January 5, 2012 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Wide


JANUARY 5, 2012


President Jim Whitfield called the January 5, 2012 meeting of the Board of Directors of Apex Park and Recreation District to order at 6:30 p.m. at the Apex Center, 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, Arvada, Colorado. Apex board members in attendance were: Jim Whitfield, Lee Humrich, Jeff Glenn, Bob Loveridge and Ken Harrell. Apex participating staff members were Mike Miles, Executive Director, and Luann Levine, Recording Secretary.


MOTION: Director Humrich moved for the approval of the Agenda as posted. Director Glenn seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Loveridge moved for approval of the Minutes of December 8, 2011, as presented. Director Glenn seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Tommy Skul, Arvada Colts Baseball President, addressed the board and stated that his purpose this evening was to share his first year’s experience with the Arvada Colts Baseball Team in Arvada. Mr. Skul stated that when he moved the team to Arvada and began working with different organizations he found that it was a great experience working with Ross Blackmer, Lynn Griffen and the Apex Board. He added that the Colts organization received great support from the community, the city and the district. Mr. Skul formally invited the board and district staff to their home opener on June 1 at 7:00. The Arvada Colts have 17 players signed currently and 6 are returning local players. The board commended Mr. Skul on his community interest and participation and thanked him for speaking at the board meeting.


1. Intern Program Summary Report

Scott Melin, Apex Facility Assistant, stated that Kasha Garneau finished her internship on December 3, 2011, did an outstanding job and has been the best intern up to this point. She helped us create a program that will challenge interns and it was a pleasure having her here. Ms. Garneau addressed the board and stated that her internship was a lot of fun and was a great experience. Her biggest challenge was to organize the Halloween carnival and the best thing about her experience was she was treated like an employee, not just a volunteer. In response to questions from the board Ms. Garneau stated that she learned to be patient and to let things fall into place. She also found that she liked special events and organizational tasks. Ms. Garneau thanked the board for a wonderful opportunity and complimented Mr. Melin on his encouragement and support during her internship.

2. Consideration of Resolution APRD2012-01 for Designating Location to Post 24 Hour (Agenda) Notice

MOTION: Director Glenn moved for the approval of Resolution APRD2012 01, 24-Hour Agenda Notice Posting, designating the Apex Center at 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, Arvada, as the official location for posting 24-hour Agenda Notices. Director Loveridge seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

3. Consideration of Resolution APRD2012-02 for Posting Locations of Notice of Board Meetings for 2012

MOTION: Director Loveridge moved for the approval of Resolution APRD2012 02, setting forth the Posting Locations of Notices of Board Meetings to be the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, Indian Tree Golf Course, Apex Community Recreation Center, and Apex Center. Director Harrell seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

4. Consideration of Resolution APRD2012-03 to Set Day of Month, Time and Location of 2012 Regular Board Meetings

MOTION: Director Humrich moved for the approval of Resolution APRD2012 03 setting the days, time and location of the 2012 regular board meetings to be the first and third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m., at the Apex Center. Director Glenn seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

5. Consideration of Resolution APRD2012-04 Election Resolution

Mr. Miles explained that there will be an election in May for two board positions. Directors Glenn and Humrich’s terms will expire in May.

MOTION: Director Harrell moved for approval of Resolution APRD 2012-04, Election Resolution stating the board’s intention to hold an election on May 8, 2012 to fill the vacating board positions and designating Luann Levine as the Designated Election Official. Director Glenn seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


a) Field House – One soccer tournament and one dodge ball tournament have been held at the Field House with great reviews. Brad Greenwood with District Services constructed a fence for the dodge ball tournament and did an outstanding job.

b) Budget – Preliminary numbers show that this will be one of the top 3 years for revenue income at the Apex Center. The Center has been in operation for 11 years and has had only one year where it did not operate in the black.

c) Food and Beverage Position – We have made an offer to 2 part time staff members to take over the position that Jeremy Quattlebaum is leaving. Dian Lyons and Brittany Hearing will be co-managers and split the shifts and responsibilities.

d) Guest Issue – An elderly guest with mobility issues has made some unreasonable demands on staff at the Apex Center and the Community Recreation Center in regards to care and assistance with his needs while attending the facilities. When told that staff cannot meet his demands he was very disgruntled.


Director Humrich reported that the Apex Foundation is working very hard on the Silent Auction that will be at Indian Tree on February 10, 2012.


MOTION: Director Glenn moved that the meeting be adjourned. Director Harrell seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

President Whitfield adjourned the meeting at 7:42 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Luann Levine, Recording Secretary


Ken Harrell, Secretary/Treasurer