Apex Park and Recreation District Board of Directors votes unanimously to authorize May 3 bond election

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At its regular meeting on Thursday, February 18, the Apex Park and Recreation District Board of Directors voted 5-0 on a resolution to authorize a ballot question that will appear on ballots mailed to active registered voters in the district. The election date is May 3, 2016. Here are the details of the ballot question:

Eligible voters in Apex Park and Recreation District will soon have the chance to vote in a mail ballot election on a bond issue proposing the renovation/expansion/construction of six facilities in various locations around the district. Identifying and developing these six projects was a collaborative effort involving citizens, the Apex PRD board of directors and staff, and City of Arvada elected officials and staff. Download the Bond Questions.

Beginning in the second week of April, ballots will be mailed automatically to all active registered voters in Apex PRD. This is an all mail ballot election. The election date is May 3. Here is a description of the issue:

The bond that built the Apex Center in 1998 will be paid off in 2017. Based on extensive public input and professional assessments of community needs, the Apex PRD Board of Directors has approved a ballot issue to extend the existing $25 million bond for 20 years. The current bond payment is about $11 per year for every $100,000 in home value. That payment would continue with a successful election and fund the following projects:

Secrest Center (6820 W. 66th Ave.): $7,442,806

Construct 21,521+ sq. ft. replacement recreation center to include small weight room, community/aerobics area teen center, small gym, locker rooms, warm water therapy pool. Swimming pool and inline hockey rink will remain.

Fitzmorris Site Center/Pool (Independence St. and W. 62nd Pl.): $4,895,931

Construct 8,500+ sq. ft. recreation center, six lane pool to include small weight room, community/aerobics area.

Arvada Tennis Center (6430 Miller Street): $5,760,810

Renovate eight outdoor courts with post tension surfaces, new lights, fences. Addition of facility with four new indoor courts and controlled access to all areas of the tennis complex.

Lutz Sports Complex Improvements (10664 W. 58th Ave.): $4,310,000

Construct a new four-field baseball/softball pod complex with lighting, parking, restroom/concession.

Apex Center (13150 W. 72nd Ave.) – Renovation, Splash Pad Addition: $1,553,895

Construct 7,800 sq. ft. outdoor splash pad, renovate aquatics area center pool, renovate indoor playground.

Long Lake Ranch Regional Park Improvements (17850 W. 64th Ave.): $4,285,000

Construct two new baseball/softball fields, including backstops, to complete the first five-field complex, lighting for all five baseball/softball fields; construct a restroom/concession building. Construct two new synthetic multi-sport turf fields (lacrosse/rugby/football), with parking and lights.

Total estimated project budget: $28,248,442

Amount from Apex PRD General Fund: -$148,442
Bond amount: -$25,000,000
Amount the City of Arvada will contribute towards an outdoor pool/rec center: -$3,100,000

On the same ballot, voters may choose two board members for four-year terms. The two current board members whose seats are up for election in May are Jeff Glenn and Lee Humrich. The candidates for the two four-year board positions are Jeff Glenn and Vicki Pyne. Since they were the only two candidates to turn in the self-nomination forms by the deadline, this is an uncontested race.

The May 3 election will be conducted by mail ballot. All active registered voters in Apex PRD should receive their ballot around mid-April. If you have feedback, questions or for more information on getting a ballot mailed to you, determining active voter status (check your voter status at http://jeffco.us/elections/my-voter-information/ or http://www.sos.state.co.us), ballot drop-off sites, official ballot language and more, please email elections@apexprd.org.

Download the 2016 Election Projects Flyer

Download the 2016 Election Projects Presentation

Download the Apex PRD Tax Levy Information Res and Commercial combined

Have questions? Download the Apex PRD Ballot Issue ‘A’ FAQ, Questions on ballot financing or contact elections@apexprd.org.

*Artist renderings. Final designs may vary.

Meyers Pool

As of today, the engineers have told us that the expected life span of Meyers Pool is 8-9 years. While that seems like a long time away, we know that planning to replace such a major asset takes a long time.

The primary issue is that replacement a 50 meter pool will cost approximately $28-$30 million in 2016 dollars. Additionally, complicating the issue is that the pool is actually owned by the City of Arvada, so it is their asset to plan for and replace. Apex PRD simply operates the pool under an agreement with the City.

Nonetheless, the City and Apex PRD, along with JeffCo schools (they are a stakeholder as many of their high school swim teams use the pool for practice and competition) are already in conversations about how a three-way partnership can get this pool replaced.

The good news is that there is a shared coordinating committee made up of representatives from the City and Apex PRD that meets quarterly to brainstorm ideas about how to meet this funding need and all parties are trying to be creative to find a solution to replace the pool.

About Apex Park and Recreation District

Apex Park and Recreation District (Apex PRD) is located in Jefferson County, with boundaries roughly corresponding to the City of Arvada. It is a special district with no connection to other government agencies. However, Apex PRD and the City of Arvada share resources and define responsibilities to save taxpayers money. The district generally handles “active” recreation such as sports, fitness, swimming, etc., while the City of Arvada handles “passive” recreation such as parks and trails.

District residents receive a discount on fees, but its facilities and activities are open to the public. About 45% of the district’s budget comes from property taxes. The remaining 55% comes from program and facility fees, grants, and proceeds from Apex PRD Foundation fundraising efforts.

