Full-Time Maintenance Specialist – District Services

Salary Range: $44,000-$61,500 annually
Minimum Age: 21
Close Date: Open until filled

Job Summary:
The Building Maintenance Specialist is supervised daily and reports directly to the District Services Manager. The Building Maintenance Specialist is to assist in the maintenance of all district facilities. In addition, the incumbent is expected to work on capital improvement projects and other construction projects as assigned. The incumbent works closely with all District Services Staff on schedules, general maintenance, preventive maintenance, and construction projects.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
1. Advanced knowledge and skills in plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and mechanical and HVAC systems.
2. Ability to perform year-round maintenance including painting, roofing, dry wall, tile, carpet, switches, concrete, replace doors, windows, screens, handles, locks, motors, belts hinges, etc.
3. Ability to use truck-mounted snow plows.
4. Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
5. Ability to properly complete a bi-monthly time timesheet for payroll purposes.
6. Ability to work under minimal supervision and assume responsibility for task initiative and completion.
7. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other District staff and the general public.
8. Ability to make sound decisions, and use good judgment in stressful situations.
9. Ability to read blueprints.
10. Must be familiar with construction sites and the risks associated therein.

1. High School diploma or equivalent
2. Minimum of three years’ experience in maintenance and construction.
3. Must possess current and valid Colorado driver’s license and be able to pass a drug screen.
4. Advanced knowledge and skills in all aspects of commercial building maintenance and construction including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, mechanical systems, fitness equipment and HVAC systems.
5. Trade experience highly desirable.

Working Environment
1. Able to lift up to 100 pounds
2. Able to climb and work from ladders
3. Environmental conditions encountered will include heat, cold, wind, noise, fumes, odors, and dust
4. Ability to report to work during critical and/or emergency situations.

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