March 1, 2012 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Wide


MARCH 1, 2012


President Jim Whitfield called the March 1, 2012 meeting of the Board of Directors of Apex Park and Recreation District to order at 6:32 p.m. at the Apex Center, 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, Arvada, Colorado. Apex board members in attendance were: Jim Whitfield, Lee Humrich, Jeff Glenn, and Ken Harrell. Bob Loveridge arrived at 6:37. Apex participating staff members were Mike Miles, Executive Director, and Luann Levine, Recording Secretary.


MOTION: Director Glenn moved for the approval of the Agenda as posted. Director Humrich seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Humrich moved for approval of the Minutes of February 16, 2012, as presented. Director Glenn seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

PUBLIC INPUT – There was no public input


1. Seniors Who Shine Recognition

Nancy Wellnitz, Community Adult/Senior Services Director, addressed the board and expressed her thanks to the board for allowing the volunteers to be honored this evening and noted that twelve volunteers will be honored. Ms. Wellnitz and Lynn Weis, Recreation Coordinator, presented awards to the following volunteers:

Rotary Awards

Since February 2006 the Arvada Sunrise Rotary has provided the Community Recreation Center with the opportunity to honor one senior every other month. We have honored the following seniors who have actively contributed to the Center and/or the community:

Betty Campbell

Betty Campbell’s daughter, Connie, presented the award to her mother. Betty Campbell was selected as a 2011 Senior Hero for Jefferson County. Betty believes in giving back to her community and monthly donates anywhere from 20 to 87 hours. For Betty volunteering is a privilege because she loves people and enjoys enhancing her community. Betty says, “All my volunteer hours have made me a better person – sharing my life with others and others sharing their lives with me!”

Betty has volunteered at the Community Recreation Center since 2003, and has donated over 2047 hours as front desk receptionist, gift shop clerk, Advisory Council board member, and with special events. For 3 ½ years she managed the Craft Carousel Gift Shop, where she oversaw more than 100 consignors and 20 volunteers. Additionally, she volunteers with Apex Park and Recreation District’s Vision 2020 Committee and served on a citizen “Rally for Recreation” campaign committee to promote the vote for the District’s election.

Several years ago Betty added the Ralston House to her volunteer venue. The Ralston House provides services for abused children and their families. It is a safe place where children and families can share their stories and begin to heal. Betty meets with the team that is working with a family and provides one-on-one time with children while family members are interviewed.

Division Fish of the Year

Every December each Apex Division manager is asked to select one staff member who consistently goes above and beyond to provide quality customer service, exemplifying the Fish concept of choosing a good attitude, keeping a playful nature, making others day, and being present with the customer.

Verna Knutson

Once you meet Verna, you love Verna! Verna’s appreciation for life and compassion for others makes her an exemplary volunteer and our division’s “Fish of the Year.” As receptionist, she meets and greets the many participants and helps them register for activities. But Verna does not let her job end there, as she takes time to learn people’s names and hear their stories. She remembers the concerns of other’s lives, and compassionately follows up on how they are doing. When Verna notices someone has not been in, she phones them to let them know they are missed. Verna compares her job to that of a bartender, where clients pour out their lives to her listening ear. She says after awhile she becomes attached and they no longer are customers, but family.

Verna has logged over 3277 hours since 2001! We are glad Verna is on our team as she puts others above herself and aims to make a difference in their lives.

Rotary Awards

Since February 2006 the Arvada Sunrise Rotary has provided the Community Recreation Center with the opportunity to honor one senior every other month. We have honored the following seniors who have actively contributed to the Center and/or the community:

Irene Gimeno

Irene Gimeno has lived her 89 years not just letting life happen, but making life happen. She was born in Mexico, the first of 9 children of a migrant worker. As a toddler her family moved to Texas. She became a naturalized United States citizen in 1946. She and her husband of 70 years, reside in Arvada where they raised their eight children. Irene is very involved and enjoys creating memories in the lives of her many grandchildren.

Irene’s heart for volunteering and concern for others was recognized by Arvada Sunrise Rotary as a Senior Hero. Her list of volunteer jobs is extensive, but a sampling include the PTA of Russell Elementary, Arvada Junior High and Arvada West High, Den Mother, YWCA Board of Directors, Museum of Natural History, Jeffco Health Department, a dialysis center, Latin Americans Women’s Club, St. Anne’s and North Jeffco Notables Choir, St. Joan of Arc Hand Bell Choir, 9Health Fair, American Red Cross, Arvada Festival Playhouse, the Show Wagon, and Wheat Ridge Police Council.

At the Community Recreation Center Irene has volunteered for 408 hours over ten years. She helps sort and mend library books, checks in seniors for foot care, and served on the Center’s Advisory Council.

