Golfing Segways are Back!

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Golfers at Indian Tree Golf Club will once again have the option to upgrade from carts to specially equipped golfing Segways.

The Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric “personal transportation vehicle” that is operated in a standing position. The golfing Segways have turf-friendly tires, bag carriers and scorecard holders. Golfers that have passed the approved solo ride at Indian Tree can start renting the Segways.

Any new Segway rider must take and pass a 15-minute solo test ride with instructional guides from an approved Indian Tree staffer. Past Segway riders must pass a mandatory solo ride viewed by an approved Indian Tree staffer.

An approved Segway rider will receive an annual Segway card good only at Indian Tree Golf Club. The cost is $15 for the annual card and instruction. In addition, the daily Segway rental fee is $21 for 18 holes and $11 for 9 holes.

For a solo ride appointment, to reserve a Segway for play or for additional information please call the Golf Shop at 303.403.2542.