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S3 Basketball Training is dedicated to helping players of all ages and all skill levels develop their game to reach their basketball goals. We offer private and group training sessions, as well as skill-specific training sessions. Coach Spencer will meet with each player before they begin to work out to discuss goals as well as strengths and weaknesses so he can put together a detailed and specific skill program for each player.

During a private 1 on 1 session, you will work directly with coach Spencer for 60 minutes on a variety of different skills including shooting, ball handling, finishing moves, and game-specific footwork. The manner in which these sessions are run also helps each player tremendously with their basketball conditioning.

During group training sessions, the same skills will be drilled, but there will be more competition because there will be multiple players involved in the workout. This includes shooting competitions, ball handling challenges, and live play. Many players choose to train with family members, friends, or teammates during these sessions. Players must form their own groups for group training.

To book a session with Coach Spencer, email him at s3skillstraining@gmail.com. Online payments are not available. Payments will be made in person at your first session.

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