October 20, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Wide

October 20, 2016


President Whitfield called to order the October 20, 2016 regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Apex Park and Recreation District, held at 6:30 p.m. in the Randall Room at the Apex Center, 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, Arvada, Colorado. Board members in attendance were: Jim Whitfield, Kristen Larington and Vicki Pyne. District staff members present were: Lauri Dannemiller, Executive Director; Bob Roby, Deputy Director – District Services and Justin Howe, District Services Manager; Beth Graf, Aquatics Manager, and Tyler Houston, Senior Lifeguard; and, Dawn Fredette, Executive Assistant and Recording Secretary.


MOTION: Director Pyne moved to excuse the absences of Director Glenn and Director Skul due to advance notice to the Board. Director Larington seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Larington moved for approval of the Agenda as presented. Director Pyne seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Pyne moved for approval of the Minutes of the October 6, 2016 meeting. Director Larington seconded. Motion passed unanimously.



1. Pickleball for Heroes Presentation of Check to TBI – Postponed to a future Board meeting

2. Senior Leadership Presentation, Recruitment of Lifeguards

Ms. Dannemiller explained that once each month someone from the Senior Leadership Team will address the Board. Tonight’s presenter is Beth Graf, Aquatics Manager, along with Tyler Houston, Senior Lifeguard.

Ms. Graf explained that she is going to discuss lifeguarding, recruiting, and retention. There is currently an industry-wide crisis. She has seen facilities being closed due to lifeguard shortages. The District is also feeling the impact, which is resulting in senior lifeguards sometimes having to work all day.

Ms. Graf discussed feedback she has received, which includes:

• It’s a hard job.
• It requires a lot of training beforehand and during employment.
• It’s physically and emotionally draining.
• The environment is difficult, i.e., hot, cold, loud and noisy kids.
• These student employees are already overbooked with school and extracurricular activities.

Ms. Graf also noted the District’s increased need for lifeguards over the years and that the demand will continue to increase with the new District facilities being built.

Ms. Graf then introduced Tyler Houston who works at Secrest. Tyler explained to the Board that he started lifeguarding at 15 years old, worked his way up to instructor, then senior lifeguard, and is now pool manager for Secrest. He’s currently 20 years old. He talked about lifeguarding sometimes being difficult, especially when trying to accommodate everyone’s schedule, but that it’s still a fantastic job. He referred to a situation two weeks ago in which one of the lifeguards rescued a five-year old girl and that guests commented on how amazingly the situation was handled.

Tyler wants to help 15-year old lifeguards to reach the next level in their jobs, so they come back the following summer. He also wants to offer growth and development so they will want to return during summer once they are in college. Tyler also talked about recent situations outside the pool in which his CPR training was utilized.

Ms. Graf stated she is looking for dedicated folks and she’s asking for the Board’s help with a recruitment plan. She noted that additional efforts besides social media are being tried, like going door to door. She would also be happy to do presentations for any organizations to further get the community involved in recruiting lifeguards.

Ms. Graf discussed lifeguard training and employee cost, and recent training discounts offered. The real problem though is how to retain lifeguards once they are recruited. She reiterated that she is seeking the Board’s help.

The Board and Ms. Graf discussed different ideas that could help with training costs. They also discussed the impact to the District of the lifeguard shortage, which could include having to close on any given day.

3. Discussion on Personnel Issues Related to the 2017 Budget

Ms. Dannemiller explained that this matter would be further reviewed at the meeting on November 17, 2016, during the public hearing on the 2017 budget, but that she wanted to go over a few items in detail regarding personnel and salary changes at this meeting.

Ms. Dannemiller referred to the memo she prepared for the Board, which contains detailed information on the 2017 budget as it relates to staff salaries. She discussed total compensation as well as equitable salaries, like pay for like work, updating job descriptions, being competitive in the market with districts that offer more, and rewarding high performers.

Ms. Dannemiller explained that there are three wage change topics addressed in her memo, the first one involving the Department of Labor’s new regulation regarding exempt employees. As of December 1, 2016, exempt employees must be paid at least $47,500, or become a non-exempt employee. Ms. Dannemiller discussed the internal analysis that was done and the positions that will be impacted by the new regulation, as well as paying overtime vs. moving employees to exempt. She also discussed current salary ranges and rules about making up comp time.

Ms. Dannemiller’s second wage change topic is regarding a market survey that was performed to find out salary ranges of similar jobs within the special district and municipal recreation field. This survey was done by a third party that specializes in government surveys. Of the District positions that were surveyed, some salary ranges were on target but some were a little lower. The plan is to bump up the starting salary range of those positions identified as being lower, and to also keep the same salary spread for other employees in that range by adjusting for years worked.

Ms. Dannemiller’s third wage change topic is regarding full time staff who don’t fit into one of the two previously discussed categories. These employees may be eligible for a 2% Consumer Price Index raise and a merit increase. Merit increases will be 0% to 3%. Ms. Dannemiller also discussed a 1.5% division budget for salary increases, which will be a challenge for smaller divisions who have just two or three employees who are all high performers. There will need to be some flexibility for the smaller divisions.

