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Board of Directors

Apex PRD Board of Directors

(left to right) Jo Burns, Director; Rich Garrimone, Secretary/Treasurer; Vicki Pyne, President; Liz Tomsula, Vice-President; Abby McNeal, Director

Apex Park and Recreation District Board of Directors

Board meetings are scheduled for the first and third Thursday of every month.

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Board Members

Elected in May 2016, re-elected in May 2020 and May 2023

[email protected]

Family: My husband Tom and I have been married for 35 years. We have five children, Alyssia, Thomas, Rachel, Stephanie, and Matthew, all graduates of Ralston Valley High School. Four of the five are married, and I now have 7 grandkids ages 4 and under.

Occupation/Employer: Self employed at Thomas H. Pyne, DDS and6* Program Director at CASA of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties. Currently serve on Jefferson County Community Services Advisory Board and the city of Arvada Human Services Advisory Board. Formerly served on the Colorado State Board of Pharmacy.

What prompted you to run for the board? I have always been involved in my community. With five kids, I have served in various volunteer roles from PTA to After Prom and Athletics Booster Club President. My family is very active in sports and recreation and because of this, I served on Apex PRD Vision 2020 committee in 2005 and 2012. Apex Park and Recreation District is a phenomenal district and I want to see it continue to remain so as our community grows.

What skills and experience do you bring to the board? I have just completed my first term of four years on the Apex board which included helping pass the continuation of the bond allowing us to complete seven projects for our users. I was lucky to be able to spend my first term overseeing the design and completion of these projects. Strong policy, management, budget, advocacy, and organizational skills are just part of the experience I bring to this service. I have a background in social work which gives me good perspective on meeting the needs of the wide variety of individuals that make up our community. I am familiar with the facilities and offerings in Apex Park and Recreation District as well as the partnerships which are valuable in meeting district goals.

What are your goals for your current board term? This new term starts amid the chaos of shut down due to the Corona Virus. Our first goal will be to re-open, adjust budgets, and create a plan to be able to provide service in a safe and healthy environment. When the dust has settled, Meyer’s Pool will be at the top of the list as we look to replace a structure that is no longer sustainable. Additionally, I look forward to connecting with the community and responding to expressed concerns and needs.

What makes Apex stand out from other recreation agencies? Apex is a community of families, friends, and neighbors. It is more than a place to participate in recreation. We are a community that enjoys the opportunity to come together in a variety of activities in a friendly and welcoming environment. I hope that everyone who passes through our doors feels connected and part of something great.

Elected in May 2018, re-elected in May 2022

[email protected]

Family: Married to my wonderful husband, Ben.

What prompted you to run for the board? I ran for the Board of Directors in 2018 as I was actively involved with volunteering to campaign on the ballot initiative for the 2016 bond projects. I care for the development and advancement of the district and wanted to be involved in a larger capacity.

What skills and experience do you bring to the board? I have strong fiscal accountability skills, experience related to being an active user of recreation services, and love to collaborate and work through decisions as a collective group.

What are your goals for your current board term? My goals for the current board are to maintain our fiscal accountability, maintain and improve the services we already offer, and be open minded to exciting recreation opportunities for the district.

What makes Apex stand out from other recreation agencies? Apex has a strong standing in our community and we employ many community members. The district offers everything from unique services to seniors and those with special needs to pre-school and day care services. I truly believe that the employees’ energy, enthusiasm, and genuine care makes the district shine and is what makes Team Apex truly unique.

Elected in May 2020, re-elected in May 2023

[email protected]

Family: Wife Shirley, 2 children, 3 grandchildren

Occupation: Retired

What prompted you to run for the board? For the past 26 years I volunteered on the Apex Foundation and worked closely with the board of directors in our fundraising events. I was looking to continue serving the community in a different capacity and serving on the board provides me that opportunity.

What skills and experience do you bring to the board? 39 years of management, negotiation and budgeting skills. While serving on the foundation I became familiar with the facilities and several of the programs the district has to offer.

What are your goals for your current board term? To continue to serve the customers of the district with quality facilities and meaningful programs. To partner with the city of Arvada and Jefferson County to bring about new facilities that will enhance the quality of life of the community.

