Meyers Pool Notice – NOW OPEN

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Meyers Pool is now Open! Please see updates below for more information.

Update 12/3/12: We are open our regular hours. The Phase 1 part of this project is complete. This has allowed us to open until the final repairs are made in our less-busy season. We will keep you update on when that will happen and what will need to be done. The engineers have told us the repairs will allow safe operation for 12-13 years.

Update 11/26/12: We are on track to re-open Meyers Pool next Monday, December 3 with our regular hours!

Update 11/09/12: The engineers have designed a repair option for the south wall at Meyers. We will use a diagonal beam concept similar, yet smaller, to what is used on the north wall. Saunders put up a mock-up of the repair beam which is believe will work out fine as it has minimal impact in the user area of the deck. The engineers are working on a stamped drawing to forward to city staff for approval.

Saunders will forward the final approved version of the drawings to the steel fabricator as soon as they receive it. Hopefully fabrication can be completed next week. Installation crews are lined up to work as soon as we have the materials.

Saunders believes we are still on target for an early December opening.

Update 11/05/12: We have some good and bad news about Meyers. The good news is the structural repairs for the problems along the north wall are about 90% complete. We should be able to finish that area later this week pending final approval by inspectors.

The bad news is there have been significant problems discovered along the south wall. Saunders Construction has opened 5 sections of the exterior wall to date. Two of the sections have similar deterioration to the worst beams on the north wall. JVA Engineers have requested opening the back sides of the remaining columns. Saunders will begin that operation tomorrow morning with completion by midday Wednesday. The engineers believe that repairs will be required on at a minimum the 2 beams with problems plus whatever else we find by Wednesday. We will not know exactly the design detail until more engineering work is completed on the requirements for the south section of the wall. Then we will have the actual installation phase of the repair process.

The engineers will be prepared to complete a design as quickly as possible to facilitate the fabrication process. Unfortunately we will not be able to accomplish our hoped for opening of mid-November. We anticipate the opening date will likely be in early December at this point. Everyone is working as fast as possible but the details take time to sort out and get right with no margin for error.

Update 10/30/12: Saunders staff are working in the facility. The steel support beams have arrived. Welding is in progress. Hopefully, without any more surprises, we will be on track for being operational by mid-November.

Update 10/18/12: Apex PRD has selected Saunders Construction for the Phase 1 repairs for Meyers Pool. We have started the process and will work through the details for timing the project over the next few days. Saunders has indicated we should be able to open the pool by mid-November and have already ordered the materials.

Update 10/12/12: We are working towards the temporary shoring design. Our goal with this design is to find a solution that will allow us to open the facility soon than later. This shoring would remain in place while the final repairs are made in our less-busy season. The main feature of the temporary shoring will be diagonal tubes from the base of the columns to the steel plates at the beam splice. We are also looking into adding a few columns at key locations. Once the design is confirmed and approved we will contact our contractors for scheduling and pricing information.

Update 10/4/12: Engineers have developed a concept idea for the repairs at Meyers. They will be reviewing the elements of the plan over the next couple of days. City staff will than have an opportunity to review the concept design for code issues and proposed structural functionality. Once approval is obtained we will move forward with securing a contractor to do the work. Special thanks to city staff Noel Vargo, Phil Hensley, and Jim Johansen for their support and quick schedule adjustments to attend our engineer meetings.

JVA Engineering, City staff, and District staff have all worked efficiently and well together through the process. Everyone is focused on making the building safe and getting folks back in the water. We will not know a time line until the contractors have an opportunity to determine their work schedule and material acquisition schedule.

District staff is exploring contingency plans during the repair time for Meyers. City staff has again been very helpful providing information about alternative swimming options.

Update 10/3/12: The engineers are using a special drill that will measure the integrity of the the beams. The drill testing has been completed along the lower portions of the beams on the south wall. There are 12 beams with each beam having 15-20 test holes drilled for the purpose of checking wood density. The drill produces an electronic reading for density levels. JVA Engineers will be sorting through the details of the electronic report for that area while the drilling is being conducted on the north wall beams. We hope to have that completed with results by the end of the week. They will also decide if the beams need to be tested up higher. That decision will be made based on the results from the lower levels.

Update 9/29/12: We currently have JVA Consulting Engineers investigating the problems and possible solutions. At this point all we know is that there is a substantial structural issue with some of the wooden support beams that have rotted internally.

Virtual look from April 2004: Click and drag on the image to scroll.

Please call 303.424.2739 for more information.

George J. Meyers Pool opened February 12, 1979 at an original cost of $2.2 million. The pool is named in memory of a former chairman of the Arvada Planning Commission who died in 1977. Meyers, Assistant Principal of Arvada High School, also supervised North Jeffco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District’s summer swimming pool activities and the ski school program. The City of Arvada is the owner of the facility and Apex PRD operates and maintains the facility under an Inter-Governmental Agreement.

5 Comments on "Meyers Pool Notice – NOW OPEN"

  • Amy
    October 19, 2012

    Via Facebook Arvada tri club posted that it may be open 11-14. ( true’)

    • Rob
      October 19, 2012

      If everything goes as planned, we hope to be open with a temporary fix in place by mid-November.

  • Dana
    November 13, 2012

    When the pool re-opens, will you consider dropping the water temperature back down to a zone for really swimming’

    • Rob
      November 13, 2012

      Dana, The pool will continue to be 83.5 degrees.

      • Dana
        November 16, 2012

        I am sorry to hear that. I have been swimming at Meyers since it opened (maybe only 1 other person still there for that long). Since Meyers closed I have been trying a pool that keeps the temperature a little lower and discovered that I hadn’t lost as much to age as I had thought. Swimming is a joy again, so I will not likely be returning to Meyers.