November 15, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

13150 West 72nd Avenue – Arvada, Colorado 80005 – 303.424.2739

November 15, 2018


President Glenn called to order the November 15, 2018 meeting of the Board of Directors of Apex Park and Recreation District, held at 6:33 pm at the Apex Center, 13150 West 72nd Avenue, Arvada, Colorado. Board members in attendance were: Jeff Glenn, Ken Harrell, Stephanie Allen, Vicki Pyne, and Liz Tomsula. District staff members present were: Lauri Dannemiller – Executive Director; Jim Reasor – Director of HR/Finance; JoAnn Gould – Deputy Director of Recreation Services; Tanya Trobaugh – Accounting Supervisor; Laina Doyle – Youth/Teen & Teen Center Coordinator; Bob Roby – Deputy Director of District Services; Hillary Roemersberger – Recreation Services Director; and Rheana Rogers – Executive Assistant and Recording Secretary. Members of the public present were Allison Slife, CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP.


MOTION: Director Pyne moved for approval of the Agenda. Director Allen seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Allen moved for approval of the Agenda. Director Pyne seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


There was none.


1. Pickleball

Ken “Pickleball Ken” Marquardt shared a brief history of Pickleball at Apex. In 2011, the sport was introduced to Apex and there were 201 pickleballers. The number of participants has now risen to over 4700 players with an estimated 4-12 new players joining in every week. Apex is the only entity in the region that hosts Skills and Drills opportunities for players. Over the past four years, the Apex Pickleball for Heroes Tournament has raised over $221,000 supporting Craig Hospital’s Operation TBI Freedom for veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). 100% of all proceeds from this tournament have been donated to this program. Mr. Marquart thanked the Board and Apex for their support of the sport and for creating and maintaining 24 of the best courts in the USA. Mr. Marquardt then presented the Board and Ms. Dannemiller with a plaque thanking Apex for their support of the sport and the benefit tournament.

2. Youth Commission Appointments

Hillary Roemersberger and Laina Doyle introduced the 2019 Youth Commission. 2018 was the inaugural year for the Youth Commission year. This group was part of planning and assisting in two facility grand openings, writing support letters for grant applications, collaboration with Apex District’s Senior Council, Ralston House community volunteer project collaboration, and advocacy and input for the Master Plan of the proposed Secrest Park. The Youth Commission also went on a District-wide tour of all facilities, and had the opportunity to learn about resume writing, interviewing skills, and event planning. Ms. Roemersberger and Ms. Doyle asked the Board to appoint a new member, Madelyn McKinney, and to re-appoint seven existing members, Avery Gaurmer, Cameron Lewallen, Peyton Glenn, Grant Oltrogee, Annamarie Covington, Levi DeGroot, and Noah Loveland.

MOTION: Director Pyne moved to appoint the one new member and re-appoint the seven returning members. Director Allen seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


Jim Reasor introduced Allison Slife, Principal with external auditing firm CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP. Ms. Slife presented the Board with high-level items from the audit and the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The District earned a clean opinion (unmodified), which is the best you can get which is a proud accomplishment for the District. President Glenn asked how the 2017 audit compared to 2016. Ms. Slife said there were a few more adjustments needed this year. The CAFR document is available online on the Apex website under Financial and Legal Notices. Of note is the audit resulted in five new material weaknesses which require corrections (worst case) compared to 2016. There were some material weaknesses from 2016 that were repeated in 2017. There were three Significant Deficiencies in dollar amount or impact to the district, and all were repeats from 2016. Under the auditor’s Other Items of Note were 13 on this year’s list, and these are mostly best practice suggestions. Ms. Slife affirmed CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP’s commitment to a continued relationship with the District. Director Harrell posed a purchasing policy question. Ms. Dannemiller responded that the new policy was established 2 years ago, and great strides have been made to develop and implement this policy district-wide. The Board voted to approve these purchasing policies in 2017. Ms. Dannemiller stated the District is grateful for the valid items the auditors presented so that the District can work to improve our policies and procedures She stated that work needs to be done to train and make sure the policies are being communicated and followed.

4. 2019 Proposed Budget

Regarding the Deputy Director of District Services, President Glenn indicated that the Board is in favor of retaining the position for 2019 if needed. Ms. Dannemiller reported that due to delays for the Indoor Playground improvements still hinging on fire permitting issues and other bond item completion items, there is still need for this position. The position is funded through bond through July, and the salary for the remainder of year would be funded from the Capital Fund and General Fund, in the amount of approximately $50,000. The job description will need to be amended. President Glenn reported that the Board would like to see a high-level, full-time Human Resources position funded for 2019 because of overall expansion in the number of and employees in the district. The Board would like to see the budget adjusted to reflect this. Ms. Dannemiller stated she will research this request and will bring it to the December 6 meeting.




Ms. Dannemiller shared that she was pleased and excited about today’s ribbon cutting at Secrest for the American Heart Association’s “Check, Change, Control” program. There will be one more Board meeting on December 6. That meeting will be held at Indian Tree Golf Course Clubhouse and then will adjourn to the restaurant for a holiday celebration.


President Glenn enjoyed the ribbon-cutting event at Secrest today.

Director Allen had nothing to report.

Director Harrell had nothing to report.

Director Pyne had nothing to report.

Director Tomsula will be attending a Chamber meeting tomorrow.


MOTION: Director Harrell moved that the meeting be adjourned. Director Tomsula seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

President Glenn adjourned the meeting at 7:29 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Rheana Rogers, Recording Secretary


Ken Harrell, Secretary/Treasurer