90+ slow her down, as she is an active volunteer and participant at the Community Recreation Center. When asked what she attributes to her long, healthy life she says, “good genes, lots of parties, dancing and a few martinis”. Throughout life, Janice has volunteered wherever she lives, usually in the local hospital. When she moved to Arvada, she heard about the Community Recreation Center, so came to visit to see what we were all about. Before she left that day she was given a volunteer position in the Center’s Craft Carousel Gift Shop, where she worked for five years. She also connected with the Center’s Warm Heart volunteer group who take donated craft supplies and sew, knit and/or assemble items for people in need. They make clothes, toys, baby blankets, lap robes and much more for local non-profit organizations such as Head Start, women’s shelters, and nursing homes. Janice loves using her enjoyment of sewing, knitting and crafts to benefit others. Four times a year she knits a care package of hats for newborns and sends them to the hospital where she volunteered in Florida. Since 2001, Janice has recorded over 2609 volunteer hours with North Jeffco, but has donated countless hours above and beyond this, completing projects at home. We honor Janice and thank her for setting an example that even in your ninth decade of life you can keep giving and sharing of your time and talents.

Dorothy Stansbury
Dorothy Stansbury loves to volunteer and help others. Dorothy says, “The world has been good to me, so I like to give back. And give back she does! Dorothy lends her skills to make things run smoothly, whether it is a special event at the North Jeffco Community Recreation Center or routing paper work at Exempla Lutheran Hospital. North Jeffco has benefited from her positive outlook and sharing hands since 1992 where she has contributed over 1058 hours. She volunteers as a member of the Apple Dumpling Gang to cook and serve meals and refreshments for our many special events. During her fifteen years of volunteering she has assisted the center with over 375 individual events. She especially enjoyed helping to serve the twice-a-month poker games, making sure to keep the players happy and supplied with a special treat. Dorothy also volunteers at Exempla Lutheran Hospital. In her first decade there, she donated 2 days a week, but over the last few years has cut back to “only” 5 hours each week. She just likes to know she is helping people while helping the organization run more smoothly. Dorothy makes a difference in her community, and makes the world a better place.

Jack Appelhans
We salute Jack Appelhans, a local veteran and community volunteer. Jack is a proud Colorado native, born in 1924 in Sterling. Upon completing high school, Jack was inducted into the Army and was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. He was a Corporal and his tour of duty included England, France, Belgium, Germany and Austria where his troop captured a concentration camp. He received stars for his active duty in the following campaigns (battles) Ardennes (better known as the Battle of the Bulge), Rhineland and Central Europe. Jack completed his service in February of 1946, and returned to Colorado where he married his sweetheart, Neva, in June 1946. Jack and Neva celebrated 61 years of marriage this year and proudly raised eleven children. They have 18 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Jack has been actively involved at the North Jeffco Community Recreation Center for many, many years, primarily in the fitness classes where he tirelessly harasses the instructors and staff. Jack also has volunteered for many years with the Arvada Gardeners of America who oversee Arvada’s Community Gardens. He has quite the green thumb, and his surplus vegetables are shared with the Arvada Food Bank. Our thanks go to Jack for his commitment to his country, family and community.

Mary Andersen
Mary Andersen does not feel she is fully participating, unless she rolls up her sleeves and contributes. Since Mary ventured into the Center in 2001, she has contributed over 750 hours. Many of these hours have been grueling over the books of the Craft Carousel gift shop, as she balances the sales made by our 15 volunteers, and reimburses the 132 consignors. As bookkeeper for the shop, Mary also submits taxes and balances funds. Mary has also used her talents to serve in our kitchen, as an Expo host and on the Senior Council. In her spare time she volunteers as secretary for the North Jeffco Friday Senior Club. This only captures what Mary has done for North Jeffco, she also tirelessly volunteers with her church and other community organizations.

