Customer survey results tallied

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According to APRD customers who responded to a recent survey, the most important qualities for public recreation activities are 1) location/schedule, 2) facility cleanliness, 3) program content, 4) staff knowledge and 5) cost.

Customers also viewed a series of activity attributes and said whether the district was doing a good job on them or whether they saw room for improvement. The approval margin on these attributes was 4 to 1.

Attributes included: programs that were fun and satisfying, staff knowledgeability, quality customer service, convenient times/locations, programs meet wants/needs, cost effectiveness, safe/well supervised, clean/well maintained, and opportunity for companionship with other participants. The two top-ranked attributes were “clean/well maintained,” and “cost effective.”

“First impressions matter to customers. For the staff, it comes down to this: fun, safety and quality are our priorities every day,” noted Executive Director Mike Miles. “Beyond that, we sincerely believe in the long-term benefits of physical activity, and try to convey that to participants.”

Activity schedules and locations came up most often for the area needing improvement. “Not only is this an active, energetic community, it’s also experienced significant growth in recent decades,” Miles said. “Keeping up with changing needs is one of the most challenging aspects of creating a ‘get active-stay active’ mindset in the community.”

As far as use patterns for full-time facilities, more than half of the survey respondents patronized the Apex Center, followed by Garrison Street Sports Center, the Community Recreation Center, Indian Tree Golf Course, the Racquetball and Fitness Center, Meyers Pool and Secrest Youth and Teen Center. Survey respondents were evenly distributed among the 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and 60-69 age groups, and nearly 80% of the respondents have lived here for 5 or more years.