APRD Master Swimmers Cross-trained for an Active and Interesting 2011

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Cross training is a savvy exercise strategy. By adding different types of exercise to your routine, you increase overall fitness. Why? When you stick to one type of exercise, your body becomes conditioned to that one specific set of movements. That works well if you’re competing in that activity, but if not, it limits your overall fitness, since the body learns to perform its task more efficiently with less effort.

Cross training has other benefits as well. It’s a great antidote to boredom; as you’re developing a new set of skills. It also lets you vary the load on specific muscles and joints, and even your cardiovascular system. This helps to reduce the risk of injury from repetitive strain or overuse.

Cross training also makes room for flexibility in the time and place of your routine. Is it too windy for a bike ride? Take a swim instead. Are you getting tired of the weight room? Head out for a run. With the seasons changing and a new year approaching, now is a great time to assess your program for refreshing and fitness-enhancing changes. Maybe you’re putting a triathlon on your list of goals for 2012…or perhaps it’s time to liven up the routine with a different activity.

Swimming is an ideal activity to enhance any fitness routine. It has significant benefits for cardio and endurance, with less stress on joints than land-based exercise. Think about adding it to your routine, or making it your mainstay.

There’s an opportunity close by where you can hone your swimming skills, build your endurance and go for cross-training goals…the Apex PRD Masters Swimming and Fitness Program. For inspiration, check out these club members? 2011 accomplishments:

• Audrey Donley and her husband. Jim Shuss participated in October’s Race for the Cure.

• Jacqueline Weigand participated in the Summer National Senior Games in Houston, Texas. She also swam in the World Senior Games in St. George, Utah and got three silver, two bronze medals, and two 4th places in her age category.

• Sue Ellis participated in the Mini HaHa Sprint Triathlon, Broomfield, June 2011,Tri for the Cure, Denver, August 2011, and Race for the Cure, Denver, October 2011.

• Sanjiv (Steve) Gupta took part in the Spring Spree 10K, Denver, March 2011; Rocky Mountain Road Runners Marathon Training Series 10 Mile, Denver, March 2011; Rocky Mountain Road Runners Marathon Training Series 10 Mile, Denver, April 2011; Memorial Run 10K, May 2011; Colfax Half Marathon, May 2011; Boulder Stroke & Stride Duathlon (750 meter swim/5K run), June 2011; Boulder Stroke & Stride Duathlon (1500 meter swim/5K run), June 2011; Sand Creek 5 Mile, Denver, June 2011; Big Sky Duathlon (2.5 mile run / 15.5 mile bike / 2.5 mile run), Bennett, Colorado, August 2011; Fairmount Park 5K, August 2011; and the Racing Underground 1.2 mile open water swim, September 2011.

• Kathy Hull participated in the Platte River Half Marathon, Denver, April 2011, the Colfax Marathon Relay, Denver, May 2011, the Boulder Stroke and Stride 1500m swim and 5K run (in which she placed first in her age division), the Boulder Sunrise triathlon, June 2011, which she finished in 1:45:49, and the Fans on the Field 5K, Denver, September 2011. Kathy also took part in the Open Water Swim, September 2011 at Boulder Reservoir, and the Red Rock Relay 12 person relay run from Brian Head, Utah to Zion National Park in September 2011. Their team finished in 29 hours flat, 64th out of 200 teams.

• Kim Kirby participated in the Longmont Sprint Triathlon, placing 7th in her division with a time of 1 hour 20 minutes. She also participated in the Colfax Half Marathon and the West Side Duathlon.

• Steve McDanal competed in the Colorado Masters State Championships (earning men’s high point award in his age group), then in the Masters Nationals Championship meet (earning two ribbons) in April. Then he switched sports and ran the Bolder Boulder 10K and a week later did the Elephant Rock 25 mile fat tire bike ride. In August he swam the Boulder Reservoir Bare Bones 1 mile swim.

• Barb McEahern ran in the Colfax Marathon, the Platte River Half Marathon, the Chicago Triathlon Triple Challenge, August 2011 – both Sprint and Olympic races – and the Coeur d’Alene Ironman Triathlon, Idaho, June 2011 (with a finishing time of 12:22:55).

• CC Plummer swam the 16th annual SERC Alcatraz invitational 1.25 mile swim, held in September in San Francisco, placing 2nd in her age group and 113th overall out of 610. CC also swam in the September 2011 Racing Underground 1.2 mile swim in the Boulder Reservoir, placing 2nd in her age group and 24th overall.

• Garret Rock participated in the Littlefoot Sprint Triathlon, Morrison, May 2011 – 2nd in age group, 2nd overall in the Amateur Race; Summer Open Sprint Triathlon, Longmont, May 2011 – 2nd in age group, 17th overall; Boulder Sunrise Olympic Triathlon, June 2011 – 1st in age group, 7th overall; Loveland Lake to Lake Olympic Triathlon, June 2011 – 1st in age group, 25th overall; Chisago Lakes Half Ironman, Minnesota, July 2011 – (blew tire, no place); Rattlesnake Olympic Triathlon, Aurora, August 2011 – 2nd in age group, 5th overall; and the Dakota 50 Mountain Bike Race, South Dakota, September 2011.

• John Valvano swam in the Open Water Swim at Boulder Reservoir, the Horsetooth Reservoir 2.4 mile Open Water Swim, Fort Collins, August 2011, the 2.4 mile Racing Underground Open Water Swim at Boulder Reservoir, and the 2 mile Bare Bones Swim at Boulder Reservoir.

• Steve Vierling hiked Mt. Denali in Alaska.

• Derek West ran in the Colfax Marathon.

• Jay Miller and Shandra Blosser participated in the Ironman Arizona triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run) on November 18. Jay finished in 10 hours 34 minutes and Shandra finished in 14 hours 53 minutes.

This varied, extensive and impressive list of activities speaks to the camaraderie, support and adventuresome spirit of these master swimmers. Join them, share the energy and have some fun! For more information call 303.467.7140.

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