Maureen Dawson
Maureen Dawson is quick to greet our guests with a warm and friendly smile. Maureen joined our front desk customer service staff as a volunteer in 2002, and for the past 6 years has spent most of her Wednesday mornings serving our customers. Maureen is quick to lend a hand or offer her service if staff or participants need it. Maureen has just begun her third term on Senior Council for the Center. To date she has logged over 1039 hours. We thank Maureen for her efforts to support North Jeffco and welcome others to our Center.

Alice Gibson
Alice Gibson does not let her 80+ years slow her down as she has volunteered in the kitchen with the Apple Dumpling Gang since 1994. For fourteen years Alice has come in ready to work whether it is setting the tables, whipping up a new recipe, or doing dishes. Her efforts are appreciated and allow our guests to sit back and enjoy the special events. Her length of service in the kitchen is an asset as new volunteers are trying to learn the ropes.

Pat Horkan
Pat is not a senior yet, but none-the-less is honored for his endless support of the North Jeffco Community Recreation Center. Pat lives across the street from the Center and has adopted us as his special project. You will often find him shoveling sidewalks, chipping ice away in the parking lot, rescuing stuck snowplows, setting up tables and chairs for events, helping string wires or install brackets in the computer lab, or picking up trash from the parking lot with his grandchildren. Additionally for many, many years Pat has donated his engineer talents and the children’s train he built for our annual Bunny Breakfast. Each year tons of children line up to ride the Easter Express, a 6 to 8-passenger train pulled by a riding mover disguised as a locomotive. We thank Pat for being a great neighbor and supporter of our Center.
Vice-President McKibbon and the Board expressed heartfelt thanks to all of the volunteers.

4. Long Lake Ranch Use Agreement
Mr. Miles explained that this version of the agreement has had several revisions. Director McKibbon had some questions concerning the scheduling of the field, temporary signage and restricting access to the natural grass turf fields. Board discussion ensued concerning these points. Director Harrell expressed concerns that this agreement will limit North Jeffco’s usage of the fields for the duration of the agreement, which is 10 years. Director Harrell questioned whether this agreement would be subject to addendums. Mr. Miles stated that the agreement is broad and is a good base to begin with. Board discussion continued concerning the grant process and use restrictions required by the grant, the turf replacement plan and the level of usage by the soccer association compared to North Jeffco’s usage. Mr. Miles asked the board if they had any concerns with this version of the agreement and if there were any changes they would like to make. The Board’s response was to move forward with this agreement.
5. Apex Center Solar Power Proposal
Mr. Miles explained that Namaste Solar Electric has approached us with a proposal to install solar power at the Apex Center. Mr. Miles introduced Justin Howe, Apex Building Engineer and Steve Irvin, co-owner of Namaste Solar Electric. Mr. Irvin explained that the system would be mounted over the ice rinks because of the construction of that portion of the roof and due to the weight of the system. The system consists of rows of solar panels that sit in the sun, do not move, and produce electrical currents. These panels would generate 400,000 kilowatt hours, 8% of what this facility uses. Namaste would install, service and warrant the system. There would be no capital investment, no maintenance costs and no equipment purchase. Regular electricity bills would be paid by Apex but at a price below market rates and set for the next 20 years so there’s no risk of spikes in electricity. A third party would own the system and Apex would sign a solar services agreement with the third party to buy the solar electricity produced and lease the roof for 20 years. The third party would receive the solar rebate, renewable energy credits and investment tax credits from owning and operating the system. The third party will not ask for any money, will pay for the system, and they get the 30% tax credit from the federal government. Environmental impact and benefits of the system will be displayed in the lobby on a flat screen LCD with interactive features describing how solar energy works. In response to questions from the board Mr. Howe stated that this system would not void the 40-year warranty on the Apex roof. Xcel energy is accepting applications on April 18, 2008. The application will bid a price for the renewable energy credits; the third party determines this price. Mr. Miles said due to the timeline a decision would need to be made on this at the next board meeting. The Board asked to see the finances from the third party and a detailed proposal including downside risk. The board requested due diligence and to have legal counsel look at it before making a decision at the February 21 meeting.

