Part-Time Youth Track and Field Coach

REPORTS TO: Youth Sports/Adult Volleyball Coordinator, Apex Simms St. Center, 11706 W. 82nd Ave., Arvada, Colorado

PAY RATE: $11.10 – $23.00/hour DOQ

SCHEDULE: Availability required is Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:30 am-10:30 am, 5 pm-8 pm. to coach, and be flexible to coach Saturday meets (schedule determined in advance).


Active role in administering track and field instruction and practical coaching in practice and/or meet setting on a part-time basis.


  1. Serve as a youth coach and control all aspects of instruction and participant management.
  2. Attend weekly staff meetings to plan and organize practice activities and assignments.
  3. Strong positional and team instruction with an emphasis on positive coaching style.
  4. Participates in post practice evaluations.
  5. A flexible but consistent working schedule will be implemented to ensure consistency.
  6. Communicate with participants and parents with any information regarding practices, meets, programs and announcements.
  7. Help plan, organize and execute practice plans and meet layouts.
  8. Run organized practices according to plans and expectations.
  9. Performs moderate maintenance duties as needed or assigned.
  10. Transports and cares for all equipment needed.


  1. Must pass a State and National background check.
  2. Must be CPR/FIRST AID/AED Certified.
  3. Previous coaching experience is not required but preferred.
  4. Able to work a flexible schedule such as early mornings, evenings and weekends.
  5. Demonstrated ability to communicate, write, organize, plan, and use a computer.
  6. Must be at least 16 years of age.
  7. Ability to maintain effective working relationship with coaches, staff and the public.
  8. Ability to handle emergency situations using good judgment.
  9. Must have a strong ability to understand and work with kids ages 3-16.

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