Apex PRD Therapeutic Recreation Department performs "Holiday Express"

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December 8 was a festive occasion for participants in APRD’s Therapeutic Recreation program. A talented group of people with disabilities performed this holiday musical for an audience of more than 135 at the Apex Community Recreation Center, 6842 Wadsworth Boulevard.

These performers didn’t let their disabilities limit them on the stage. They all danced, sang and even performed solos…a challenging task that many would fear to attempt!

The evening was exhilarating and beautiful, and the performers’ eyes beamed with joy as the music began. The group sang and danced to songs like The Polar Express and Winter Wonderland. Seven individuals chose to perform solos, and with great courage, they each performed, read or sang a holiday piece. One person had a touch of stage fright and did not perform his specified time. The highlight of the evening came when he overcame his fears, returned to the stage and sang Holly Jolly Christmas perfectly! He received a standing ovation and there was not a dry eye in the audience.

This was the third year of the musical performance and the most successful ever. The group is looking forward to an even bigger and better show in 2012! Many thanks to all who attended, performed and supported the effort. For more information on the Apex PRD Therapeutic Recreation program, contact Julie Hines, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, julieh@apexprd.org or 303.467.7158.