Irene thrives on adventure and learning new things. She dabbles in many art mediums, but especially enjoys pottery. Her love for music has her playing the piano, guitar and dulcimer; she even built two dulcimers. She enjoys Mexican, Spanish and International Folk dancing.

Lois Watt

Lois Watt’s attention to detail and dedication to volunteering earned her the honor of Outstanding Volunteer with Volunteer Connection in 2010 and as a Rotary Senior Hero in 2011. Still going strong in her eighties, Lois has donated 1095 hours at the Community Recreation Center since 2005 working as a Front Desk Receptionist. She keeps the front desk well organized during one of the busiest days and manages the foot clinic and tax days, which are extremely hectic. She answers phones, takes registrations and directs participants to their activities.

Beyond the Center, Lois’ volunteer efforts have included the Arvada Center for Performing Arts, City of Westminster, Covenant Village, Kaiser, Aurora Senior Center, Morningstar Adult Day Care Center, Aurora Police Department, and Denver Health Medical Clinic. Volunteering is a fit for Lois as she enjoys people and wants to make sure her world reaches beyond the walls of her retirement community. She believes her passion to volunteer was instilled by her father, a barber who donated his time on Sunday mornings, offering free shaves and hair cuts to people at the nursing home. Lois says, “Volunteering is something I grew up with, and something you are just supposed to do.”

Lois’ favorite activity is downhill skiing, but reading and volunteering take a close second. We are grateful Lois takes a day off the slopes to help us.

Sally Collins

Sally Collins is one colorful lady, bringing whimsical fun wherever she goes with her fanciful hats and socks. She loves bringing color to others, as it amuses them and makes them smile. Her outgoing nature was honored by both the Volunteer Connection and Arvada Sunrise Rotary in 2011.

We are thankful Sally adds color to the Community Recreation Center as she has volunteered over 1179 hours since 2005. Weekly she serves in the Craft Carousel Gift Shop helping customers and arranging the displays. She lends her craft talents to the Crafty Seniors to create handcrafted items from donated craft materials to benefit local charities and to sell in the gift shop. Sally also served on the Center’s Advisory Council. Additionally, Sally donates time to the League of Woman Voters and Standley Lake Library.

Sally is active in fitness. At age 70 plus, she brought home four gold medals from the 2010 Rocky Mountain Senior Olympics in weight lifting. Her son encouraged her to begin weight lifting, enticing her with an Apex gift card for personal training. Sally also loves to read, play the recorder and do needlework. She creates original needle art which have been displayed at both the Community Recreation Center and Jefferson County Library.

She believes in savoring and making the most of every moment. Sally encourages others to pay attention to now, the present, and give your best.

Linette-Jean Gauer

If you need to call an expert who can take lemons and make lemonade, you call on Linette-Jean Gauer. This gracious woman can spin the most soured situation into beauty and sweetness, with a twist of humor. It’s no wonder she was honored as a Senior Hero by the Arvada Sunrise Rotary.

Linette finds it is impossible to sit still and do nothing, so she has her fingers in many volunteer pots. At the Community Recreation Center she has donated over 1336 hours since 2004. She is a craft enthusiast and offers her skills to the Crafty Seniors group. This group takes donated craft materials and creates crafts to sell in the Craft Carousel Gift Shop where proceeds benefit the Center. They also make items that are donated to local charities. She has served on the Center’s Advisory Council.

Additionally Linette volunteers with Arms Pen Pals, as a Mahjongg instructor at Wheat Ridge Active Adult Center, as a player in reader’s theater, as a reader, singer, actor for audio books for the blind, and with a ministry that makes prayer shawls, veteran’s lap robes, and blankets for Project Linus. She also sews “Wee Care Gowns” for the Smocking Guild to donate to local hospitals for babies that do not survive.

We thank Linette for her caring and sharing heart which “sews” happiness into the life of others.

Elva Wise

Octogenarian Elva Wise was honored as a Senior Hero by the Arvada Sunrise Rotary for sharing herself with others. Elva was raised with her 6 sisters and 4 brothers on a farm in Pennsylvania. Her parents were from Germany, and her dad made a living hand-building beautiful furniture. She married and had three children. In 1962 their family moved to Colorado, and with an exception of a few years, this has been their home since. Principals that Elva lives by include being honest, owning up to and learning from your mistakes, treating everyone with respect as you don’t really know their circumstances, and be proud of what you do by doing your best. Elva lives these principals!

After retiring Elva wanted to stay busy, so she began volunteering at the Community Recreation Center, where she has served for 4 years and over 790 hours. Her volunteer duties include front desk receptionist, special events worker, and she works with our Apple Dumpling Gang who cook and serve meals for special events. Elva is a pro when it comes to cleaning; she has tricks and solutions to clean anything, and will keep going until the work is done. The kitchen always sparkles after Elva has been there. Outside the Center, Elva volunteers for the Lift Widows program and in her free time enjoys walking, taking trips, working jigsaw puzzles and reading.

