Recreation Intern

Title of Position: Recreation Intern

Division: Recreation Services

Reports To: Varies based on internship assignment

Salary Range: Unpaid

Duration: Varies based on school requirements

Internship Goal

The goal of the Apex Park and Recreation Internship Program is to provide an intern with the opportunity to apply information and skills obtained in the classroom to real-life working situations. The internship also offers the opportunity to gain experience in planning, organizing, leading and evaluating various recreational programs. Furthermore, it provides the intern with a constructive review and evaluation of their skills and competencies; thus, allowing realistic direction to further professional development.

Job Description

Job descriptions for each intern will be tailored to their interests. Recreation internships are available throughout the year. The length of internship is 12-13 weeks, 40 hour/week (which may include weekend and nights), resulting in 480-520 total working hours. A probation period of the first two initial weeks of the internship will be instituted. During that time, the internship supervisor reserves the right to dismiss an intern if it is determined the intern is not adequately prepared to perform the functions required of the internship.

Internship opportunities are available in:

  • Adult and Youth Athletics
  • Aquatics
  • Facility and Ice Management
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Marketing
  • Senior Activities and Events
  • Therapeutic Recreation**
  • Youth/Teen Camps, Programs and Events

Interns are not restricted to one area of interest and are encouraged to gain experience in multiple areas of expertise.

**Therapeutic Recreation Interns have different requirements based on NCTRC standards.

Internship Requirements

  • Eligible candidates shall have taken university course work related to the internship opportunity
  • Each eligible candidate shall complete an Apex Park and Recreation District internship application
  • Each eligible candidate shall include a current transcript of university course work. A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 is required
  • Excellent organization, time management and planning skills
  • Willingness to adapt and work in high-energy environment
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Non-Therapeutic Recreation Internship Program Requirements

Interns are representatives of Apex Park and Recreation District, their college/university and their community. The department is committed to providing each Intern with the highest on-the-job-training possible. In turn, each intern is responsible for making the most of this opportunity. Below is a list of required assignments each Intern must commit to, prior to and during an internship:

Orientation – Learn departmental and center policies and operations.

Special Project– The intern and intern supervisor will determine the type and scope of project. The intern will plan, organize, promote, implement, purchase supplies (if necessary) and present the project for evaluation.

Class/Program Administration – The intern will program at least two different activities for the duration of the internship specific to their area of interest.

Center/Program Observation – The intern will visit three recreation centers or programs and write a one-page report focusing on program variety, facility features and type of community addressed by the center or program.

Meetings – Attend one of each of the following:

  • Apex Park and Recreation Board Meeting
  • Apex Park and Recreation Quarterly Supervisor and Coordinator Meeting
  • Youth Commission Meeting
  • Senior Council Meeting
  • A CPRA meeting

Special Events – The intern will be required to volunteer at a minimum of one District-wide Special Event.

Additional Assignments – Throughout the internship, staff members will delegate assignments that are important to the success of operations and programs. Therefore, successful completion of all assigned tasks by the intern is required.

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