February 19, 2015 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Wide

FEBRUARY 19, 2015

Director Lee Humrich called the February 19, 2015 meeting of the Board of Directors of Apex Park and Recreation District to order at 6:31 p.m. at the Apex Center, 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, Arvada, Colorado. Apex board members in attendance were: Lee Humrich, Tommy Skul and Kristen Larington. Jeff Glenn and Jim Whitfield were absent. Apex participating staff members were Mike Miles, Executive Director, and Luann Levine, Recording Secretary.


MOTION: Director Skul moved for the absence of President Glenn and Director Whitfield to be excused due to advance notice to the board. Director Larington seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Larington moved for the approval of the Agenda as posted. Director Skul seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Director Skul moved for approval of the Minutes of February 5, 2015, as presented. Director Larington seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

PUBLIC INPUT – There was no public input.


1. Seniors Who Shine Recognition
Nancy Wellnitz, Community Adult/Senior Services Director, addressed the board and expressed her thanks to the board for allowing the volunteers to be honored this evening and noted that eleven volunteers will be honored. This group of individuals received recognition for their volunteer and/or extraordinary efforts either from the Volunteer connection who annually provides the opportunity for Jefferson County agencies to nominate Outstanding Volunteers who are then recognized at a county-wide luncheon, or from the Arvada Sunrise Rotary who honors one Senior Hero every other month at their breakfast meeting. Ms. Wellnitz, along with Community Recreation Center staff members, Lynn Weis, Laura Schwenker, Pat Stoehr, and Jim Seamans presented awards to the following volunteers:

Beth Dressel
Thanks to Beth Dressel, when you visit the Apex Community Recreation Center you find a book lending library that is well organized and ready to browse. Each week we benefit from her library expertise that she gained through past work with the University of Denver and Jefferson County Libraries. She helps to sort, mend and organize the Center’s library which cycles several hundred books a week. Many adults and seniors take advantage of this library and Beth’s behind-the-scenes efforts help to keep it accessible. Beth also serves on the Senior Council, which is the advisory council to the Center, and she volunteers for many “one-time” projects, such as greeting for events, or stuffing packets for the county’s Senior Law Day. Since 2007, Beth has logged in over 800.5 hours. Beth’s efforts were honored in 2014 as a Senior Hero by the Arvada Sunrise Rotary.

Kathy Reynolds
Kathy Reynolds began her volunteer work at the Apex Community Recreation Center in 2001, and has completed 2168.75 hours. Most of her time has been spent volunteering as a front desk receptionist, but she has helped with a variety of other events such as our annual Craft Fair and Strawberry Brunch. She has also sat on our Senior Council. Because she was doing such a fantastic job as volunteer receptionist; we hired her in 2003 as our evening receptionist, so now we enjoy her both as a volunteer and as a staff member. We thank Kathy for the superb job she does of learning names and remembering life happenings of participants, so she sets a friendly atmosphere at the Center. Kathy was recognized as a 2014 Senior Hero by the Arvada Sunrise Rotary.

Audra McArthur
Audra McArthur spends many hours creating quilts and making beautiful things for the Crafty Seniors group at the Apex Community Recreation Center paying special attention to the detail of her work. The items the group makes are then sold at the Craft Carousel gift shop or the annual Craft Fair, with proceeds benefitting projects at the Center. Some of the hand-crafted items that Audra contributes are also donated to local charities, such as each Christmas they make stockings for older adults living in low income apartments who may not receive a gift for Christmas and also for children with special needs. Her handiwork benefits both the Center and the community, and she has logged in over 1037 hours since starting with the group in 2011. Audra’s craftiness was recognized in 2014 as an Outstanding Volunteer by Volunteer Connection.

Cathy Sortman
Cathy Sortman began volunteering at the Apex Community Recreation Center in 2011. She put her talent in sewing and embroidery to work, donating over 315.5 hours with the Crafty Seniors who take donated craft supplies and handcraft them into sellable products for the annual craft fair and the center’s gift shop. Although she creates a variety of crafts, she is known for making lots of stuffed toys and embroidered dish towels. The group’s proceeds help to fund projects at the Center, such as the new chairs in the snack bar and the electronic marquee. Some of their handcrafted items are also donated to local charities, including Head Start, nursing homes, women’s shelter, and they make Christmas stockings for children in need. We thank Cathy and her “work hard to get ahead” attitude to help make the Center and the community a better place. Cathy’s efforts brought her a 2014 Senior Hero Award from the Arvada Sunrise Rotary.

