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End of Year Report


Apex Park and Recreation District, a valued resource for athletic activities, events, classes, and family entertainment, welcomes residents and visitors alike to Arvada, Colorado, in northwest Jefferson County. Established on November 13, 1956, Apex operates independently as a special district, collaborating with other entities but not governed by the city of Arvada or Jefferson County. Apex boundaries span from Sheridan Boulevard east, Clear Creek and 52nd Avenue south, Highway 93 west, and the Boulder/Broomfield county line north, offering exciting programs and incredible facilities for all to enjoy.

Our Leadership

Apex Park and Recreation District is managed by an executive director and a five-member elected board of directors. Apex directors serve four-year terms, with elections held every two years in May.

Apex PRD Board of Directors

(left to right) Jo Burns, Director; Rich Garrimone, Secretary/Treasurer; Vicki Pyne, President; Liz Tomsula, Vice-President; Abby McNeal, Director

Executive Director Letter

Dear Apex Park and Recreation District Community,

I am pleased to present our Annual Report for 2023, highlighting Apex Park and Recreation District's remarkable achievements and impactful programming over the last year. As we reflect on 2023, it is with great pride that I share our district's success in serving our community.

At Apex, our mission is to enhance the health of our community – socially, emotionally, and physically – by being a gathering place and trusted resource for a variety of activities and programs that connect people and improve their quality of life. We are committed to fostering community, promoting wellness, and creating memorable experiences for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

2023 was marked by significant growth and accomplishments that further our dedication to serving our community. I tasked the staff with doing more, and they delivered.

A Look at Our Top Successes Includes the following.

Envisioning the Future:

In 2024, we successfully completed the "Envision" process, a strategic initiative that charts the course for our district's future. This roadmap will guide our decisions and ensure we continue to serve our community effectively for the next 5 years.

Investing in Our Team:

Our commitment to fostering a positive and supportive culture is evident in our employee retention: a remarkable 13 out of 21 (62%) new full-time hires in 2023 were previously part-time employees. This speaks volumes about our work environment and our dedication to promoting from within.

Expanding Opportunities:

Through a collaborative partnership with Jefferson County School District, our Licensed Camps program achieved record-breaking attendance in 2023. By utilizing the newly closed Fitzmorris Elementary as a camp site, we provided engaging experiences for more children than ever before.

Ensuring Safety and Fun:

Our Aquatics team demonstrated remarkable innovation in 2023, developing successful strategies to recruit and retain lifeguards. Thanks to their efforts, our pools have remained fully operational since 2019, guaranteeing safe and enjoyable experiences for all community members.

This report serves as a testament to Team Apex's hard work, dedication, and collaborative spirit, as well as the ongoing support from our community. Together, we have achieved remarkable results and look forward to building upon these successes in the future.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our staff, partners, and the community for their unwavering support in making Apex Park and Recreation District the place to grow socially, emotionally, and physically.


Jeff Glenn
Executive Director
Apex Park and Recreation District

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the health of our community – socially, emotionally, and physically – by being a gathering place and trusted resource for a variety of activities and programs that connect people and improve their quality of life.

Our Vision

We envision an integrated, diverse, and collaborative recreation district that plays a key role in the vibrancy of our community and the health and happiness of those who live here through a variety of exceptional offerings, including athletics, fitness, education, arts, and community events for all interests, ability levels, and ages.

Envision Update

Apex Park and Recreation District recently embarked on a year-long strategic planning process that included community surveys, community open houses, stakeholder interviews, and extensive research. Team Apex is excited to move forward and take what we learned from the process to create more opportunities for our community to grow emotionally, socially, and physically. The Strategic Plan focuses on identifying the district’s current and future recreation needs to aid district staff and decision-makers in providing and expanding an equitable distribution of recreational facilities and opportunities to Apex Park and Recreation District residents and stakeholders.

Community Impact

Social and Health Benefits of Park and Recreation Programs - Customer testimonial

Social Media Engagement

Apex’s engagement on social media has grown over the last year. The Facebook reach is up 99%, reaching over 236,000. Instagram is up 75%, reaching an average of 6,000. Stories are up 100%, and our reactions and comments are up 25%.

