New Physical Therapist Joins Apex Center

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The Apex Center wellness program has offered physical therapy since it opened. The therapy group housed at the center, 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, has changed its name from Quinlisk Physical Therapy to Precision Physical Therapy. They are proud to introduce Dr. Jaime Neujahr, PT, DPT. Dr. Neujahr’s office hours at the Apex Center are Tue. and Thu. from 8 am to 5 pm. Contact her at 303-926-1444 or visit

At the Apex Center, she provides aquatic therapy along with traditional physical therapy. She also coordinates health and wellness programs with the personal training staff for patients who want to continue with an exercise program post rehabilitation. Jaime is a “hands-on” manually based therapist who is able to individualize treatment based on the patient’s specific needs and goals. Jaime’s background as an athlete allows her to realize the importance of returning to an activity and/or sport safely and effectively. Stop by for a visit soon!

Note: Precision Physical Therapy accepts health insurance plans. Ask for details.