What makes Apex stand out from other recreation districts? The Apex board and staff are dedicated to the health and well-being of the community. We have outstanding facilities that provide programs for all ages and interests.

Elected in May 2022

Family: My husband, Brian and I have been married for 33 years. We have two kids, Nathan and Erin.

Occupation/Employer: I own and operate Jo Burns Connects, LLC, a small business focused on making life better one connection at a time. I help educate professionals in parks, recreation, public health and built environment on the benefits and power of collaborative and integrated community health.

What prompted you to run for the board? After serving for 3 years on the Arvada Park Advisory Committee I took a break to focus on my business. This year I was looking for a tangible way to contribute to and serve my community. After gathering with a few community members, it was suggested that my experience might be an asset to the board and the district. I decided to throw my name in the hat and see what happened. I am humbled to have been elected by my community.

What skills and experience do you bring to the board? I have been a parks and recreation professional for 25+ years. My experience and skills are from a variety of leadership positions and different organizational types (municipal, private, non-profit and higher education). As a therapeutic recreation specialist, I have directed day and residential camps for children and young adults with disabilities in 4 states. I have led municipal therapeutic recreation programs. I bring experience, knowledge and relationships from working with our state parks and recreation association. I also bring a higher education perspective after teaching in the Recreation Professions Program at Metro State University Denver. Several years ago, I began collaborating with professionals in the Public Health industry and worked in the non-profit professional development realm. In combination with my professional experience, I also bring the perspective of a community member and customer. My children attended Secrest Center Day Camp, attended gymnastics at Simms Street Center, played tons of soccer at Long Lake, Stenger and the Field House, and my husband and I took dance lessons at the Community Recreation Center.

What are your goals for your current board term? During the campaign, I focused on healthy communities through equitable programs, facilities and park spaces. My goals as a board member reflect those. Make sure that all members of our community have the opportunity to access programs, facilities and outdoor spaces that help them attain their optimal health, whatever that may look like for them. Work with other board members and staff to ensure that our district mission guides our decisions. And finally, look at how diversity, equity and inclusion can be integrated into the operation of the district from a fiscal, operational and implementation perspective.

What makes Apex stand out from other recreation agencies?  I recently learned that the district was formed years ago as a way to save lives. Apex puts a priority on the health of its community members through providing opportunities to be physically active, engage with others, connect with nature close to home, and provide some really great places to recreate and have fun both indoors and outdoors. Apex stands out because of its people and their dedication to meeting community members where they are at, taking that a notch up and inviting people to get involved.

Elected in May 2022

Occupation/Employer: 27 years in parks, collegeitan, and professional field and facilities management, currently the Parks Superintendent- Parks, Forestry & Cemetery, City of Louisville.  Supporting and implementing sustainable maintenance management practices.

What prompted you to run for the board? I have been actively involved in industry associations and recently completed 4 years serving on Arvada Parks Advisory Committee (APAC). I was the APAC representative to Apex and learned the function of the board and its contributions to the recreation programing and parks within the district. Connecting city manage spaces with recreation manage facilities and parks is key for continuity between the two agencies for the benefit of the community. I am interested in continuing my community service and supporting the recreation district services to the community.

What skills and experience do you bring to the board? I have 26 years of serving on industry boards including being the first female president for the Sports Field Managers Association. I recently completed a four (4) year term with Arvada Parks Advisory Committee, including working on the Drought Task force and the 100-year celebration of Arvada Parks, with city representatives. I bring years of board governance, budget management, capital project experiences, advocacy, and collaboration to enhance the current mission and vision of Apex.

What are your goals for your current board term? If elected to the Apex board, I would bring a facilities and parks maintenance and operations perspective to support the current projects. I be able to provide fiscal management and strategic vision for the Meyer’s Pool and Indian Tree projects. I would strive to connect with community members to listen to the needs they are seeking and bring forward those that would enhance the current/ future offerings.

What makes Apex stand out from other recreation agencies? Apex provides activities that represent its diverse community of families providing recreation spaces for all.  The centers all provide welcoming opportunities for the community to gather and enjoy a variety of activities in a friendly setting.  Apex is for the community and strives to provide activities that represent its community in a healthy, welcoming, safe environment.