Ms. Dannemiller also discussed with the Board how each of these scenarios come at a cost. Additional discussion included employees at the top of their salary range and receipt of merit increase being in one lump sum with base salary remaining the same. This would lessen salary compression for those at the top of their range. The Board would like to discuss benefits and vacation at a future meeting.

Ms. Dannemiller also discussed an increase for part time employees from $8.31 to $9.31.

The Board further discussed the District’s ongoing ability to accommodate the proposed salary increases that have been presented, as well as economic factors including property assessment values and the District’s increased revenues. The Board would like to have a study session with all Board members present to further discuss the 2017 budget and the proposed salary increases.

Lastly, Ms. Dannemiller discussed there are new positions she is requesting be added and their increase to the budget. She reviewed and discussed the positions listed in her memo. She noted how some of the costs of these positions would be offset by revenues.

4. Bond Projects and Facility Assessment Updates

Facility Assessment Updates: Mr. Roby stated that Justin Howe in District Services has been leading the assessment process from a staff perspective. He further explained that the goals of this project are to develop an assessment of the condition of the facilities and to define service level objectives. The facilities selected for the assessment are: Apex Center, Field House, Indian Tree, Simms Street, Meyers Pool, Campbell Cottages, Community Rec Center, Lake Arbor, and Racquetball & Fitness Center

A PowerPoint presentation was then provided to the Board. Mr. Howe started the presentation and discussed the following:

– The process for tackling this project, which included looking at equipment, climbing up on roofs, and looking at blueprints and manuals. Preventative maintenance schedules are being developed and everything bar coded.
– Development of assessment targets and development criteria. There are four categories: Critical, Poor, Fair, and New-Good
– Engineers and consultants were brought in and they rated everything they looked at. An example of a finalized report was shown, which captures the replacement cycle.
– After getting all the data put together, estimates are developed.

Mr. Roby continued the presentation and discussed the following:

– Rating the building condition level using the FCI (facility condition index) concept for comparing conditions of a group of assets or facilities. Also, what level does the District want to have its facilities at?
– The four assessment categories and the type of costs involved: Critical = catch up costs; Poor = keep up costs; Fair and New-Good = get ahead costs
– Next steps which includes having building portfolios to address a strategic plan for the next 3-5 years, and transitioning to facility management and capital project actions. Also, staff performed jobs vs. contractor performed.

The Board discussed the status of various facilities including Indian Tree and Meyers, which likely will not have very good FCI ratings due to age. They also discussed the goal of getting to a smooth maintenance budget to help with better planning for capital projects. Also discussed was cosmetic work vs. real work to maintain the buildings, and finding the right balance between growth and maintenance. The Board agreed that having this facility assessment in place will allow the District to be more proactive instead of reactive and that it will be a great tool for feeding directly into the budget.

Bond Project Update: Mr. Roby reviewed and discussed his October 2016 Bond Project Report. All design firms have been selected and some of the best firms in the area have been contracted. Mr. Roby discussed the various designers, which include SinkCombsDethlefs for the Tennis Center, DHM Design for Long Lake Ranch and Lutz, and Barker Rinker Seacat for the Secrest and Fitzmorris rec centers.

Additional topics discussed by Mr. Roby included:

– Selection of CMGCs is currently in progress.
– Soil testing is being done.
– Work is continuing on the IGA with the City regarding Fitzmorris
– A master contract for geotechnical services is in place and a master contract for traffic may be obtained as well.
– Storage of dirt at Secrest is being discussed with the City

The Board thanked Mr. Roby for his report and complimented him on his efforts.



Ms. Dannemiller briefly discussed the 3rd quarter financial report distributed to the Board. The District is doing well on increasing revenues and keeping costs stable.

Ms. Dannemiller also discussed the recent park build-out. It was great day – lots of fun, kids helping, etc. – and well planned by the special projects team.


Director Pyne reported on the Kiwanis pumpkin sale to benefit Habitat for Humanity. She also discussed Meyers Pool and land near Leyden Rock, which was initially going to be a shooting range. It is now scheduled to have park-like activities. Also, Director Skul is planning to attend the next Coordinating Committee meeting for Director Pyne.

Director Larington reported that she will not be able to attend the Board meeting scheduled for November 3. The Board discussed having a budget work session prior to their November 17 meeting.

Director Whitfield reported it’s been nice having the school district and the City at bond project interviews. Regarding Meyers Pool, he noted that Candelas has 13 acres. He also discussed a recent AVA meeting as well as Director Glenn’s attendance at the recent Top Hats & Ball Caps fundraiser at which Director Glenn was acknowledged. Director Whitfield also mentioned the upcoming Taste of Arvada and Halloween events.

He further discussed Katie Groke Ellis’s attendance at a recent AEDA meeting at which she talked about the District. She will be talking more with those board members. Director Whitfield further noted that her attendance at those meetings as well as other board meetings would be beneficial to the District.


MOTION: Director Larington moved that the meeting be adjourned. Director Pyne seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Director Whitfield adjourned the meeting at 8:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Fredette, Recording Secretary


Kristen Larington, Secretary/Treasurer