Jane Crawford
Jane Crawford finds time to share her enjoyment of the game of bridge with seniors and adults at the Apex Community Recreation Center by helping to coordinate twice a month party bridge games for 12 to 20 people. Since 2010, she has worked with her bridge buddy, Jane Farson, to make sure the tables and tallies are set. Prior to game day she helps call participants to round the tables to even foursomes. When not volunteering or playing bridge, Jane has worked for over 15 years for the Rolling Hills Country Club Tennis Center. Jane was honored in 2014 as a Senior Hero by the Arvada Sunrise Rotary.

Jane Farson
If you say “bridge” Jane Farson is there. Jane caught the love of bridge from a young age as she grew up playing bridge with her family, as they did not have a lot of money. As she married and had her own family (8 children, 24 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren) she taught her family and friends the game, so the play continued. At the Apex Community Recreation Center, Jane helps organize and run the twice a month party bridge, that is enjoyed by many. We thank Jane for sharing her love of bridge with others. The Arvada Sunrise Rotary honored Jane as a 2014 Senior Hero.

Gertrude Dathe
Gertrude Dathe is a behind the scenes volunteer in the Apex Community Recreation Center’s library. Gertrude helps to maintain the library by sorting, repairing, and shelving books. Annually over 10,000 books are checked out of the library, and hundreds of book are donated that need to be processed as well. Our patrons love the convenience of picking up books on their way to participate in programs, unaware of the hours spent by volunteers to make this service available. She has become aware of the types of books that some of the patrons like to read and puts aside books that she thinks they will like. She likes working in the library because the hours are flexible although she usually comes in for two hours on Monday afternoons. Gertrude began volunteering in 2007 and has logged 326.5 hours. What an honor to have the Volunteer Connection distinguish Gertrude as an Outstanding Volunteer in 2014.

JulieRae Grace
As a weight room attendant at the Apex Community Recreation Center, JulieRae Grace assists participant on the strength and cardio equipment, making sure everyone uses the equipment properly and safely. In spite of knee surgery, JulieRae has logged 1797.5 hours since 2010. JulieRae has firsthand experience in seeing the progress and setbacks that life can bring. She helps relate this to the participants encouraging them to press on and be diligent in their efforts, then after their hard work she helps celebrate their successes. JulieRae also served for several years on the Center’s Senior Council, to provide valuable input into the Center’s operations. In 2014 JulieRae Grace’s dedication was acknowledged as an Outstanding Volunteer by the Volunteer Connection.

Merle Schmidt
Six years ago, Merle Schmidt was looking for a place to spend his retirement time and was turned away for being too young at one center, and did not find his niche at another, and then he ventured into the Apex Community Recreation Center and found his home. Merle got very involved in helping others learn mahjongg, pinochle and euchre. He was quickly recruited to serve as a volunteer Weight Room attendant, to help people safely use the weight and cardio-vascular equipment, which is where Merle has donated the majority of his hours. Participants love his friendliness and willingness to help. Merle can also be found volunteering at our Craft Fairs, Strawberry Brunches, and Concerts in the Park. Additionally he helps deliver the Center’s newsletter to a variety of places, and delivers donations from the Center’s school supply drive to four of Arvada’s most low income elementary schools. Since 2008, Merle has donated a whooping 3,158.75 hours. When Merle goes on vacation, his presence is sorely missed. The Arvada Sunrise Rotary awarded Merle as a 2014 Senior Hero.

Claudia Grundman
The Apex Community Recreation Center is grateful that Claudia Grundman contributes her welcoming smile to the Center. She volunteers at the front desk to greet customers, answer phones, take registrations, direct customers to classes, provide Center tours, and give out lots of information about Apex and community resources. Additionally she serves on the Senior Council to help guide the Center, and also hosts the Welcome Meet and Greet for people who are new to the Center. She is a great advocate for the Center and District. She had volunteered with us since 2008 and to date has logged 1110.75 hours. Claudia truly earned her 2014 recognition for being an Outstanding Volunteer by the Volunteer Connection.