Facebook likes are up 68%; we have gained 343 new Facebook followers, 337 new Instagram followers, 33 new Twitter followers, and 22 TikTok followers.

Special Event Overview

The Apex Park and Recreation District hosted a diverse and engaging lineup of events in 2023, drawing over 1,500 participants from both within and outside the community. From family-friendly gatherings like the Chalk the Walk and Bike Rodeo to cultural celebrations like the Taste of Arvada and Simms Art Fest, the district offered something for everyone. Volunteer involvement remained strong, with initiatives like the Apple Meadows Clean-Up Day and Staff Pumpkin Decorating Contest fostering community spirit. Social media campaigns like "Hit the Streets" and "The Grinch" encouraged residents to embrace outdoor activities and holiday traditions. Overall, the year's events fostered a sense of connection and recreation, solidifying the district's role as a hub for community well-being.

The strong turnout at events like the Foundation Trick or Trot and Halloween Hunt (86 participants) and the Secrest Carnival (175 participants) highlights the popularity of family-oriented activities. Additionally, the impressive participation in the Blues and BBQ (159 participants) and Taste of Arvada (1523 participants) underscores the community's interest in larger-scale festivals. These successes pave the way for continued event diversification and engagement in the coming year.

Therapeutic Recreation Highlights

The Apex Park and Recreation District's Therapeutic Recreation program has been serving the community more than ever before, with exciting new programs and increased participation across the board. From fitness and bowling to cooking, crafting, and even self-defense, the program is truly making a difference in the lives of families who participate.

Here are some of the highlights from 2023:

Fitness: The "Too Fit to Quit" program expanded from 3 classes in 2022 to 19 classes, with a total of 70 registrations. This program helps individuals with disabilities stay active and healthy.

Bowling: Strikes and spares were flying in the TR Bowling program, which offered 5 classes, 8 weeks each. Apex participants even brought home first and second place at the Special Olympics.

Crafting: Creativity bloomed in 14 classes, ranging from 1 to 5 weeks each. One heartwarming project involved making crafts that were donated to seniors in nursing homes.

Cooking: Delicious dishes were whipped up in 9 classes, 4 weeks each, teaching valuable cooking skills and promoting healthy eating habits.

Socialization: Dinner Night Out provided fun and connection with 12 events, up from 10 in 2022.

Movement and Music: Both yoga and dance classes saw participation more than triple, growing from 9 to 30 participants.

New Programs: 2023 saw the launch of exciting new programs like Martial Arts (partnering with Megans Place to teach self-defense to teens with special needs), Music Therapy, and TR Majestic Media, each offering 5 classes over 4 weeks.

Holiday Cheer: The 15th annual TR Holiday Musical was a smash hit, selling out tickets and welcoming a record number of participants.

Overall, the Therapeutic Recreation program saw tremendous growth and impact in 2023. With its diverse and engaging offerings, the program enriches the lives of individuals with disabilities and fosters a more inclusive and vibrant community.

Safety Program Highlights

Apex Park and Recreation District takes its employees' well-being and safety seriously, and the results speak for themselves. By implementing mandatory quarterly all-hands training sessions covering safety, security, health, and environmental topics, Apex achieved an impressive 85-100% participation rate among its full-time staff. This commitment to training paid off significantly.

Compared to 2022, Apex saw a remarkable 2% drop in its incident/accident rate, reducing it from 6% to 4%. This achievement positions Apex among the top 5% of all national Parks and Recreation Districts, whose average incident/accident rate hovers between 11% and 13%.

Furthermore, Apex's dedication to safety translated to exceptional financial benefits. The district's Experience Modification Factor (EMOD), which reflects its risk profile and impacts insurance premiums, dropped from 1.28% in 2021 and 1.05% in 2022 to a remarkable 0.97% in 2023. This achievement places Apex in the top 1% of Parks and Recreation Districts nationwide when it comes to safety and risk management.

