Download the Current Activity Guide

Activity Guide Cover

For the most current list of activities, please visit our Online Registration site.

The activity guides are distributed twice a year. The spring/summer guide is distributed in March for April through August activities; the fall/winter guide is distributed in August for September through March activities.

They are mailed to everyone in zip codes 80002, 80003, 80004, 80005 and 80007, and about 2200 Apex PRD residents in zip code 80403. They’re also distributed to all Apex PRD facilities, Jefferson County libraries, Arvada City Hall and selected area businesses. You can also get a PDF version of the guide below.

The Community Recreation Center also publishes the Slate, containing expanded program information for adult and senior programs. The Slate is available at the CRC and the Apex Center. It is published on the same schedule as the activities guide.

You can view the Apex Park and Recreation District Guide online or download it to your hard-drive. Just click on the links to view them in your browser or right-click on them to begin your download.


Can I be removed from the activities guide mailing list?

No, because the guide mailing is a “saturation mailing” to every household in Arvada, and to some in households with the 80403 zip code. To keep the mailing affordable, each mail carrier receives a supply of guides but they are not addressed to specific households. Our board of directors feels strongly that all tax-paying residents should receive Apex PRD information, so we do the mailing this way in order for the district to achieve that goal as inexpensively as possible. If you do not make use of the guide, please recycle it or drop it off at one of our facilities and we can reuse it.