March 19, 2009 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Wide

March 19, 2009

President Jim Whitfield called the March 19, 2009 meeting of the Board of Directors of Apex Park and Recreation District to order at 6:30 p.m. at the Apex Center, 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, Arvada, Colorado. Apex board members in attendance were: Jim Whitfield, Lee Humrich, Jeff Glenn, Ken Harrell and Susan Miller. Apex participating staff members were Mike Miles, Executive Director, and Luann Levine, Recording Secretary.


MOTION: Director Miller moved for the approval of the Agenda as posted. Director Humrich seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Director Miller moved for approval of the Minutes of February 19, 2009, as presented. Director Humrich seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

PUBLIC INPUT – There was no public input


1. 82nd and Simms Site Status
Mike Miles, Executive Director, stated that based on previous board discussions concerning the Christ Community Covenant Church property we have moved forward and have worked out a one year lease extension that will expire March 31, 2010. The District and Jefferson County will work together to facilitate an appropriate resolution for the property ownership.

2. Master Plan Project Discussion
Mr. Miles stated that a couple small adjustments have been made to the 15-Year Master Plan. The first adjustment is the East Side Center in the 2014-2018 period. Staff recommends only one meeting room with a wellness center at the East Side Center and keep the Community Center because it offers certain amenities targeted towards a specific age group that the East Side Center will not offer. The East Side Center will be primarily an active recreation site. The Community Center could also offer options to some populations not currently being served by existing programs. Mr. Miles pointed out that the Community Center is a deficit center and will remain a deficit center. Board discussion ensued and President Whitfield suggested that we focus on adding multi-generational elements to our programming. Mr. Miles then stated that the second change in the Master Plan is the addition of Apple Meadows Park. Both North Table Mountain Park and Apple Meadows Park need renovating. As we prepare the final draft of the Master Plan we have scheduled three community meetings to request input from the public. These meetings are scheduled for April 23, 2:00p.m. at the Community Center, April 30, 7:00p.m. at the Community Center and May 5, 7:00p.m. at the Apex Center. This is an opportunity to have dialogue with the public. We will have a power point presentation and display boards, ask for public input and answer questions. The architect firm is preparing the power point presentation with some project costs. Then at the second Board Meeting in May we will adopt the final 15-Year Master Plan.

a) FACT Act – This addresses personal information storage that is mandated by law. We are close to the end of the process and should be done by mid April. The District has made a number of internal adjustments to comply with the Act.
b) Outreach Program – Rachel VanWinkle has done a tremendous job getting several sponsorships including a $15,000 sponsorship from our bank that is being finalized.
c) District Signage – Almost all the signs throughout the District have now been changed to Apex.
d) Stimulus Dollars – SDA referred us to the Division of Local Government and they will be handling stimulus dollars but do not have details as of yet.
e) Solar Power – We met with 3 other Districts and some solar people concerning solar projects. 3rd party finance groups do not have money available right now. Also, we pay different amounts per kilowatt hour depending on which power grid the facility is located in. Based on that, as we look at facilities, we need to know what we will pay with a 3rd party provider as opposed to Xcel. There are funds for small solar power projects available currently. We will be reviewing the opportunities for Indian Tree Par 3 building, Secrest Center and possibly the Lake Arbor site. There is a new solar thermal program that would heat water in the facilities and would be affordable. The Department of Energy and Colorado Carbon Fund both have grant programs available. We have a contact in the DOE and we will have further discussions and should be able to move forward with the solar thermal projects.
f) Budget – January and February’s expenses year to date are up $60,000 but our revenues are up $140,000. We have implemented a 5% budget cut and we will probably continue with that. Indian Tree is doing outstanding because of the mild winter but the down side is the grass is getting torn up also.
g) We received a call from the City Manager’s office stating that a staff member from Representative Ed Perlmutter’s office said that they will be talking to Apex regarding the Garrison Street Project and the City wanted information concerning that. We have not had any discussions yet with Mr. Perlmutter’s office.
h) Construction Projects – We are about to start a pool refinishing job at Secrest. Also concrete work with the Apex Center walkways.
i) Arvada Middle – Ross Blackmer had a meeting with Jefferson County School District and a school district staff member stated that Arvada Middle School is at 40% capacity and the District is considering closing that facility. This could be an alternative site for the Garrison Street Project.


Director Glenn stated that he was at the Community Center for coffee on Tuesday and a suggestion was made about putting the Craft Carousel gift shop on the website. They have also requested wifi at the Community Center

Director Miller stated that the electronic newsletter is great.

Director Humrich asked about the letter concerning the pilates incident and Mr. Miles stated it had been turned over to the insurance company.

President Whitfield stated that the Arvada Center is looking for us to be a sponsor for their wine and silent auction event. Mr. Miles stated that the board does have money in their contingency fund for events like this.

MOTION: Director Harrell moved to sponsor the Arvada Center wine and silent auction event at the $500 level. Director Glenn seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

President Whitfield stated that the District should start a biggest loser fitness class because of the popularity of the TV show.

MOTION: Director Harrell moved that the meeting be adjourned. Director Miller seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

President Whitfield adjourned the meeting at 7:18 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Luann Levine, Recording Secretary

Lee Humrich, Secretary/Treasurer