In conclusion, Apex Park and Recreation District's commitment to comprehensive training and safety programs has resulted in a significantly lower incident/accident rate and a top-tier EMOD, demonstrating its dedication to creating a safe and healthy work environment for its employees and ultimately providing better service to its community.

Recreation Highlights

Racquet Sports

Apex Park and Recreation District's racquet sports programs are enjoying a period of tremendous growth and success. Pickleball, fueled by the community's enthusiasm for the sport, saw a staggering 150% increase in revenue in 2023, with a cost recovery rate of an impressive 140%. This surge can be attributed to the 24-court lighted outdoor complex, available from April to October, which facilitates a high volume of mixers, leagues, tournaments, lessons, and court rentals.

Tennis, on the other hand, thrives with opportunities catering to all ages and abilities. The Apex Tennis Center boasts the North Jeffco Tennis Club, one of Colorado's largest USTA adult league providers, as well as hosting the Ralston Valley High School boys' and girls' tennis teams. Adults and youth alike can choose from drills, lessons, recreational leagues, competitive programs, and numerous USTA tournaments and special events. The continued success of both pickleball and tennis programs underscores Apex Park and Recreation District's dedication to providing diverse and engaging recreational opportunities for the entire community.


Junior Golf Program

Indian Tree Golf Club had another successful year for our National PGA Award-winning Junior Golf program. With junior ages ranging from 6 to 17, juniors learned the beginning skills of rules, putting, chipping, irons, and wood swings. The co-ed classes were offered weekly from June through July with over 200 plus juniors.

Indian Tree also hosts several high schools as their home course, with major 3A, 4A, and 5A tournament events along with local Junior programs such as the PGA Junior League, PGA Junior Series, and Gold Crown Juniors.

Indian Tree Golf Club Improvement. This offsite build and installation project was completed in October 2023 with the use of the Golf Enterprise Fund capital reserves. This new “Green Flush” ADA restroom addition is located and serves golfers on both our regulation and par-3 courses. The total cost of the project was $239,122.

Golf Master Plan

In 2019, the Golf Course began a Five-Year Master Plan, which included a new clubhouse, cart barn, parking lot, maintenance shop renovation, and greens renovation. As design documents are mostly completed, the 1st phase of work will be the construction of the cart barn, which is expected to start in early 2024. The new cart barn build will facilitate 70 golf carts and allow for more equipment with upgraded space. The project will be funded through our Golf Enterprise Fund at a projected cost of $2,979,000.

Indian Tree Golf Club Ten-Year Trend

As weather will always be a major indicator of the rounds played in each season, the ten-year trend shows that golf is booming, and the enthusiasm for 2024 looks promising.

Licensed Camps

Apex hosts two school-year preschool programs as well as five summer camp opportunities at various sites throughout the district. This year, the district leased portions of Fitzmorris Elementary School from the school district to accommodate additional summer campers and expand youth enrichment opportunities. In total, we had over 2500 camp registrations, reflecting a 123% increase in summer camp enrollments serving youth ages 5-15 at the Apex Center, Secrest Recreation Center, and Fitzmorris Elementary. Our 2 preschool sites, Campbell Cottages, and Lake Arbor became Colorado’s Universal Preschool (UPK) eligible sites for the 2023-2024 school year, allowing the district to provide free, voluntary preschool for 4-year-olds. Youth enrichment programs such as Magical Mornings, Miniature Chefs, Strider Camp, and Paint and Play are now being offered at Fitzmorris Elementary, creating a hub for creativity and innovation for our youth ages 2-5.


In 2023, the Aquatics Division set a goal to address the ongoing lifeguard shortage through creative recruitment and retention practices. The division was successful in its goal of expanding operational hours throughout the district. Throughout 2023, we hosted 17 lifeguard training classes and 13 BLS classes, certifying 137 staff in CPR/first aid and AED.

Our swim lesson program reported record participation in serving close to 2,000 families at the Apex Center, Meyers Pool, and seasonal outdoor facilities. Our private swim lesson program was reintroduced, as well as the CARA swim program, which is a swim team format designed for a more recreational setting.

