Update on Fisher Pool site

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Fisher Pool and the bathhouse were demolished in summer 2008, and the site is being landscaped so it can be used as park space by the community, along with the existing playground, gazebo and park nearby.

As of July 16, the demolition was complete, and landscape and irrigation work is continuing. It should be completed and usable in the next 4-6 weeks.

Here is a brief summary of the circumstances leading to the demolition:

In autumn 2002, significant problems were identified with mechanical operations at the pool. A 1994 report had recommended that the district begin planning for replacing the pool, which had been operating each summer since 1958.

In November 2003, the district placed a bond issue before voters to fund renovation of the pool. The bond issue was defeated by 6385 votes. On the same ballot, a mill levy issue for operating funds was also defeated.

In autumn of 2005, the district made the decision to close the pool due to major mechanical system failures and the lack of funds to repair it.

In May 2006, another operating/renovation mill levy issue was placed on the ballot, which specified renovation of Fisher Pool and other facilities. This issue was also defeated by 791 votes.

In November 2006, a third proposal to renovate Fisher Pool was placed on the ballot, this time as a bond issue to enable the complete rebuilding of the pool and adding new features. Again the issue was defeated, by 4180 votes. On that same ballot, a mill levy increase for operations and maintenance (but not Fisher Pool) passed by 34 votes.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ralston Creek floodplain project requires that the existing recreation center be relocated or enclosed, so the district has begun the process of updating the park master plan. Part of that process will be to seek potential support and cooperation from other government entities and funding sources. There will be ample opportunity for public input during this planning process.

It’s not possible to guess at a timeframe for the master plan development, funding and implementation, but in all likelihood the pool site will remain as parkland for several years. Apex Park and Recreation District has already prepared a draft of the site plan and possible amenities, including water features and an indoor soccer field, playground gym, teen area, preschool and fitness area.

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