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Pickleball is a fun racquet sport that incorporates elements of badminton and tennis for two to four players, who use small wooden paddles to hit a perforated plastic ball over the net. It’s an easy-to-learn game that is played on a court like a tennis court but half the size. Pickleball is fun for players of all ages and level of activity, and can start slow for beginners or pick up the pace for advanced players. These low impact workouts promote adult and kids’ health.

Indoor Pickleball at Apex Center

Included with Apex Center Daily Admission Fee.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Open Drop-in, 12-4 pm
Tuesday and Thursday: Open Drop-in, 8 am-12 pm

Balls for drop-in pickleball sessions are not provided.

Indoor Pickleball at Simms Street Recreation Center

Indoor Pickleball Drop-in: November-March

Drop-in Fees

2-17: Res. $4.50 (non-res. $5.25)
18-61: Res. $5 (non-res. $6.25)
62+: Res. $4.50 (non-res. $5.25))

We accept Tier 1 passes, SilverSneakers, Renew Active, and other insurance-based memberships.


Tuesday/Thursday: 1-3 pm
Wednesday/Friday: 12-3 pm

Indoor Pickleball at Secrest Recreation Center

Drop-in Fees

2-17: Res. $4.50 (non-res. $5.75)
18-61: Res. $5 (non-res. $6.25)
62+: Res. $4.50 (non-res. $5.75)

We are accepting Tier 1 passes, SilverSneakers, Renew Active, and other insurance-based memberships.


Tuesday and Friday: 10:30 am-2 pm
Thursday: 11 am-2 pm

Marquardt-Miles Outdoor Pickleball Court

Pickleball Court Reservations

Go to the display case east of the main pavilion to check daily court reservations.

Attention: If you make a reservation on a Saturday or Sunday, and somebody is on the court(s) you have reserved, you need to show them your receipt with the correct date, court number, and the time of your reservation.

If there is still an issue, please see Guest Services inside the Simms Street Recreation Center and request a reservation slip. A Guest Services representative must sign it.

Reservations can be made up to seven days in advance.

April 1-October 31

Prime-Time Hours

8 am-12 pm (April, May, September, October)
7-11 am (June, July, August)
4 courts for drop-in SilverSneakers, Renew Active, and Tier 1 and Tier 2 passes (see fee below)
4 courts for rental (see fee below)
16 courts for Apex PRD programming (skills and drills, lessons, etc.)

If no Apex programming is scheduled, courts will be made equally available for drop-ins and reservations.
During prime-time hours, you can rent the courts, pay the drop-in fee, or scan your SilverSneakers or Renew Active card.

Weekday Free Play Hours

11 am-6 pm (June, July, August)
12-6 pm (April, May, September, October)

Weekend Free Play Hours

7 am-10 pm (April-October. Can be reserved.)

Note: scheduled tournaments take priority over free court time.

Tournaments and events scheduled include but are not limited to July 20-23 (Level Up Camp, 9 am-5 pm), August 25-27, September 16-17, September 30, October 1, October 28-29

Evening Pickleball Hours (Monday-Friday)

6-10 pm
Courts are free after league play, which runs from 6 pm to approximately 8:30 pm
24 courts for Apex leagues and mixers


Court Rental Fee: Res. $10/hour (non-res. $12/hour)
Drop-in Fee: $5/person for the 3-hour block of time; fees not pro-rated. Included with Tier 1 and Tier 2 passes.

Fees and times subject to change


Courts are free on the following holidays. No reservations can be made. Court availability is first come, first serve.

Mother’s Day
Memorial Day
Father’s Day
July 4th
Labor Day

Pickleball Leagues

Register for Pickleball Leagues

We offer spring, summer, and fall pickleball leagues.

6 weeks (10 games), plus playoffs

Game times are 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm, two matches every week. Play the best 3 out of 5 games to 11, and win by 2.


Monday - Coed: 3.0 and below/3.5A and 3.5B/3.5-4.0
Tuesday - Women’s: 3.0 and below/Lower 3.5/3.5/3.5-4.0
Wednesday - Coed: 3.0 and below/3.5A and 3.5B/4.0+
Thursday - Men’s 3.0 and below: Men’s and Women’s 3.5-4.0

Pickleball Tournaments

Upcoming Pickleball Tournaments

Apex Foundation Memorial Tournament: May 27-28

Apex Boos and Paddles Tournament: October 28-29

More information about these and additional tournaments to come.

Pickleball Mixers

Find out more about Pickleball Mixers

Mixers are offered Monday through Friday at the Apex Center, and Monday and Wednesday at the Secrest Recreation Center.

Mixers run 6 weeks long.

Fee: Res. $50 (non-res. $60)

Registration opens on February 1 for the next session, which runs from February 20-April 7

Offering women’s and mixed, at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Pickleball Skills and Drills

Find out more about Pickleball Camps and Clinics

We offer Skills and Drills classes for players who want to improve their pickleball game through repetitive drilling. We offer sessions for advanced beginners, intermediate, and intermediate/advanced players.

We ask that no beginners sign up for any of these classes. If you have never played or have only played a few times, these classes are not for you. Please sign up for one of our beginner classes.

Lessons take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Each clinic will be 4 lessons long, for 2 hours each week. The first hour will be drilling, followed by an hour of playing.

In each lesson, we will work on a different set of skills:

Session 1: Serve/Return
Session 2: Dinking
Session 3: Volleys
Session 4: Drop Shots

Fee: Res. $100 (non-res. $110)

Coordinator Contact Info

Tim Jenkins
[email protected]