In the spring of 2023, the lifeguard team received a 5-star rating from StarGuard Elite, which serves as our Aquatics Risk Management and provides training to our lifeguards. The 5-star rating is the highest rating an agency can receive and demonstrates excellence in lifeguarding and safety.

In the summer of 2023, construction started on the replacement of George J. Meyers Pool. This partnership between Apex, the City of Arvada, and Jefferson County School District will include a new 50M pool, a smaller auxiliary/warm-up pool, a state-of-the-art diving well, and seating for close to 900 spectators. The new pool is anticipated to open in late 2024.

Youth Sports and Simms Street Recreation Center

In 2023, the Simms Street Recreation Center thrived in its mission to enhance the community's social, emotional, and physical well-being through various activities and programs. Despite facing challenges, the center expanded its team, hiring or reclassifying four coordinators for gymnastics, camps/special events, dance, and youth sports, along with an assistant manager for youth and adult sports. The gymnastics and dance programs achieved remarkable success, serving 15,843 athletes with a 144% fill rate and generating an actual gross revenue of $834,012, surpassing the budgeted $660,800. The youth and adult sports programs overcame obstacles, including the replacement of the gymnasium floor, and introduced exciting initiatives like adult softball tournaments and a cornhole league. The volleyball leagues experienced increased participation, serving 585 athletes with a 96% fill rate and earning an actual net revenue of $33,197 against a budgeted $14,821. The new cornhole league also flourished, with a 100% fill rate and a total net revenue of $2138, showcasing the center's commitment to community engagement and financial success.

Apex Field House

In 2023, we had over 1050 adult soccer teams, which is over 12,600 participants. Leagues run six nights a week from 6 pm to midnight. Youth soccer set an all-time high, with 248 teams representing 2,976 youth players running from November through February. The Women’s Legend Tournament grew from 12 teams in 2022 to 23 teams in 2023. Our 30/30 program had growth of over 20%, and in 2024, we will be adding U12 and U13 age groups on larger fields, 11 v 11. The number of youth soccer, lacrosse, ninja, and ultimate frisbee camps increased from 17 to 24.

Community Recreation Center

The Community Recreation Center’s financial performance is positive, exceeding pre-pandemic numbers in all areas, with total revenue exceeding budgeted expectations in 2023. The team created new, inspiring, and innovative programs while continuing to offer the more popular staple programs. Arts and Humanities outshone projections by an impressive $10,000 over the projected budget, demonstrating the community’s enthusiasm for the arts. Additionally, Social Activities secured an extra grant through the Community First Grant program that helped to offset costs associated with creative programming, such as the revival of the Strawberry brunch, the introduction of a captivating Fall Fashion Show event, and the successful hosting of 59 special events.

CRC’s proactive approach to creating sponsorship opportunities for events and concerts in the park has significantly bolstered revenue while fostering valuable community partnerships. Alongside the monthly “Tour the Town” series, CRC offered their first extended travel trip to New England Rails and Trails, which brought in an additional $7,500 to the center. Despite a gradual build-up, the volunteer program has exceeded over 5700 volunteer hours, which is contributed by a dedicated group of approximately 80 regular volunteers throughout our facility.

On the infrastructure front, the CRC underwent a transformation, receiving a much-needed face-lift. The exterior now boasts a fresh coat of paint, new outdoor benches, welcoming flowerpots, an eye-catching Apex sign on the front of the building, and new sloping concrete on the north and west sides of the building. This revitalization has not only enhanced the center’s aesthetic appeal but has brought more awareness to the building, surpassing projections by an impressive $20,000.

The combined efforts of the CRC team and the positive community response have positioned the center as a thriving hub of activities for our active adult community.

Apex Fitness

The district helps its residents achieve their health and fitness goals through many programs, including drop-in land and aqua-based fitness programs, personal training, Pilates Reformer classes, specialty classes, and more.

