Apex Center Passholder Completes Virtual Walk Across America

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Change to a healthier lifestyle and get results. That’s a goal that is set by many and achieved by…well, not so many. Those that succeed seem to have a few simple (but not easy) components to their strategy, including:

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it enjoyable
  • Find a motivating spark
  • Keep it sustainable
  • Be patient and realistic

Steve Galbraith just finished a nearly two-year program of walking for better health, and it included all the elements listed above and more. He designed his own “virtual” walking tour of America, based on his love for travel and the activity of walking. Steve plotted his own map that shows the milestones along the tour.

The idea began when he bought his first Apex Center pass in 2008, for self-improvement and also as a way to honor the memory of his father, who had recently passed away. Over the next 21 months, Steve lost 80 pounds and gained a desire to keep his program going. He’s already thinking of his next ‘tour’ – perhaps a swim around the Atlantic or walk around the world. Here’s Steve’s story in his own words:
“”In September of 2008 I needed to start on a diet/exercise program. I always loved to walk and so the first of October, 2008 I bought an annual pass available at the Apex Center and started walking on the indoor track. At first, I wanted to just keep track of my miles and how many days I walked to make sure I got my money’s worth. Shortly after starting I got the idea of walking across America. I had visited Seaside, Oregon several times and had recently visited Key Largo, Florida and decided I was going to make those my starting and stopping points.

I used mapping software on my computer, plotted out a path from Seaside to Key Largo and discovered I had 3,411 miles to walk on my “virtual” journey across America and so was on my way. Most days I would get home from work, immediately change clothes and head straight to the Apex Center. If I had a meeting that evening, I would get up early and head to the Apex Center first thing in the morning. In the early days I only did 2 miles, but soon I discovered audiobooks and my iPod and soon I was walking 4 miles a day and eventually averaged 6 to 8 miles a day.

Finally, 21 months, 3411 miles, 853 hours, 109 audio books and 3 pair of walking shoes later, on July 1, 2010, I completed my “virtual” walking tour of America as I pulled into Key Largo Florida. In October 2009 I had to buy my 2nd Annual Pass at the Apex Center and this October will be my third!

For now, my next goal is to have walked every single day of 2010. After that….I am open to suggestions.”