June 19, 2014 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Wide

JUNE 19, 2014

Vice-President Jim Whitfield called the June 19, 2014 meeting of the Board of Directors of Apex Park and Recreation District to order at 6:31 p.m. at the Apex Center, 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, Arvada, Colorado. Apex board members in attendance were: Jim Whitfield, Lee Humrich, Kristen Larington and Tommy Skul. Jeff Glenn was absent. Apex participating staff members were Mike Miles, Executive Director, and Luann Levine, Recording Secretary.


MOTION: Director Humrich moved for the absence of President Glenn to be excused due to advance notice to the board. Director Skul seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Skul moved for the approval of the Agenda as posted. Director Larington seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Humrich moved for approval of the Minutes of June 5, 2014, as presented. Director Skul seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

PUBLIC INPUT – There was no public input


1. Public Input and Approval of 2015 District Admission and Rental Fees

Mr. Miles stated that these fees, if approved, will be included in the 2015 budget process. These fees have been posted on our website and there has been no feedback from user groups. Board discussion ensued concerning fee increases due to energy cost increases and competitive market rates, and increases in resident fees compared to non-resident fees.
MOTION: Director Humrich moved for approval of the Proposed 2015 Facility Admission and Rental Fees as presented to the board on June 5, 2014. Director Larington seconded. Director Skul abstained due to conflict of interest. Motion passed unanimously.


1. Introduction of Russ Cagnoni, Ice Arena Coordinator
Terry Goldwater, Apex Center Manager, introduced Russ Cagnoni, Ice Arena Coordinator who has been with the District since early May and comes with many years of ice arena experience. Mr. Cagnoni addressed the board and stated that he grew up in Colorado and currently lives in Arvada with his wife and 2 kids who play hockey. He went to college in Mankato State, has 30 years experience in ice arena positions and has worked in Santa Fe and Steamboat Springs prior to coming to Arvada. Mr. Cagnoni added that he is learning the ice arena maintenance operations and is very happy to be here. The board welcomed Mr. Cagnoni to the District.

2. 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Mr. Miles introduced Mr. Dan Cudahy, C.P.A. with McMahan and Associates, an independent auditing firm who audited the report, to present the report to the board. Mr. Cudahy then addressed the board and explained that the audit went well and the District received a clean opinion for 2013 financial statements, the internal controls of the District are in good shape and no formal adjustments or recommendations for improvement were made. There were no difficulties performing the audit, no misstatements detected and no disagreements with management during the audit. Mr. Cudahy added that Terri Fabrizio, Finance Director, did an excellent job and everything looks good from a financial stand point. Mr. Cudahy congratulated Ms. Fabrizio and the finance department for earning the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the 19th year in a row meaning that the district goes above and beyond the requirements for financial reporting and displays a great degree of competence. Mr. Cudahy then explained some of the financial statements in the audit report to the board. The board commended Ms. Fabrizio for outstanding work and thanked Mr. Cudahy for attending the board meeting.
MOTION: Director Humrich moved to accept the 2013 financial audit of the District. Director Larington seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Miles reported that Wednesday afternoon it was decided that the splash pad at Ralston Central Park would be turned on a few days earlier than the planned Saturday Grand Opening due to the number of phone calls from community members asking why it wasn’t open yet. The City had hosted a pancake breakfast at the park for City staff Wednesday morning and asked that the splash pad be turned on during their breakfast. Some community members saw it on that morning and then were wondering why it wasn’t on that afternoon. After a few phone calls the City gave us the go ahead to open it Wednesday afternoon to the public’s delight. The splash pad will be open daily from 10am-8pm. The Grand Opening is Saturday, June 21 at 2:00.

The Apex Foundation Car Show on Father’s Day was a huge success with the most cars they have ever had in the show and the biggest crowd in attendance.


Director Skul reported that he has been asked to be a judge for the Sand in the City event on June 28. He also stated that he will attend the Arvada Chamber 3rd Friday breakfast tomorrow.

Director Humrich reported that while on a trip in Canada he visited with a park and recreation person and was surprised how similar things in Canada are to the US.

Director Larington reported that she thoroughly enjoyed the Foundation Car Show and the race on Sunday.

Director Whitfield reported that he was at the Simms Annexation Meeting. A handful of residents attended and most of the discussion was about traffic concerns.


MOTION: Director Skul moved that the meeting be adjourned. Director Humrich seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned by Vice-President Whitfield at 7:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Luann Levine, Recording Secretary


Lee Humrich, Secretary/Treasurer