In 2023, we launched several new programs, including Fitness on Demand, heart rate monitored classes, and several new aqua fitness formats. In total, fitness welcomed nearly 70,000 participants in group fitness classes. Personal training also had a record year, reporting a 31% growth compared to 2022.

The Fitness division is also responsible for overseeing the rock wall located at the Apex Center. The rock wall served a record 660 participants in 2023, a 62% growth from the previous year's enrollment.

At the end of 2023, the weight room at the Apex Center received an upgrade with the installation of several new pieces of equipment.

Participants from youth to active aging adults enjoy our programs throughout the district, with regular programming being offered at the Apex Center, Racquetball and Fitness Center, Fitzmorris, Secrest, and Community Recreation Center.

Apex Center Ice Arena

The Apex Center Ice Arena had a prosperous 2023 with numerous highlights, including new programs, increased facility usage, exciting capital projects, and revenue that exceeded budget expectations. The rink continues to increase in volume year after year, and we are proud of the increased usage by our community.

Our new hockey programs included youth and adult three versus three leagues in the summer months, which proved to be very successful, accommodating 136 total players. The second annual “El Diablo” adult hockey tournament in August also increased participants significantly compared to 2022. Daily fees for stick and puck and adult drop-in hockey programs were up 54%. We attribute this to increased offerings during weekdays and the popularity and success of the Colorado Avalanche. Hockey programs also saw facility rentals increase by 36%, Arvada Hockey increase by 8%, and the adult hockey league increase by 21%. Apex PRD’s outdoor inline rink at the Secrest Recreation Center had new and exciting programming in collaboration with Colorado Avalanche in the spring and summer of 2023. The Avalanche hosted ball hockey leagues at Secrest that filled our initiative of bringing more hockey programs and exposure to the residents on the east side of Arvada.

The Learn to Skate USA program at the Apex Center Ice Arena had 888 skaters come through in 2023. That number includes new registrations, with many of those skaters returning for multiple sessions in the year. Figure skating facility rentals were up 14%, and daily fees were up 15%.

Operations at the rink saw skate rentals during Public Skate increase by 41%, an increase in pro shop merchandise sales, and staying under budget for part-time labor and repair and maintenance line items. Capital projects that kept this busy facility in first-rate condition included new scoreboards, LED lighting, two new Zambonis, and audio system upgrades. It’s a true pleasure to serve our community’s ice sports needs. More great things to come in 2024.

Apex Center

The Apex Center saw a remarkable year in 2023, experiencing a surge in foot traffic and overall activity. Customers flocked to the center for recreation, socializing, and fun, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Recognizing the need for maintenance and updates, the 2023 shutdown provided a valuable opportunity to refresh the facility. This included a remodel of the admissions area display case, painting of various railings and the east wall and pillars in aquatics, and thorough cleaning of air ducts.

Guest services witnessed a significant boost, with punch card sales jumping 45% compared to 2022. The Black Friday sale was a phenomenal success, with membership package sales doubling from 125 to 255, generating a 24.6% increase in revenue. Birthday parties also flourished, with bookings rising by 6.8% and revenue growing by 12%.

These impressive figures demonstrate the growing appreciation for the Apex Center as a vital community hub. Its commitment to providing a clean, well-maintained, and fun environment is clearly resonating with residents, making it a top destination for recreation and social gatherings.

Usage Statistics for Facilities, Parties, and Programs

  • Programs
    • 2023 Program Registrations – 43,723
    • 2023 Parties – 1,040
    • Hours of programming – 36,431
    • Programs offered – 5,338
    • 95% of the programs that were offered ran – 5,059 out of 5,338.
    • Facilities
    • 10,231 hours of Ice Arena Usage
    • 6,031 hours of Field House Usage
    • 151,701 hours of facility usage throughout the entire district
  • Camps
    • Camp Enrollments 2,566
    • Total Camp Participants 11,526
  • Leagues
    • 12,128 games or matches played.
  • Usage
    • Drop-in
      • 159,389 Drop-in users
      • 77,956 Drop-in pool users
    • Resident Status
      • Non-Resident – 17.40%
      • Resident – 82.60%
      • 45% of membership usage comes from insurance-based membership (SilverSneakers, Ren Active, Prime, etc.)
      • Average Age 22.0
      • Youngest participant – 1
      • Oldest Participant – 101
    • Resident Status for Programs
      • Non-Resident – 28.41%
      • Resident – 71.59%

Financial Budget Overview by Programs and Services

The district drafts its budget by program and service area. See breakouts of expenditures and revenue by program in the sections below.

