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Trips/Outdoor Recreation

Hop on the bus for a variety of adventures to local attractions or venture with us into the great outdoors for hikes, easy hikes, and snowshoeing.

Search and Register for Day Trips

Tour the Town

Explore a new town on our monthly Tour the Town trips. We will explore the local main streets, grab lunch, and learn about the area’s history. Tour the Town trips will be on the third Thursday of the month unless otherwise noted.

The first week of each month, we will take a trip to a local attraction, such as Breckenridge’s Snow Sculpture Championships, Orchid Show at Denver Botanic Gardens, and the ever-popular Denver Mob Tour.

Levels of Exertion for Trips

  • Level 1: Lunch out, sitting in a theater, walking up to two blocks.
  • Level 2: Walking through a museum or tour, walking more than two blocks, and some stairs.
  • Level 3: High altitude, walking more than four blocks, lots of stairs.

Search and Register for Hikes/Snowshoe Trips

Join us on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month for a hiking or snowshoe adventure. We explore popular trails on the front range in state and local parks. Come prepared by bringing the Hiking and Snowshoe Supplies for a fun, safe day of hiking.

Levels of Exertion for Hike/Snowshoe

  • Level 1: Rated easy, 2-3 miles round trip with less than 400’ elevation gain.
  • Level 2: Rated easy-moderate, 4-6 miles round trip with 400-1000’ elevation gain.
  • Level 3: Rated moderate-difficult, over 6 miles round trip and/or over 1000’ elevation gain and/or high altitude.

Coordinator Contact Info

Sarah Heaton