Elva attributes her longevity to good genes, but we think it is her caring heart.

Wally White

Wally White was honored by the Arvada Sunrise Rotary as a Senior Hero. Wally was born in Indiana, attended college in Ohio, and then was drafted by the Army. He served in the 8th Army Band. While stationed in Korea, he performed for every Head of State. Music has always been a part of Wally’s life, teaching trombone and baritone for 40 years and singing in the Colorado Choral and the Community Recreation Center’s choir. Wally worked 40 years for Continental Baking Company. Wally and his wife Sylvia, of 53 years, have two daughters. Wally proudly boasts of his three grandsons; one graduated from the School of Mines, one attends the School of Mines, and the youngest is in high school.

Wally has volunteered for 6 years and 684 hours at the Community Recreation Center. He is a huge fitness advocate, so volunteering in the cardio-weight room suites him well. He helps new participants learn to use the equipment, and ensures that all are exercising safely. He has volunteered on the Center’s Advisory Council, and taught the AARP Drivers Safety class. Wally has lost much of his vision, and uses this loss to advocate for others with low vision. He helped the Center to establish an announcement board for people with low vision. We appreciate Wally’s dedication to the center, but he says volunteering does as much for him, as it does for others. Wally promotes a positive attitude and says how you respond to life is all a choice.

Volunteer Connection Awards

The following volunteers were honored in April at the Volunteer Connection Luncheon, which honors outstanding volunteers of Jefferson County:

Joliene Augustine

Joliene Augustine was honored as an Outstanding Volunteer by Volunteer Connection for her tireless efforts to be a good ambassador for Apex Park and Recreation District. Since 2002, Joliene has donated over 661 hours to the Center. She has served as a trip escort, where her job is to make sure the trips run smoothly, that participants are kept informed of the details, and most importantly that the driver (her husband) doesn’t get lost! Joliene often packs special surprises of candy or treats for travelers. For many holiday seasons Joliene has kindly opened her home to host hot chocolate and cookies after the Christmas lights tour. This trip has become so popular it often fills two vans, and is repeated a second evening. She also volunteers with the Strawberry Brunch, Santa and Bunny Breakfasts, Concerts in the Park, and Open Houses. She is one of those volunteers that you can call at the last minute, and she and often a pair of her grandsons will be there to assist wherever needed. Joliene just recently joined the Vision 2020 Committee to help prepare the District for the years ahead. We thank Joliene for sharing her hospitality with Apex.

Norma Brown

Norma Brown was honored as a Senior Hero in 2010 by the Arvada Sunrise Rotary and again in 2011 as an Outstanding Volunteer by Volunteer Connection. This Pennsylvania native and Navy Veteran is 87 years young, and never lets her years of seasoning slow her down. Norma attributes her longevity to good genes, home cooking, and a little gin in her orange juice. Her father helped her take an optimistic view of life, to see the good in all things. Her philosophy of life is to enjoy everything and respect everyone. When you see her smile and share a laugh you know Norma lives her beliefs. The Community Recreation Center has the privilege of having Norma’s positive attitude where she has provided more than 729 hours of service since 2007. She serves as a front desk receptionist, making sure everyone is greeted, registered, and directed to their activities. Norma also was selected to serve on the Center’s Advisory Council to help the center evaluate its efforts. Norma loves to be with other people and her outgoing personality is an asset to our Center.

Pat DeVorss

Pat DeVorss was acknowledged as an Outstanding Volunteer by Volunteer Connection in 2011. She has worked at the Community Recreation Center’s Craft Carousel Gift Shop since 2007, logging in over 978 hours. Weekly she serves a 3+ hour shift to help customers select and purchase handmade gifts, and works to take in hundreds of handcrafted items from consignors. We are fortunate to have Pat’s mathematical skills and attention to detail to balance the books, pay the consignors, and submit the sale tax as she stepped forward to serve as bookkeeper and treasurer for the gift shop. You can imagine the challenge this is, with 20 different volunteers serving as clerks, each with their own accounting flair, and more than 100 consignors. Much of Pat’s work is done behind the scenes, but it is the heart of having a well-run shop. Along with her duties, Pat also participates in the center’s trips and outings.