In addition to programs, the district expends budget funds on capital improvements, administrative costs, and debt service, as follows. Administrative costs such as marketing and facility maintenance are critical to the success of the programs.

Apex Park and Recreation District Expenses in Thousands of Dollars

Expenses (in Thousands $) 2022 2023 Increase in Dollars Increase in Percent
Capital projects $1,941 $2,912 $971 50%
Admin and facility services $4,642 $5,077 $435 9%
Debt service $2,061 $2,061 $0 0%
Total non-program budget $8,644 $10,050 $1,406 16%

Expenditure Overview

District program expenses increased by nearly $1.7m (12%) from 2022 to 2023. Many factors impacted this increase, most notably the increase in programming and facility use at the district (which meant there were commensurate increases in program revenue – below). Note that these expense totals include facility costs and exclude administrative overhead.

Apex Park and Recreation District Expenses in Thousands of Dollars

Program 2022 2023 Increase in Dollars Increase in Percent
Aquatics $2,535 $3,157 $622 25%
Golf course $2,369 $2,395 $26 1%
Fitness $1,791 $1,923 $132 7%
Licensed programs $950 $1,234 $284 30%
Hockey $1,020 $1,108 $88 9%
Tennis $929 $1,092 $163 18%
Soccer $925 $849 ($76) -8%
Gymnastics and dance $515 $570 $56 11%
Indian Tree restaurant $548 $568 $20 4%
Community recreation $388 $464 $76 20%
Adult sports $418 $362 ($56) -13%
Figure skating $323 $356 $34 10%
Swim lessons $192 $331 $139 72%
Youth leagues $239 $293 $55 23%
Events and community $201 $280 $79 39%
Pickleball $161 $186 $26 16%
Arts and crafts $128 $147 $19 15%
All Programs $13,631 $15,316 $1,685 12%

Revenue Overview

District program revenue increased almost $2m (15%) from 2022 to 2023 and was comprised of significant increases in nearly all programs and services.

Apex Park and Recreation District Revenue in Thousands of Dollars

Program 2022 2023 Increase in Dollars Increase in Percent
Golf course $2,767 $2,932 $165 6%
Fitness $1,217 $1,454 $237 19%
Hockey $1,231 $1,430 $199 16%
Aquatics $1,271 $1,292 $21 2%
Tennis $1,160 $1,290 $130 11%
Soccer $965 $1,145 $180 19%
Licensed programs $963 $1,125 $162 17%
Gymnastics and dance $681 $840 $159 23%
Indian Tree restaurant $552 $682 $130 24%
Youth leagues $364 $488 $124 34%
Facility and rentals $455 $488 $33 7%
Pickleball $211 $337 $126 60%
Swim lessons $144 $317 $173 120%
Figure skating $286 $286 $0 0%
Adult sports $213 $198 ($15) -7%
Arts and crafts $102 $135 $33 32%
Community recreation $78 $123 $45 58%
Events and community $50 $78 $28 56%
All Programs $12,710 $14,640 $1,930 15%

Grants Awarded

The district receives an annual grant from the Apex PRD Foundation, totaling $35k in 2023. The award is made possible by the Foundation’s fundraising efforts and funds innovative new projects and equipment that are not otherwise budgeted in the program’s annual budget.

Implementation of Technology in Operations

In 2023, Apex Park and Recreation District's Technology Services department focused on upgrading its technology infrastructure to better support its evolving mobile workforce and growing number of patrons. One of the main goals was to create a highly effective and mobile workforce while limiting security costs and risks.

