Part-Time Youth Basketball Officials

Pay Rate: $10.50-$18.00 per game (depending on experience)
Minimum Age: 16 years
Hours: Games are on Saturdays from 8 am-6 pm

Job Summary: This basketball referee must have the knowledge and ability to effectively officiate youth basketball games. Upon hire, this individual must become an expert on Apex Youth Basketball rules, and be able to pass a written test on these rules. Referees are responsible for providing their own uniform and whistle. This person must be responsible, professional and a good communicator. They must be skilled at game management, especially in intense game situations. Other duties include running the score clock, attending staff meetings and being available to cover a shift on short notice. Must follow Apex PRD policies and procedures and respond appropriately to all emergency situations. Applicant must have own form of reliable transportation.

Job Qualifications: Must have a background in basketball, and the passion to learn officiating.

Apply on line with application and resume