Apex PRD Instructor Spotlight: Yvonne Dowlen

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Meet Yvonne Dowlen, Apex Center ice skating instructor. She’s been skating for over 40 years, and her spirit and charisma have enhanced the lives of her students and co-workers

At age 84, Yvonne is teaching ice skating AND ice skating for the sheer joy of it! Yvonne learned to ice skate at age 13 with her family as a “fun family time”. However, Yvonne says it was her involvement in Ice Capades where she REALLY learned to skate!

Yvonne started coming to the Apex Center when it opened in 2000. However, she began her association with Apex Park and Recreation District nearly 40 years ago at the “old North Jeffco” ice arena at 58th Ave. and Ralston Rd.

Yvonne’s Career/Hobbies

  • Yvonne trained with Ice Capades from 1946-1953.
  • Performing in Ice Capades in Dallas, TX was a highlight of her career.
  • As a “down to earth” person, Yvonne enjoys gardening, cutting the lawn, shoveling snow…as well as knitting and sewing.
  • Yvonne enjoys teaching adults and children at the Apex ice arena, at the Promenade in Westminster and ice skating for pleasure.
  • Yvonne also enjoys snow skiing, water skiing and ballet.

Yvonne’s workout routine includes warming up by doing skate dances around the ice arena. She enjoys the challenge of twirling in a small area.

Injuries to her left ankle and her brain in an auto accident a couple of years ago have somewhat altered her “routine”. Jumping is now a problem area for Yvonne.

Instructor advice from Yvonne: “The quality of teaching includes being open about problems, physical limitations and other special needs of students. The joy of teaching is having people enjoy and love what they do.”