January 16, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Wide


JANUARY 16, 2014


President Jeff Glenn called the January 16, 2014 meeting of the Board of Directors of Apex Park and Recreation District to order at 6:32 p.m. at the Apex Center, 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, Arvada, Colorado. Apex board members in attendance were: Jeff Glenn, Jim Whitfield, Lee Humrich, and Bob Loveridge. Ken Harrell was absent. Apex participating staff members were Mike Miles, Executive Director, and Luann Levine, Recording Secretary.


MOTION: Director Loveridge moved for the absence of Director Harrell to be excused due to advance notice to the board. Director Humrich seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Humrich moved for the approval of the Agenda as posted. Director Whitfield seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Whitfield moved for approval of the Minutes of December 12, 2013, as presented. Director Humrich seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


1. Consideration of Resolution APRD2014-05 Supporting a Great Outdoors Colorado Local Parks and Outdoor Recreation Grant Request


Tom Carney – Mr. Carney stated that he has lived in Arvada since about 1968 but had not been in the Apex Center until he attended a SilverSneakers breakfast after he retired. He said he doesn’t like exercise machines but became interested in pickleball when he heard Ken talking about it. He decided to check it out and became hooked. He basically lives at the Apex Center now, playing pickleball 5 days a week. Mr. Carney stated that he is a gardener and the park piece of the pickleball complex at Simms Street is going to be amazing and will be a gateway to Arvada. Mr. Carney added that Apex offers pickleball skills and drills and brings people in from all across the Front Range because we are the only place that provides this type of programming. He also stated that once the outdoor courts get going and the youth get involved it will be amazing. He then thanked the board for their time.

Georgina Lynch – Ms. Lynch expressed her appreciation to the board for the Apex Center. She first came to the Apex Center to ice skate with her grand kids about 10 years ago. She then retired about 3 years ago, got her SilverSneakers card and began spending a lot of time at the Apex Center. Ms. Lynch stated that one day she was walking the track and saw the pickleball games in the gym. She signed up and has made lots of friends playing pickleball. Ms. Lynch then thanked Apex, the board, Mike Miles and the pickleball guys for providing this experience and added that she is so excited about the outdoor complex.

Ken Marquardt – Mr. Marquardt thanked Georgie and Tom for doing such a good job. He then stated that when the pickleball complex and park are finished, so many lives will be changed for the better. It will truly be a showcase for the City of Arvada and the United States, the best pickleball park in the world! Mr. Marquardt then thanked the board.

Mr. Miles, Executive Director stated that the board is being asked to approve a resolution showing support for this Great Outdoors Colorado Local Parks and Outdoor Recreation grant request and completion of the project to construct and develop Community Heroes Park. Mr. Miles then presented a power point presentation showing concept drawings of the master plan for the pickleball Community Heroes Park. Board discussion ensued.

MOTION: Director Humrich moved for the approval of Resolution APRD2014 05 Supporting a Great Outdoors Colorado Local Parks and Outdoor Recreation Grant Request. Director Whitfield seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

2. Consideration of Arvada Junior Baseball’s District Status

Mr. Miles explained that the District has had some ongoing difficulty with Arvada Junior Baseball’s delays in making payments for their athletic field usage over the past several years. Ross Blackmer, Recreation Services Manager, addressed the board and stated that the District has made numerous attempts to work out solutions over the years with Arvada Junior Baseball by continuing to send invoices which go unpaid. Payments are generally late, at times more than 90 days and, recently, their checks have not cleared the bank. When they have responded, in the past, to our attempts to contact them they make promises that aren’t kept. Arvada Junior Baseball is currently the only recognized organized youth sports group that is consistently delinquent in paying for field usage. They still owe the District for field usage in 2012 and 2013. Arvada Junior Baseball has been rated as a recognized youth sports group by the District but due to their delinquency and ongoing financial issues we would like to consider revoking that status, which means they would lose first right of refusal to fields and discounted rates. The second option would be to require them to pay in advance month to month and the third option would be to stop permitting fields to them altogether. In response to questions from the board Mr. Blackmer stated that the District has contacted them by phone and email and they have not responded. Board discussion ensued. In response to questions from the board, Mr. Blackmer stated that in 2013 they utilized 2 game fields a week and it is believed they had maybe 10 teams total. He also stated that invoices are sent to their treasurer monthly detailing dates and times played. Board consensus was that a fourth option would be for the District to manage those teams so that the kids still have a place to play. President Glenn expressed his concern that it appears that the organization has a lack of concern about this matter by not returning communication or showing up tonight. Mr. Miles stated that staff recommendation is to change their current status; they would no longer be a recognized youth sports group, and require them to pay everything owed from 2012 and 2013 by February 1, 2014 and then pay in advance, month to month, for field usage in 2014. If Arvada Junior Baseball cannot accomplish this and pay their invoices on time then the District will step in, if necessary, and manage the teams to finish their 2014 season. The board directed Mr. Miles and Mr. Blackmer to proceed with staff recommendation.

