About Apex

Our Mission:

Our mission is to enhance the health of our community – socially, emotionally and physically – by being a gathering place and trusted resource for a variety of activities and programs that connect people and improve their quality of life.

Our Vision:

We envision an integrated, diverse and collaborative recreation district that plays a key role in the vibrancy of our community and the health and happiness of those who live here through a variety of exceptional offerings including athletics, fitness, education, arts and community events for all interests, ability levels and ages.

The Quick Facts

Where are we located?

Apex Park and Recreation District is located in Arvada, Colorado in northeast Jefferson County. We are a valued resource for all types of athletic activities, events, classes, and family entertainment for those who live in our neighborhoods. We also welcome visitors from across the metro area and beyond as they come to enjoy our athletic fields or take advantage of some of our incredible recreation facilities. With a few exceptions, our boundaries are Sheridan Boulevard on the east, Clear Creek and 52nd Avenue on the south, Highway 93 on the west, and the Boulder/Broomfield county line on the north.

How long have we been here?

Apex Park and Recreation District is a special district founded in 1956. We are not governed by the City of Arvada or Jefferson County. While we work collaboratively with other entities, we are a separate agency not connected to other government agencies. Special districts are created by state law in order to serve specific community needs including recreation, fire protection, water, and more.

Our Leadership

Apex Park and Recreation District is managed by an executive director and a five-member elected board of directors. Our directors serve four-year terms with elections held every two years in May.

How are we funded?

Most people are surprised to know that we are responsible for most of our own funding. In fact, only approximately 50% of our district’s budget comes from property taxes. The rest comes from our program and facility fees, and proceeds from our various fundraising efforts. So when you pay for an activity or program or make a generous donation to our district, you are helping the entire community to enjoy the welcoming, engaging, inspiring, healthy, and educational offerings we provide.

How big is our district?

We are so much more than a single recreation center or a beloved playing field. We have more than a dozen facilities, robust staff, a dynamic and energetic corps of volunteers and hundreds of youth sports teams. We are not only the heart and soul of our community, we are the official gathering place for healthy activities with old friends and new.

Our Future

As different areas of our community grow and evolve we are committed to becoming the heart of all of our neighborhoods. We will be inclusive and inviting, helping people who may have not experienced us before to join a class, try an activity, take a lesson or spend more time in our beautiful outdoor settings. Our new facilities and our upgrades to existing locations are proof of our long-standing dedication to those we serve and our vision for finding new and innovative ways to inspire health and wellness for all, now and far into the future.