Connie Morgan
At least twice a week, Connie Morgan is the first one through the doors in the morning. Her primary position at Apex Community Recreation Center is the Front Desk receptionist. She greets customers by their name and with a smile. She answers phones, takes registrations, directs customers to class and gives out information to our customers. She willingly substitutes for volunteers who were not able to cover their shift. Connie and her mom, Betty, are a special duo on Friday morning. She has served for many years on the Senior Council, bringing in new ideas for us to consider. She also is quick to lend a helping hand at a variety of special events. Connie started with us in 2011 and has logged in 1367.25 hours. Connie was honored in 2014 as an Outstanding Volunteer by Volunteer Connection.

Volunteer Group Donations – Besides individuals we have many volunteer groups that help the Center. We have the Librarians who keep the library organized, the Apple Dumpling Gang who help prepare, cook and serve for special events, the Weight Room Attendants that keep participants happy and safe as they work out, the Front Desk Customer Service staff that welcome, register and direct our Center’s guests, the Senior Council who are the eyes and ears to the staff as they bring suggestions for enhancement and improvements, and the following two groups:

Craft Carousel Volunteers
Thanks goes to the Craft Carousel volunteers for their 2014 donation of $784 for the purchase of tablecloths to give our expos a nice professional look. Additionally for the fourth consecutive year, they donated $800 to Apex Park and Recreation District to help sponsor the Concert Series, as well as the Bunny and Santa Breakfasts, allowing 3,062 people to enjoy these events in 2014. The shop also added a website, banner and Channel 8 feature story to their marketing mix. We congratulate the Craft Carousel volunteers who worked tirelessly to exceed their previous biggest year of sales by 5.6%. We appreciate the many volunteers who put in hundreds of hours to consign and sell handcrafted items to benefit the Community Recreation Center. Since 1983 the Craft Carousel has provided funding for many projects and events, as well as provided an outlet for community crafters to sell their wares. Their dedication helps improve the Center and our programs. Many thanks!

Crafty Seniors
Thanks to the Crafty Seniors for their 2014 donation of $500 to Apex Park and Recreation District to honor the memory of five of their volunteers and friends. This donation helped to purchase the new entrance rugs to fit our new entrance doors helping to give a good first impression of the Apex Community Recreation Center. We appreciate the many volunteers who put in oodles of hours and creativity to make handcrafted items to sell to benefit the Community Recreation Center and this project. Some of their creations also are donated to local charities. Since 1983 the Crafty Seniors handiwork as provided funding for many projects that enhance the Community Recreation Center and the many people who attend our programs. We are grateful for your crafty contributions!

Director Humrich congratulated all of the volunteers and stated that this is one of his favorite times of year when the senior volunteers are honored. He then added that everyone appreciates the volunteers and we thank you for your dedication to the Community Center. Director Skul commented that he added up the total volunteer hours of tonight’s honorees and it came to over 12,000 hours, which is amazing. Director Larington stated that the time and passion that these volunteers are willing to give truly goes further than you know and we can’t say thank you enough.

2. Consideration of Resolution APRD2015-04 – Scientific and Cultural Facilities District Grant Request for the Cultural Entertainment and Arts
Mike Miles, Executive Director, stated that this is a grant that the Community Center submits every year for the Concert Series, Children’s Performances, Cultural Enhancement events, and Art for the Young at Heart Show.
MOTION: Director Larington moved for approval of Resolution APRD2015-04 stating their complete support for a Scientific and Cultural Facilities District grant request for the 2016 Humanities Enhancement Series. Director Skul seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Miles reported that a week ago the District received a donation for the Community Heroes Park at the Apex Simms Street Center. The donated item is a 14 foot high metal sculpture of an eagle in flight. It is a beautiful piece of sculptured art work and will be a significant addition to the Community Heroes Park.


Director Skul reported that he will be attending the Arvada Chamber’s 3rd Friday breakfast this week.

Director Larington reported that the Apex Foundation Sweetheart Silent Auction is Friday February 27 and tickets are still for sale.

MOTION: Director Skul moved that the meeting be adjourned. Director Larington seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Director Humrich adjourned the meeting at 7:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Luann Levine, Recording Secretary


Lee Humrich, Secretary/Treasurer