January 17, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

13150 West 72nd Avenue – Arvada, Colorado 80005 – 303.424.2739

January 17, 2019

CALL TO ORDER President Glenn called to order the January 17, 2019 meeting of the Board of Directors of Apex Park and Recreation District, held at 6:30 p.m. at the Apex Center Randall Room, 13150 W. 72nd Avenue, Arvada, CO. Board members in attendance were: Jeff Glenn, Stephanie Allen, Vicki Pyne, Ken Harrell, and Liz Tomsula. District staff members present were: Lauri Dannemiller – Executive Director; Jim Reasor – Director of HR/Finance; JoAnn Gould – Deputy Director of Recreation Services; Bob Roby – Deputy Director of District Services; Katie Groke Ellis – Director of Marketing, Communications and Community Outreach; and Rheana Rogers – Executive Assistant and Recording Secretary. Members of the public present were Matt Thomas, TRI Pointe Homes; staff representative, APAC.


MOTION: Director Pyne moved for approval of the Agenda. Director Allen seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


MOTION: Director Pyne moved for approval of the Agenda. Director Allen seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: President Glenn moved to note that he failed to excuse Director Harrell from the January 3, 2019 BOD meeting, but that the absence was excused. Director Pyne seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


There was none.


1. Naming Policy Changes – Katie Groke Ellis

Ms. Groke Ellis presented to the Board that an official policy regarding naming of Apex facilities or amenities was officially drafted last year. She is proposing changes to make it easier for our community to meet the signed petition requirements for naming, and to clear up some language in the prior proposal regarding the kinds of amenitites that can be named. The proposed changes were provided to the Board in a redline document. President Glenn confirmed that petition signers must be residents of Apex District. President Glenn expressed concern about equitability of the cost of naming certain amenities. The Board would like the policy language to be revised to clarify that the Board has the flexibility and authority to change or approve these requirements as they see fit. This authority is expressed in policy 3.0, but the Board would also like a reference to this added into section 7.0 as well.

MOTION: Director Harrell moved for approval of the proposed Naming Rights Policy with the inclusion of adding a reference to section 3.0 in section 7.0. Director Pyne second and the motion passed unanimously.

2. TRI Pointe Homes Inclusion Public Hearing – Lauri Dannemiller

Ms. Dannemiller stated that the required Notice of Public Hearing was posted in the publication of record, Golden Transcript, on 1/3/19 as required by statute. Matt Thomas representing TRI Pointe Homes addressed the Board to give some history of the property and construction project for the lots being petitioned for inclusion into the Apex district. TRI Pointe homes acquired the property about two years ago. The current district boundary runs through the property, and now through multiple lots, which would require 2 tax ids on a lot, which would be problematic for homeownsers seeking mortgage. There are 39 lots that are currently wholly in the Apex District already, and 17 lots that are wholly OUT of the district. There are also 8 lots that are bisected by the district boundary. The petition is for inclusion of the 25 lots either wholly or partially outside of the district boundary. Development of the land began in summer 2017, models opened summer 2018, construction of homes is now in progress, and the first homeowners are expected to begin taking possession in March. The developer antinicpates 100% occupation within 2 years. The average sales price (base model plus upgrades) is estimated to be $520,000.00 per home. Based on the mill levy at 4.8%, the 25 lots would generate about $7000 a year of property tax revenue for the district.

MOTION: Director Pyne moved for approval of Order by Board of Directors of the Apex Park and Recreation District for Inclusion of Real Property. Director Harrel seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


There was none.


Ms. Dannemiller provided a follow up on the conversation about RFP for custodial products that occurred at the January 3 BOD meeting. She provided the Board a proposed timeline for that process. She also reported that Apex did not get the JCOS grant for the proposed Secrest Park project. We are still waiting to hear back from the GoCo and CHF grants applied for. She also provided an update to the Board about the parcel of property that is adjacent to the Apex Center parking lot on the Northwest side. This property has been occupied by the Wardle family, the prior owners of the entire plot of land the Apex Center currently sits on. When the family deeded the land to Apex, it was done so with the caveat that the home’s original occupant can stay on the property as long as it was her primary residence. In early December we were notified that the occupant will be leaving the home sometime in January of 2019. An official letter of intent to vacate will be provided by the family. When it arrives the district will assume full use of the 8/10 acre, primary residence, 3 outbuildings and small retention pond. Conversations need to happen to determine potential for reuse of the property. Ms. Dannemiller feels there is exciting potential for the space and is planning a conversation with Director Glenn to determine his desired process for a future use.


President Glenn asked when the district is scheduled to pave the pickleball court parking lot this year. Mr. Roby reported that the scope of the project is currently being reviewed to ensure maximizing the approved budget for the project. President Glenn was impressed by the excellent presentation from Alan Abrams at the last meeting, and he is excited about the potential for improvements being proposed at Indian Tree Golf Course. Ms. Dannemiller reported she has asked Mr. Abrams to figure the cost of doing a complete master plan so the district will have accurate cost, timing and feasibility estimates for the three major projects that were proposed – the greens replacement, clubhouse renovation, and maintenance facility improvement. She anticipates 2019 will be spent planning so that by 2020 the district will have a better idea of the amount we may need to plan for funding.

Director Pyne attended the Kiwanis meeting yesterday. She is planning to attend the Chamber of Commerce dinner next week and will be accepting the award on behalf of the district. She will also be attending the pickleball honor dinner coming up.

Director Harrell reported that over the holidays he visited Secrest Recreation Center with his grandson to play drop-in basketball. He paid the admission fee for the child and his friends to play, but also admission fees for the adults, who not there to use the facility except so to provide supervision to the children. He thinks this policy of charging spectators needs to be revisted. Ms. Dannemiller stated this potentially could be appropriate at some facilities but not others, and that it will be looked into.

Director Allen had nothing to report.

Director Tomsula will be attending the Chamber event tomorrow morning and the dinner next Friday.


MOTION: Director Pyne moved that the meeting be adjourned. Director Tomsula seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

President Glenn adjourned the meeting at 7:23 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Rheana Rogers, Recording Secretary


Ken Harrell, Secretary/Treasurer