To achieve this, the department focused on several key areas:

Upgrading aging technology: This included employee workstations/laptops, facility core network switches/routers, and internet circuits.

Enhancing security: A new security camera system was rolled out, along with upgraded wireless systems and investments in security toolsets.

Improving remote work capabilities: These upgrades allow staff to work more securely and remotely, whether on or offsite.

The department is committed to keeping the district's technology up-to-date with industry standards. They replace one-third of the workforce equipment annually and upgrade core systems every five to seven years. The total equipment footprint for the district is over 600 devices.

Major Projects in 2023

Two major projects were completed in 2023:

New enterprise-wide security camera system: This system helps to ensure a safe environment for employees and patrons, with over 180 cameras deployed across the district.

Improved wireless systems: Enhanced coverage in all buildings with 50+ new access points and doubled internet circuit capacity, providing cost savings and better support for mobile devices. A separate, highly secured network protects work-related devices.

These upgrades demonstrate Apex Park and Recreation District's commitment to providing a safe, efficient, and mobile work environment for its staff and a positive experience for its patrons.

Human Resources Implementations and Review

Apex Park and Recreation District is proud to foster a stable and engaged workforce. Our turnover rate of 16% in 2023 is lower than the national average for government agencies (17.4%), indicating a strong commitment to employee satisfaction and development. This stability is further bolstered by our focus on promoting from within, with over half (13 out of 21) of our new full-time hires in 2023 being former part-time employees. As of December 2023, our workforce comprises 105 full-time and 685 part-time staff, bringing the total headcount to 790.

To support our employees further, we've implemented a paperless performance review module in Paylocity, streamlining the process for both full-time and part-time staff. Additionally, we've rolled out a new handbook to ensure everyone has clear and accessible information about policies and procedures. These initiatives contribute to a positive and productive work environment where employees feel valued and supported, ultimately leading to better service for our community.

Facility and Parks Maintenance

In 2023, District Services focused much of our energy on getting our buildings in a condition that would allow them to be usable for years to come. The building maintenance team focused on upgrading the lighting in high-use areas to LED fixtures. Doing this work in 2023 and 2024 allowed us to take advantage of the huge rebates that will no longer be available when Colorado’s new rules on fluorescent bulbs go into effect in January 2025. We will continue to focus on this in the coming year. We also assisted in the wiring and hardware installation for the Wi-Fi and video surveillance upgrades at all facilities. The ground maintenance crew focused on curb appeal at all our facilities and parks. We want to make sure that our first impression is a great one. When someone pulls into our parking lot or walks into one of our parks, we want them to notice immediately that our facilities are beautiful and well-maintained. We want them to be impressed with our attention to detail when it comes to providing them with an enjoyable experience.

The capital projects team focused on keeping the buildings functional, comfortable, and looking good. We gave the CRC a facelift with a new paint job and sign, as well as improved drainage to eliminate the ice lake on the north side of the building. There is more to be done in 2024, which will include a new flagpole and improved traction in the new drain pan on the north end. The Apex Center got new cooling towers, which are an essential part of the HVAC system that helps to keep the building cool in the summer. The old cooling towers were original equipment to the 23-year-old building and leaked regularly. HVAC upgrades at Apex Center will continue in this year’s budget with the replacement of one of the tow chillers, which are components of the air conditioning system and are also original equipment. We also replaced the roof over the Ice Arena with a new fleece-backed EPDM membrane roof system with a 20-year warranty. This completes all the major roof areas at the Apex Center. There is a small section of ballasted roof over Randall Room and the boiler rooms that still need to be completed. Drainage and water infiltration were major concerns at Simms Street Recreation Center and RFC. New drains were added at both facilities to keep water away from the foundations of the buildings, and the foundation of the basketball gym at Simms was sealed with a waterproof membrane. There is more drainage work to be done at Simms Street Recreation Center in 2024 and some landscape work around the east side of the building. Construction of phase II of Secrest Park started in 2023 and will be completed in the spring of 2024. We anticipate phase II of the park to be usable before summer camps begin. Many other capital projects at these and other facilities took place as well.