6. Consideration of Resolution NJR2008-04 Election Resolution
Mr. Miles explained that there will be an election in May for two board openings and a term limitation question. President Loveridge and Director McKibbon’s terms expire in May. Self-nomination packets will be ready tomorrow. February 14th is the day we will publish the Call for Nominations, which will need to be filed with Luann Levine by February 29, 2008.

MOTION: Director Whitfield moved for approval of Resolution NJR2008-04, Election Resolution stating the board’s intention to hold an election on May 6, 2008 to fill the vacating board positions, submit the question of extending the limitations on Board member terms and designating Luann Levine as the Election Official. Director Miller seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
7. Consideration of Resolution NJR2008-05 – Request and Certification of Expenditure of Monies Paid in Lieu of Dedication of Land for Park Sites
The requests for the expenditures of monies paid in lieu of dedication of park land are for the following purposes to supplement grant money received from OSAC: 1) $93,470 to be used for the development of a park shelter and playground at Pioneer Park, Located at 8200 Simms Avenue, Arvada, Colorado; and 2) $15,000 to renovate turf field area at Stenger Sports Complex, located at approximately West 58th Avenue and Miller Street, Arvada, Colorado.

MOTION: Director Harrell moved for the approval of Resolution NJR2008-05 – Request and Certification of Expenditure of Monies Paid in Lieu of Dedication of Land for Park Sites for a total of $108, 470 for use at Pioneer Park and Stenger Sports Complex. Director Whitfield seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

8. Park Board Meeting Representative
Mr. Miles stated that a Board representative should attend the Arvada Parks Advisory Committee meetings, which are the 2nd Wed of every month, 7:00 pm at the Majestic View Nature View Center. The Board discussed rotation of representatives. It was decided that Director Whitfield would attend the meeting on February 13 and Director McKibbon would attend the meeting on March 12.

a) OSAC has recommended approval of our grant; it will go before county commissioners next week.
b) Jefferson County Commissioner, Jim Congrove will not run again. Faye Griffen and Sue Windells have announced they will run for the seat.
c) We are considering moving the Youth Sports Banquet to the first week in December due to decreased attendance. Attendance has continued to drop each year so changing the date will be discussed at the YSAC meeting.
d) The annual SCFD grant is due on February 21 so we will do an electronic approval before the next board meeting and then ratify the decision at the board meeting.
e) There has been some discussion among members of the County Planning Commission concerning encouraging Special Districts to take land in lieu of dollars to provide more public lands. We currently take dollars in lieu of land for developments that would typically offer a one-acre or less site as potential park land. Staff believes these parcels are better left to local HOA for management.
f) In your packet is information about the Ralston House “Love is in the Air” fundraiser. Mr. Miles asked the Board if they want to support the fundraiser.

MOTION: Director Miller moved to sponsor the “Love is in the Air” fundraiser for the Ralston House at the Arrows $500 Level. Director Harrell seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

g) Update on name change. We will start a slow transition to Apex Park and Recreation District because the County has already changed every thing in their system to Apex.
h) We are in the process of investigating lightning detection systems for the golf course and athletic fields. There will be information at the next board meeting.
i) Chamber meeting representative – Need to talk to Bob to see if he is attending.
j) February 21st Board Meeting Pilates session. After the Board Meeting there will be a Pilates Reformer class for Board members and spouses.

Director Whitfield reported that there will be a community meeting to discuss the Garrison Street project including the option for replacing Fisher Pool.

Director Miller reported on the North Jeffco Foundation meeting. The annual Car Show will include a 5K Run and 1K Family Walk/Run on Fathers Day. Their annual Golf Tournament will be on September 19.

MOTION: Director Miller moved that the meeting be adjourned. Director Whitfield seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned by Vice-President McKibbon at 8:56 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Luann Levine, Recording Secretary
Jim Whitfield, Secretary/Treasurer