February 4, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Wide

FEBRUARY 4, 2016


President Jeff Glenn called the February 4, 2016 meeting of the Board of Directors of the Apex Park and Recreation District to order at 6:30 p.m. at the Apex Center, 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, Arvada, Colorado. Board members in attendance were: Jeff Glenn, Jim Whitfield, Lee Humrich, Tommy Skul and Kristen Larington. District staff members in attendance were Lauri Dannemiller, Executive Director, and Dawn Fredette, Recording Secretary. Additional attendees included Linda Glesne of Collins Cockrel & Cole, Legal Counsel.


MOTION: Director Larington moved for approval of the Agenda as posted. Director Skul seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Whitfield moved for approval of the Minutes of January 21, 2016, as presented. Director Larington seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


1. Consideration of Resolution APRD 2016-04 Relating to 401 Money Purchase Plan

MOTION: Director Larington moved for approval of Resolution APRD 2016-04 relating to 401 Money Purchase Plan. Director Whitfield seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Topics discussed by Ms. Dannemiller in her report dated February 4, 2016 included:
– Upcoming Meetings & Events
– Staffing Items of Note
– Simms Street Phase III & IV renovations – progress will be reported on by staff at the second Board meeting in March
– Facility Highlights – Randall Room speaker and recording system
– Budget & Revenue Update: 2015 year-end budget report to be presented at the March 3 Board meeting
– Date of next Board meeting is February 18, 2016
– Kudos to District Services team for a seamless snow removal job at all facilities during recent snow storm


Director Skul reported on the Chamber’s annual dinner, which was a lot of fun. The District was recognized for being a sponsor. Director Skul also reported on the good turnout at a recent gathering of the Arvada Young Professionals group. He responded to an inquiry at the gathering regarding the Apex Bond Question. Directors Skul and Larington discussed attendance at future events.

Director Humrich asked about Board member attendance at the upcoming City Council and ARFA meetings on Monday, February 8. He will probably go to the City Council meeting. Director Humrich also reported on the recent Fitzmorris meeting. There was one negative conversation regarding the Fitzmorris swimming pool plans – outdoor vs. indoor. Director Humrich is concerned about information being put out there, but he’s mostly receiving good input.

Director Glenn discussed the surveys currently being conducted and the topic of Meyers Pool. Ms. Dannemiller continued the discussion on the surveys, particularly comments provided by respondents to the online survey. Staff is in the process of categorizing the comments and the percentage of people that commented on various issues.

Director Whitfield also discussed survey comments regarding Meyers Pool and whether those people will vote yes or no on the Apex Bond Question. He noted that discussions regarding traffic at Meyers Pool will have to be deferred to the City.

Director Glenn noted that Meyers Pool is becoming a hot topic and the Board needs to send the message that they are aware of the problem and that the solution is going to have to be a partnership (with the City and school district).

Director Whitfield reported on the Arvada Vitality Alliance’s fundraiser ball held at Arvada Center on February 13. They would also like to run a golf marathon in June, for which the Apex Foundation would be the benefactor of about $8000. AVA is going to contact Ms. Dannemiller. Director Whitfield further discussed AVA’s focus, including public art, and encouraged other Board members to attend their events.

Director Whitfield further reported that he is working on ARFA items, hitting social media heavily and generating activity.

Director Larington reported on the Foundation meeting this morning. There has been another resignation so they are now down four members, which is concerning. Discussions at the Foundation meeting included: how can the Apex PRD Board help; moving the Foundation meetings to evenings; reaching out to people to find members. There is not going to be an auction this year, which Director Larington believes typically brings in $4000-$5000. Director Larington reviewed some financial information regarding the amount. For now, the Foundation is planning just the annual car show. They are looking at ways to bring in vendors for the show.

Ms. Dannemiller discussed the District helping to re-envision the Foundation, including the recruitment of people that want to take it to the next level. Perhaps a retreat’ Director Whitfield suggested reaching out to the Foundation member who runs the car show. Director Glenn suggested that District Board members make mention of the open Foundation positions to the various groups that will be visited in the next few months. Director Larington further noted that the Foundation resignees are working folks.

Director Glenn had nothing further to add for Board member reports.

BREAK – At 6:57 p.m., President Glenn called for a few minutes break prior to resuming the open meeting. The open meeting resumed at 7:02 p.m.


MOTION: Director Larington moved to go into executive session pursuant to §24-6-402(4)(f), C.R.S., to receive attorney advice regarding the May 3, 2016 election. Director Whitfield seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Ms. Glesne certified the beginning of the executive session at 7:02 p.m.

Ms. Glesne certified the conclusion of the executive session at 7:40 p.m.

MOTION: Director Skul moved to go out of executive session. Director Humrich seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

The open meeting resumed at 7:40 p.m.


MOTION: Director Larington moved that the meeting be adjourned. Director Whitfield seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

President Glenn adjourned the meeting at 7:42 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Fredette, Recording Secretary


Lee Humrich, Secretary/Treasurer