Merle Schmidt

In 2010 Merle Schmidt was selected as the Adult and Senior Division’s “Fish of the Year” for his excellence in customer service, and in 2011 he received recognition by the Volunteer Connection as an Outstanding Volunteer. Merle is quick to make strangers into friends. His zeal and enthusiasm for life are loud and contagious. Merle learns new peoples’ names so that he can greet them. He takes measures to ensure everyone is engaged and having fun whether it is a lively game of Mahjongg or the most intense and grueling weight room work out. He volunteers many hours and several days each week and has volunteered 2050 hours since 2008. Merle doesn’t know the word “no” and we are happy he doesn’t. Merle pitches in everywhere including weight room attendant, delivering our brochure, setting up rooms, hauling out the recycling, taking donations to the food bank or local charity, teaching Mahjongg, substituting as custodian, hauling and setting up equipment for the Summer Concerts…the list is endless. Merle’s willingness to pitch in everywhere helps many staff, volunteers and hundreds of participants. As a volunteer Merle does not have to be here every day, but we are glad he chooses to be here and make a difference in the lives of others.

President Whitfield and the board thanked the volunteers for their contributions. President Whitfield added that their volunteer hours are an inspiration and there is so much that would not happen without their dedicated and passionate volunteer help.

2. Consideration of Resolution APRD2012-05 – Scientific and Cultural Facilities District Grant Request for the Cultural Entertainment and Arts Series

Mr. Miles stated that this is a grant that we apply for each year which helps fund our concerts in the parks and other events.

MOTION: Director Loveridge moved for approval of Resolution APRD2012-05 stating their complete support for a Scientific and Cultural Facilities District grant request for the 2013 Humanities Enhancement Series. Director Humrich seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

In response to questions from the board, Laura Schwenker, Recreation Coordinator, explained that this grant helps support Art for the Young at Heart, Concert in the Park Series and a Cultural Enhancement Event in coordination with Wheat Ridge Active Adult Center.

3. Fast Trac Golf

Alan Abrams, Head Golf Pro at Indian Tree presented a power point presentation detailing a new concept in golf called Golf 2.0 which is a long-range strategic plan for the golf industry to substantially increase the number of golfers, the rounds of golf played and the revenue generated from golf over the next decade among current and potential consumers of the game. Mr. Abrams added that leading this initiative is the PGA of America, Colorado PGA, United States Golf Association, Club Managers Association, Golf Course Superintendent’s Association, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Boys Club of America, National Golf Foundation and Jack Nicklaus. Golf 2.0 utilizes three core strategies; retain and strengthen the golfing core, engage the “lapsed” golfer and drive new players. It has been identified that the top reasons that customers don’t play golf is affordability, time, slow play, high scores, too many rules, hard to learn, intimidation and no fun. Currently, Indian Tree participates in Golf 2.0 by promoting golf as a fun family activity; by keeping golf affordable (the median cost of golf in the US is $28, Indian Tree is $28 with a loyalty card and $33 without), by offering different play options that address time constraints, by recognizing women’s influence (Indian Tree offers pro lessons to women, was voted best women friendly facility in 2010, has 5 separate ladies golf groups, offers sassy golf play days and executive women golf association play days), and by offering “Fast Trac” which addresses pace of play. Fast Trac will require a special course manicure and setup but should not affect the play of the serious golfer. Fast Trac utilizes forward tees suggestion signage, 8″ cups with green Fast Trac flags on selected holes, Fast Trac score cards, new par on several holes, new set of rules and etiquette signage, greater attention to pace of play by our staff, and more fun. Mr. Abrams stated that user groups such as Super Senior Clubs, Men’s group, Ladies 9 Hole group, Par-3 Seniors, Junior Play Days and corporate tournaments will be encouraged to implement Fast Trac. Board discussion ensued concerning the reaction of serious golfers to the Fast Trac program. The board thanked Mr. Abrams for the presentation.

4. Consideration of Resolution APRD2012-06 – Request and Certification of Expenditure of Monies Paid in Lieu of Dedication of Land for Park Sites

Mr. Miles asked the board to table this item.

MOTION: Director Glenn moved to table agenda item #4, Consideration of Resolution APRD2012-06 to a later date. Director Loveridge seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


a) Election – March 2 is the deadline for nomination forms and the election is May 8. Mail ballots must be requested even if the voter has permanent mail-in status.

b) Trademark Issue – Our attorney is negotiating an agreement with Apex Academies. If an agreement can be reached we will withdraw our complaint without prejudice.

c) Silent Auction – The Apex Foundation Silent Auction netted about $8000. It was a good event and very positive overall.

d) Vision 2020 – The Vision 2020 Review Committee has had their second meeting and is progressing with the review of the Master Plan.


Director Glenn reported that discussions at the Coordinating Committee meeting included restrooms at Long Lake, APAC, Gun Club, and the Skate Park.

President Whitfield reported that he attended the City Manager’s Open House.


MOTION: Director Humrich moved that the meeting be adjourned. Director Glenn seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

President Whitfield adjourned the meeting at 8:09 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Luann Levine, Recording Secretary


Ken Harrell, Secretary/Treasurer