3. Consideration of Resolution APRD2014-01 for Designating Location to Post 24 Hour (Agenda) Notice

MOTION: Director Whitfield moved for the approval of Resolution APRD2014 01, 24-Hour Agenda Notice Posting, designating the Apex Center at 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, Arvada, as the official location for posting 24-hour Agenda Notices. Director Loveridge seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

4. Consideration of Resolution APRD2014-02 for Posting Locations of Notice of Board Meetings

MOTION: Director Loveridge moved for the approval of Resolution APRD2014 02, setting forth the Posting Locations of Notices of Board Meetings to be the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, Indian Tree Golf Course, Apex Community Recreation Center, and Apex Center. Director Whitfield seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

5. Consideration of Resolution APRD2014-03 to Set Day of Month, Time and Location of 2014 Regular Board Meetings

MOTION: Director Humrich moved for the approval of Resolution APRD2014 03 setting the days, time and location of the 2014 regular board meetings to be the first and third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m., at the Apex Center. Director Loveridge seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

6. Consideration of Resolution APRD2014-04 Election Resolution

Mr. Miles explained that there will be an election in May for three board positions. Directors Whitfield, Harrell and Loveridge’s terms will expire in May.

MOTION: Director Whitfield moved for approval of Resolution APRD 2014-04, Election Resolution stating the board’s intention to hold an election on May 6, 2014 to fill the vacating board positions and designating Luann Levine as the Designated Election Official. Director Humrich seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

7. Consideration of Resolution NJR2014-06 For Budgetary Transfers

Mr. Miles explained that these transfers are necessary to finalize the 2013 budget.

MOTION: Director Loveridge moved for approval of Resolution NJR2014-06 for Budgetary Transfers for Fiscal Year 2013 amending the 2013 appropriation for the General Fund for the purposes of increasing the Capital Projects Fund $400,000. Director Humrich seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


a) Employee Fitness Challenge – Mr. Miles stated that the board has supported the annual Employee Fitness Challenge for the past 3 years. This has been a successful program every year helping and motivating employees to lose several hundred pounds as a whole last year. The board agreed to support the Employee Fitness Challenge with $1200 for prizes.

b) Community Input – We will be looking at ideas and options related to concepts of input for decisions on the Eastside Recreation Center and an election for extending the bonds. If the board chooses to have an election in fall of 2016 we would want to begin obtaining community input around mid 2015. Maybe later this year we start thinking about how to proceed in 2015 by watching how things evolve, then focus on public input and time it appropriately depending on what our opportunities are.

c) Enhanced FISH Program – Staff is working on a new customer service program which will enhance and refresh the successful FISH program. Success in the first Degree; basically, at 211 degrees, water is sitting, you raise it 1 degree and it boils. A change of 1 degree can change things dramatically. First impressions; make a good first impression. Commitment to communicate; say what you mean and mean what you say. Find a way to say yes; when serving our guests, try to find a way to address their needs, make that extra attempt, ramp it up 1 degree, make a good first impression, communicate, find a way to say yes. We will formalize this program over the next few weeks and roll it out in the second quarter.


Director Whitfield reported that the Apex Foundation Sweetheart Silent Auction Fundraiser is Friday, February 21, 6-9 at Indian Tree Clubhouse. See Jim for tickets.

President Glenn reported on the Coordinating Committee meeting. There was an update on repairs at Meyers Pool. Construction of the restrooms at Long Lake has begun, the pipes are in and they should be starting on the cinderblocks anytime now. The restrooms should be open sometime this spring.


MOTION: Director Humrich moved that the meeting be adjourned. Director Loveridge seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

President Glenn adjourned the meeting at 7:53 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Luann Levine, Recording Secretary


Lee Humrich, Secretary/Treasurer