Retiring Apex Guest Services staff member brought warmth, laughs and standout customer service

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Rosalie Hall joined the Apex Center Guest Services staff soon after the facility opened in September 2000. Carolyn Johnson, the Guest Services Supervisor at that time, invited Rosalie to apply for the job. Twelve years later, it could safely be said that she’s brightened about half a million days for Apex Center customers.

“Two weeks after the center opened, I came in to get a pass and Carolyn offered me a job. I thought it sounded like fun and it still is,” Rosalie said.

Rosalie retired from her job at the Admissions desk on September 28. She’s preparing to move with her husband and daughter to a suburb of Salt Lake City, where she’ll be close to other family members and in a comfortable new home. Originally from Ogden, Utah, Rosalie taught kindergarten for many years. The Apex Center job had one important thing in common with her teaching career – people.

“I sincerely love people,” Rosalie explained. “At the Apex Center, I love the fact that they are so self-motivating and self-actualizing.” On a recent Friday morning, Rosalie greeted everyone by name, and most stopped for a short chat on the way to swim or work out. She estimates that she knows about 150 customers by name.

“It’s important to greet people with warmth and to learn their names,” she said. “That’s true of all ages, and I discovered the importance of names as a kindergarten teacher.”

She also enjoys the challenge of getting to know customers who might be a little on the reserved side. “The cooler they are, the harder I work,” she laughed. “One somewhat stern gentleman later said how grateful he was because I took the time to talk to him.”

Plenty of teasing and bantering are part of the job in Admissions. But Rosalie emphasized that all the jokes and one-liners are “pure fun.”

Along with her natural warm and cheerful presence, she is a person who truly cares about each and every customer. “They are my people,” she said. “One of my favorite things to say, when someone asks how I’m doing, is “Now that you’re here, I’m perfect.”

How does she prepare for being so competent and pleasant at 4:30 in the morning? For one thing, there’s her personal breakfast of champions: chocolate milk. She also has an expectation to have a great time every day. “90-95% of the job is enjoying people.” She’s also proactive about identifying what things people ask for and need, and keeping those things close at hand. While customers come in and out, she greets each one with warmth, but all the while, she’s deftly showing the ropes to her replacement Roxie. Roxie has some big shoes to fill but also has the advantage of spending time training with Rosalie. “You’ll love her,” Rosalie said to each customer when introducing her.

Everyone who has met Rosalie at the Apex Center is extremely lucky. It’s a rare treat to encounter someone so caring, competent and naturally customer service-oriented. From all the staff and customers at the Apex Center, a fond farewell and a big thanks for your joyful presence!