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Residency Information

Apex Park and Recreation District is a special district established by Colorado statute. The district encompasses about 60 square miles and primarily serves the Arvada community. Visit the Jefferson County Property Record System to verify your Apex Park and Recreational District resident status. If you have questions regarding residential status, please call Guest Services at 303.424.2739.

Are You a Resident of Apex Park and Recreation District?

You can find out online

  • Go to the Jefferson County Property Record System
  • Next, click on the address button
  • Type your house number in both the From and To fields and the name of your street in the Street Name field
  • Click on Submit Query
  • Click on the Schedule Number next to your address
  • Click on the Tax and Value Information tab
  • On the bottom half of the Tax and Value information, your tax districts are listed
  • Look for Apex Park and Rec, NJP&RD, or Apex Park & Rec Dist

If any of these are listed under your tax districts, you are a resident of Apex PRD and qualify for resident rates on admissions and activities. To receive the resident rates, you must go to a district facility and show proof of residency. Two proofs of residency with current address are required: a current valid photo ID (Colorado ID card or driver’s license) and a utility bill, vehicle registration, property statement/home deed, or lease/rental agreement. Contact Guest Services at [email protected] for more info.

As a Prospect Recreation and Park District resident, you receive 20% off non-resident rates on Tier One annual memberships and punch cards (monthly memberships not included).

Prospect residents pay the non-resident fee at Indian Tree Golf Club, Apex Tennis Center, and all other Apex PRD programming.

Prospect residents are not eligible to participate in the permanent court time (PCT) application process or lottery at the Apex Tennis Center.