Vision 2020 Citizen’s Review Committee Report and Recommendations

To the Board of Directors
Apex Park and Recreation District

It is a great pleasure to present this 2012 Vision 2020 Review Committee Report for your consideration. The Committee has exercised due diligence in Moving Forward from our last report in 2005.

The observations contained herein are the result of approximately 162 hours of volunteer time over a four month period. The 2012 citizen committee began meeting in January with the defined purpose to review the current status of the District’s Master Plan, completed projects since 2005 and proposed repair and renovation projects for existing facilities. Our basic road map during the review was based on advice provided by community members during the District’s last election; “fix what you have and do not build it if it will not pay for the operation expenses.”

We feel the recommendations in this report will address current and future needs of Apex District residents. They will be consistent with current standards or trends in the recreation field, will be of good value to community residents and are realistic goals.

New recreational opportunities and initiatives were introduced during this process. All were given equitable review for the intent, community impact and costs. Consensus building was paramount in the elements contained within the recommendations. As with the 2005 Committee, the recommendations were weighted by impact to the community, prior to an individual neighborhood or activity.

As with any plan, periodic reviews and updates are recommended to account for unforeseen opportunities and/or trends that were not anticipated. The current revised district operational master plan would be a good vehicle to implement potential adjustments to these recommendations on a short-term basis.

We appreciate the opportunity to participate in the district’s planning process and look forward to Apex’s continued success. Your success is a benefit to the entire community.

On behalf of the entire 2012 Vision 2020 Committee,

Randy Greenwood
Committee Representative

Vision 2020 Board Report 2012