Apex Field House becomes a regional magnet in just one year

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Birthdays always come around quickly, especially when the year has been a fun and active one. That was definitely the case for the Apex Field House, which opened to the public on December 10, 2011.

The Apex Field House, located at 5724 Oak Street, has two four-season indoor arenas, which host youth and adult sports such as indoor soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, Wiffle Ball and flag football. Other activities include clinics, classes, event rentals and more. Additionally, the Field House has practice areas, changing rooms and meeting rooms.

All these amenities add up to a winning combination: a great venue, quality programs, competitive pricing, and a convenient location. According to staff, customers have responded with enthusiasm.

“We now have two fields instead of one, and we have made a huge improvement in quality. That has attracted many more users from all over the metro area,” said Carrie Gomer, Field House Manager. According to Carrie, as well as Field House Sports Coordinators Stephanie Allen and Mel Wisdom, waiting lists have actually grown larger, even though the new facility has twice the availability as the former indoor arena at the Garrison Street Center.

“This place has become a real customer favorite,” said Mel. “Having a bigger customer base actually helps the quality of the players’ experience.” On a recent Monday night, for example, 31 adult soccer teams showed up to play. “With those numbers, we can pair teams up that are closely matched in ability. When we have 3-4 divisions a night, that means good parity and a better experience.”

The Field House is often going full blast until 11 p.m., said Carrie. Evening playing times are in high demand, with daytime a little less busy. “Because our programs are so team-oriented, it’s challenging to fill the facility consistently from morning to night.”

The Field House staff is currently gearing up for an expanded youth lacrosse program, said Stephanie. “We’re adding to our current program offering, with learn-to-play in the spring and more summer leagues.” The program features practices, scrimmages and games for girls and boys in third through eighth grade.

In general, the trend is that all programs are filling up faster. November and December leagues were full in August, for example, and January leagues were full in November. “The Field House has become a regional magnet, so it’s best to plan ahead,” Mel said.

The staff is always on the lookout for ways to maximize the facility’s efficiency, said Carrie. The meeting rooms are available for rent, and the daytime hours are great times to plan a group activity. For more information, or to suggest a program idea, email carrieg@apexprd.org. Stop by the Apex Field House for a look around; you’ll be impressed with this one-year-old facility that has exploded in popularity! Business hours are from 8:30 am to 5 pm weekdays.