June 2, 2011 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Wide

June 2, 2011

President Jim Whitfield called the June 2, 2011 meeting of the Board of Directors of Apex Park and Recreation District to order at 6:30 p.m. at the Apex Center, 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, Arvada, Colorado. Apex board members in attendance were: Jim Whitfield, Bob Loveridge, Ken Harrell, Jeff Glenn and Lee Humrich. Apex participating staff members were Mike Miles, Executive Director, and Luann Levine, Recording Secretary.

Mike Miles, Executive Director, asked the board to add Agenda item #3 to consider a sponsorship for the Arvada Chamber of Commerce HarvestFest Open Golf Tournament.

MOTION: Director Humrich moved to add Agenda item #3 to consider a sponsorship for the Arvada Chamber of Commerce HarvestFest Open Golf Tournament and to approve the remainder of the agenda as posted. Director Glenn seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Director Humrich moved for approval of the Minutes of May 19, 2011, as presented. Director Harrell seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

President Whitfield asked the board to observe a moment of silence for 10 year old Kristina Vlassenko who lost her life in a tragic accident at the Field House site earlier this week.

PUBLIC INPUT – There was no public input

Scott Melin, Apex Facility Assistant, introduced Megan Hamilton, an intern from the University of Northern Colorado. Megan graduated in May and is doing her internship with the District this summer; she will be here through August. Her major is Recreation Tourism and her main emphasis is sports. Mr. Melin stated that Megan’s internship project is creating a youth program for kids ages 5-10, that will be 1½ hours, twice a week and will include a variety of physical gym activities, rock climbing and swimming. She will run the program during her internship and if successful, the program will continue after she leaves. Also, as part of Megan’s internship, she will assist with the Father’s Day Car Show/5K event coordinating the Kids Activities, receive training on RecTrac, work on Child Watch schedules, budgets and Fish Events. She will also receive training as an MOD, learn how we interact with guests, will assist with events at the Community Recreation Center next week and also spend a week at the Garrison Street Center. The board asked Megan questions about her schooling and her goals. The board then welcomed her to Apex and asked her to report back at the end of her internship.


1. 2012 Proposed Rental/Admission Fees
Mr. Miles stated that the board has received the proposed rental and admission fees for 2012. Any increases are market rate adjustments but most fees will remain the same. Mr. Miles added that in 2002 the board agreed to a 20% recovery rate on field rental fees for maintenance cost recovery and last year we were at 19%. Director Glenn commented that the Apex field use fees are extremely reasonable. Board discussion ensued. Mr. Miles stated that the proposed fees will be on the agenda for approval at the next board meeting on June 16.

2. Field House Elevations and Materials Review
Mr. Miles stated that the board has received copies of elevations and materials of interior walls of the lobby and team room areas of the Apex Field House. Board discussion ensued. Mr. Miles added that there is an issue with moving the turf field from Garrison to the Field House but it will be worked out with the company that it was purchased from or another company will be found to move it.

3. Consideration of the Arvada Chamber of Commerce HarvestFest Open Golf Tournament Sponsorship
Mr. Miles stated that the board was sent information on the sponsorship levels for the HarvestFest Golf Tournament and that the board has sponsored this event in the past. Board discussion ensued.

MOTION: Director Glenn moved for the approval of the $300 level sponsorship for the Arvada Chamber of Commerce HarvestFest Golf Tournament. Director Harrell seconded. Director Loveridge opposed. Motion passed with a vote of 4-1.


a) Apex Track Program – Recreation Services has invited the board to attend a track practice on Thursday, June 9, 2011, 7:30am at Oberon Middle School.
b) Apex Water – The Apex irrigation system is now connected to City water. The well that was used for this purpose previously will be abandoned.
c) Simms Street Center – Good progress is being made and the sewer was connected with no problems. They will begin outdoor concrete Monday. Still looking at a September move in.
d) Arvada Leadership – The board is invited to a recognition event at the Community Recreation Center on June 16th. More information will be available soon.
e) Apex Field House – Construction was started back up today. Mr. Miles relayed to the board the circumstances surrounding the child that was reported missing on Monday afternoon and then discovered in a pool of water Tuesday morning by two construction workers. This was a very tragic accident.


President Whitfield reported that he played golf at Indian Tree last week and it was in fantastic shape. He also complimented Brook-Lyn at Guest Services for her multi-tasking abilities helping him register for the 5K Run while helping several other guests, and complimented the fitness staff for helping him with a treadmill that wasn’t working properly.
President Whitfield also reported that the Arvada Colts baseball home opener is tomorrow night. June 19th is the Car Show and 5K and invited all the board members to attend if their schedules permit.

MOTION: Director Glenn moved that the meeting be adjourned. Director Harrell seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

President Whitfield adjourned the meeting at 7:33 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Luann Levine, Recording Secretary

Ken Harrell, Secretary/Treasurer