Apex PRD operates 16 facilities within a 60-square-mile area. From pools to gymnastics to athletic fields, the district offers a wide variety of activities, special events, fitness classes and athletics to more than 118,000 residents. The flagship 168,000 square foot Apex Center sees more than one million visitors per year and is self-supporting in its operating costs. Athletic fields within the community, such as Long Lake Ranch, Harold D. Lutz Sports Complex and Stenger Soccer Complex, provide home fields to more than a dozen youth sports organizations with thousands of local and regional youth competing each year.

9 Comments on "Apex Park and Recreation District Board of Directors votes unanimously to authorize May 3 bond election"

  • Monica Garibay
    February 25, 2016

    RE The Meyers Pool. Why not “rehab” the current pool’ It truly is a wonderful “Old School” feel and plenty of room! Although locker rooms are in need of an up date.
    RE the APEX Pool, I see seniors use the pool in large numbers for classes such as water aerobics. I’ve counted 40-50+ ppl per class at Meyers or APEX pools. Maybe there is a need for Senior Water Pools’ FYI it is tough to find a swim lane during or after these classes by an hour. Not complaining, just see an up coming need to fill as the population becomes older and these folks are an active bunch with free time!

    • Rob
      February 26, 2016

      Planning to replace or rehab such a major asset takes a long time. The primary challenge is expense.
      Another issue is that Meyers Pool is actually owned by the City of Arvada, so it is their asset to plan for and replace. Apex PRD simply operates the pool under an agreement with the City. However, because it is such an important community asset, Apex PRD, the City of Arvada, and Jeffco Public Schools (the school district is a stakeholder, as many of its high school swim teams use the pool for practice and competition) are already in conversations about how a three-way partnership could get the pool rehabbed or replaced.
      A shared coordinating committee made up of representatives from the City of Arvada and Apex PRD meets quarterly to brainstorm ideas about how to meet this funding need, and all parties are trying to find a creative, proactive path to replace or preserve elements of Meyers Pool. Part of that process is considering the user groups, including the growing population of active seniors that we are privileged to have in the community.

  • Theron Bredeson
    April 1, 2016

    The Fitzmorris pool complex seems misplaced. The school and swimming pool/rec center will share the same parking lot. WHY”(congestion will be a certainty) The whole complex could be moved farther north on Independence or better yet…why not put the new complex in the area behind Fitzmorris off 62nd Ave. There is a largely under utilized playground/open space perfect for this pool/rec center complex. I lived in that area for many years and have always been concerned with congestion on Independence in front of the school

    • Rob
      April 4, 2016

      Thank you for your comments on the proposed Fitzmorris recreation center and outdoor pool. You are correct that planning for parking and traffic is an important aspect of overall facility design. Due to the constraints on parking and concern about increased traffic in the Fitzmorris neighborhood, the plan includes the following elements:

      1) The parking lot will be expanded from the current 56 spots to 81 spots with an improved drop-off lane.
      2) The higher-use times of the recreation facility and the parking lot will be during the times when school is not in session: evenings, weekends and summer.
      3) The City of Arvada is currently conducting a traffic study of the area. For details, contact the City of Arvada Engineering Division (http://arvada.org/city-hall/departments/engineering-division)

      Regarding your comments about the playground/open space area behind the school, part of the plan for the area is to renovate and upgrade the existing playground and preserve the open space. This will create a mix of active and passive recreation with the goal to serve all community members.

      • Terry
        April 14, 2016

        The proposed Secrest Recreation Center will have a warm water therapy pool that will be ideal for older adult usage including arthritis classes, water walking, pre/post operative exercise, etc.

  • Tim Webber
    April 13, 2016

    I haven’t been able to locate information on both Jeff Glenn and Vicki Pyne. I did see Mr Glenn’s address and his reasons for wanting to continue in his position, & why he feels he’s qualified. I’d like to see the same info for Ms. Pyne. And, I’d like to see what both of the candidates view their role will be in the future and what we can expect from them in their possible elected roles in the next four years and the actions they plan to take.

    Also, what is the planned completion of all these 6 recreational upgrades. Hopefully, this doesn’t turn into a decade long ordeal (excuse the pessimism, I’ve lived through too many drawn out Colorado highway projects).

    • Rob
      April 14, 2016

      Great questions.

      Normally we would put the board race bios on our website but since the board seats are uncontested (only two people submitted nomination forms for two open seats) nether Vicki nor Jeff submitted bios. Jeff’s is on our website because he is a current board member. Both Vicki and Jeff will be elected as long as at least one person votes for them.

      As far as the completion dates for the six project, this is found in the Apex PRD Ballot Issue A FAQs:
      When will the proposed projects be completed’
      If the election is successful, the bonds will be sold in fall of 2016 and the project design can be commenced once the funding is available. The expected completion time from design to facility opening is: Neighborhood Recreation Centers (Fitzmorris and Secrest): 16-24 months
      Arvada Tennis Center: 9-12 months
      Athletic Fields (Lutz – 8-10 months; Long Lake – 6-9 months)
      Apex Center renovations: 12 months

      I hope that answers your questions.

  • Kathleen
    April 14, 2016

    What financial institution will issue the bond and how will potential investors be able to invest in them’ Just curious.

    • Rob
      April 14, 2016

      Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated, 1125 17th Street, Suite 1600, Denver, CO 80202 will be offering the bonds for sale and we would be delighted to set up a priority order period for district residents.