Looking for active summer fun? Apex has ideas!

Even though our Secrest and Apex Center recreational day camps are full, we have lots more camps to help create the best summer ever! Whatever your camper’s interest—sports, science, technology, art or all of the above — there’s something special for every child at Apex Park and Recreation District this summer. Sign up below or email GuestServices@ApexPRD.org for more information.

June 18-August 11 (every Tuesday and Thursday)

Boys Box Lacrosse League at the Field House

Ages 6-11 http://apexprd.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=3162

Ages 12 -15 http://apexprd.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=3178

July 23-27

EDU – Coding with Kids Minecraft Modding I and II


July 23-27

Basketball – Youth Sports Camp at Simms Street Recreation Center

Ages 5-7 http://apexprd.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=2714

Ages 8-14 http://apexprd.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=2715

July 23-27

Soccer Camp 2 at the Field House

Ages 6-13 http://apexprd.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=2760

July 27- August 31 (on Fridays)

Youth Indoor Soccer Program at the Field House

Ages 7-11 http://apexprd.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=2653

July 30-August 3

Volleyball – Youth Sports Camp at Simms Street Recreation Center

Ages 5-7 http://apexprd.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=2742

Ages 8-14 http://apexprd.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=2743

August 6-10

Multi-Sport Camp at Simms Street Recreation Center

Ages 5-7 http://apexprd.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=2751

Ages 8-14 http://apexprd.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=2753

July 30-August 3

EDU – Legos Camp Minecraft at the Field House

Ages 5-7 http://apexprd.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=2442

July 30-August 3

EDU – Legos Camp Minecraft Masters at the Field House

Ages 8-12 http://apexprd.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=2452

July 30-August 3

Box LAX Camp 3 at the Field House

Ages 6 -15 http://apexprd.maxgalaxy.net/Registration.aspx?ActivityID=3282

Skateboarding Summer Camp

Learn how to be safe and have fun on your skateboard while riding some of the best parks in the Front Range. We will skate our “home park” in the morning before jumping on our skate bus to check out different parks in the area, explore a variety of terrain and visit multiple skater-owned skate shops. Explore all the different areas of street and skatepark riding, from safety and etiquette to advanced park riding. We will also go swimming once a week. Come make new friends, have fun, and be a part of our active skateboard community. Sign up for every day of the week and receive a $10 discount each day. Contact Brook-Lyn for more information Brook-LynG@ApexPRD.org

Breakthrough Basketball shooting and ball handling camp https://www.breakthroughcamps.com