August 21, 2014 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Wide

AUGUST 21, 2014

President Jeff Glenn called the August 21, 2014 meeting of the Board of Directors of Apex Park and Recreation District to order at 6:30 p.m. at Indian Tree Clubhouse, 7555 Wadsworth Blvd., Arvada, Colorado. Apex board members in attendance were: Jeff Glenn, Jim Whitfield, Lee Humrich, Kristen Larington and Tommy Skul. Apex participating staff members were Mike Miles, Executive Director, and Luann Levine, Recording Secretary.


MOTION: Director Whitfield moved for the approval of the Agenda as posted. Director Humrich seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Humrich moved for approval of the Minutes of July 17, 2014, as presented. Director Larington seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

PUBLIC INPUT – There was no public input


1. Exclusion Hearing
Public Hearing – At 6:34 p.m., President Glenn opened the public hearing on the Petition for Exclusion requested by the Westminster Economic Development Authority. A notice of the petition for exclusion was published in the Golden Transcript on August 14, 2014. There was no public input.

Consideration of Resolution APRD2014-11 – Approve Petition for Exclusion
Mr. Miles stated that this exclusion issue was ruled on at the July 17, 2014 board meeting but the Westminster Economic Development Authority, a Colorado Urban Renewal Authority, and its Board of Directors had neglected to post a public notice prior to that meeting making the ruling invalid. A public notice concerning this proposed exclusion was published correctly on August 14, 2014 so the board may now consider the resolution to approve the petition for exclusion from the Apex Park and Recreation District. This property is located within the boundaries of the Apex Park and Recreation District as well as within the city limits of the City of Westminster. The board’s consideration of this resolution is part of the process in excluding this property from our district. District legal counsel has reviewed the exclusion documents and has recommended approval of the resolution. Board discussion ensued.

MOTION: Director Humrich moved to approve Resolution APRD2014-11 to Approve Petition for Exclusion requested by Westminster Economic Development Authority. Director Skul seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

2. Charity Events, Sponsorships
Mr. Miles stated that this is just an FYI for the board. Typically the district supports local community charity events such as Ralston House, Arvada Food Bank, etc. The only other event that the district has sponsored consistently over the past several years is a baseball event sponsored by Win the Battle Foundation to raise funds that are distributed to young athletes that are fighting cancer. In doing so, the district provides fields and staff for this event at no charge. The district receives a number of requests to donate field space and staff for other charity events each year but just cannot open it up to everybody. Our plan is to limit support to the one cancer fundraiser that we have supported for years. Board discussion ensued. The board agreed that the district’s position should remain the same.


1. AT&T Update
Mr. Miles stated that AT&T has not contacted us concerning the cell phone antenna on the Simms Street Center. It was reported to us that there was some discussion with the construction workers doing street fiber optic work and they had heard that AT&T will not be doing anything concerning the cell phone antenna for at least a year.

2. Simms Street Update
Mr. Miles stated that the second set of outdoor pickleball courts at Simms Street Center are in and being lined. The fences are up and the courts should be done early to mid September. Irrigation installation will begin around the courts to get those areas planted and looking nice. The application for the Fall GOCO grant was mailed today. In the application we addressed their concerns that there is not excessive need for the park. Our response was that we have a vision and if we put this park together they will come. Mr. Miles added that he has been asked to be on the judging committee for the grants but anticipates being excluded from judging our own grant. A decision on the grants will be made in early December. Mr. Miles stated that the City will discuss assisting the district with the curb and gutter installation. The district is also working with the home developers to the south of Simms Street Center to have their crews that are installing their storm drains to provide estimates for the street row improvements on our property. The Simms Street Center outside access bathrooms should be done in about two weeks. By next week we should have the drawings from BRS for the east side of the building renovation. Board discussion ensued.


Mr. Miles reported that an issue arose while draining the Secrest pool last week. District and City staff were overseeing the draining of the pool into the sewer but due to a sewer line problem or a valve problem the sewer backed up into the basement of a home across the street from the pool. This same problem happened about 5 years ago with the same home. It was decided that the district and the city will split the cost to clean up the house, and then figure out how to better drain the pool. We do not know what caused the backup but we will take care of the homeowner first.

Mr. Miles stated that there has been some petition signing and campaigning in front of the Apex Center this summer. In 2012 the board approved a policy that restricts proselytizing at district facilities that addresses this issue if it becomes a problem.


Director Skul reported that he attended the Arvada Chamber breakfast where they introduced the new Jefferson County Superintendent. He also attended the Arvada Chamber luncheon with the sheriff, commissioner and assessor candidates.

Director Whitfield reported that there are a couple new members on the SDA board. The governor will be at the SDA Conference and the Life Time Service Award will be presented to Donna Alengi.
SDA has now approved federal mining leased districts to have access to the Special District Insurance Pool.
Director Whitfield has been asked to give a presentation at the next Kiwanis breakfast.

President Glenn reported that the bathrooms at Long Lake are done but there seems to be some question as to whether or not the concessions will be up and running this fall. There will be some discussion with area sports organizations concerning the concessions.


MOTION: Director Skul moved that the meeting be adjourned. Director Whitfield seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned by President Glenn at 7:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Luann Levine, Recording Secretary


Lee Humrich, Secretary/Treasurer