Youth Fitness Classes

Whether you’ve got an aspiring young athlete or a kiddo looking to learn how to make fitness a part of a healthy lifestyle, Apex has classes to challenge them and help them grow!

Miss Tween Training helps develop and prepare your tween (ages 7-12) to gain confidence exercising. A personal trainer teaches proper etiquette and lifting techniques in the weight room and helps tweens build a healthier lifestyle. This is a super fun class, so grab a bestie and sign up to get fit together!

Strength and Conditioning for Teens (ages 13-16) is a more advanced class for participants to learn proper weightlifting techniques to enhance strength, mobility, and flexibility. This is a great class for athletes training for their upcoming season or for teens wanting to learn how to safely lift weights.

Gone are the weak damsels in distress of yore. Girls today are empowered and strong! Strong Girls (ages 12-16) learn and execute new lifts in the weight room while also learning to manage stress.