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Jeff Glenn, Vice President, (back, left to right) Jim Whitfield, President; Tommy Skul, Director; Vicki Pyne, Director; Kristen Larington, Treasurer/Secretary

Board meetings are scheduled for the first and third Thursday of every month. 2017 Board Meeting Schedule.

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Jim Whitfield, President – elected in May 2010

13106 W. 59th Place
Arvada, CO 80004
720-336-9607 (cell)
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Family: wife Carmen, sons Sean and Alex

Occupation: VP for hcwt.com

What prompted you to run for the board? I feel I have the leadership skills and experience to help the district’s mission of being Arvada’s #1 source for recreation, fitness, and fun for all ages and organizations while also being fiscally responsible.

What skills and experience do you bring to the board? Good technical, business, and leadership skills and special district experience. I like to initiate projects and work with people to make things thrive and succeed as evidenced by the district’s unprecedented results. As a board member of the Colorado Special District Association I hope to translate the excellence from both agencies first hand. My family and I are users of district programs and facilities, and I worked for the district as a teenager.

What are your goals for your current board term? My goals in my final term are to help the district:

  • maximize the value of the district’s assets and recreational program
    offerings to all ages and organizations
  • promote the tremendous benefits of getting and staying active and
    having fun
  • maintain and modernize the district’s infrastructure, brand and
    social presence at a minimum cost and lower utility expenses
  • work with the state, county, city, and other agencies to offer
    shared-services for the betterment of the community
  • review and approve the annual budget
  • mentor new board members

Jeff Glenn, Vice President – elected in May 2012

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Family: Wife Lisa 5 Children

Occupation: Contract Home Furnishings Professional

What prompted you to run for the board? I was encouraged nine years ago by several community leaders and district employees to run for an open board seat. I saw this as an opportunity to give back to my community and become involved in something that is very important to me.

What skills and experience do you bring to the board? I am entering my third and final term bringing a wealth of understanding and community contacts to the board. After serving the last eight years on the board and working with the city, county and many local organizations, I have gained their trust and respect along with a good understanding of how special districts operate and function.

What are your goals for your current board term? To continue to meet the needs of the community as a whole. The 2016 bond projects will meet many of those needs but there is still work to be done and we can’t lose sight of that. The replacement of Meyers Pool and other important program needs will be a major part of the next four years for the district.

What makes Apex PRD stand out from other recreation agencies? Without question the people who work in the district every day. Apex PRD has a great reputation in the community and in this part of the country. That is a direct reflection of our amazing employees and leadership.

Kristen Larington, Secretary/Treasurer – elected in May 2014

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Family: I have a loving husband, Andrew, and 3 daughters, Paige, Presley, and Harper.

Occupation: Director at a gymnastics facility.

What prompted you to run for the board? Having worked for a recreational city program for over 15 years, I can help be the voice to benefit our great community.

What skills and experience do you bring to the board? I have a background in city recreational programming and have worked for over 15 years in this line of work. I have spent several years on a variety of board positions including C.A.R.A. (Colorado Association of Recreational Athletics) and C.H.S.A.A (Colorado High School Athletic Association)

What are your goals for your current board term? I am excited to see the startup of the upcoming amenities voted on by the community in May 2016.

I will continue my efforts to make sure the Apex PRD community is heard in all aspects.

What makes Apex PRD stand out from other recreation agencies? Being a special district, Apex PRD has a great opportunity to assist in what the community seeks. Our access to state of the art neighborhood parks, pickleball courts, fields, and recreation opportunities, make Apex PRD a unique agency.

Tommy Skul, Board Member – elected in May 2014

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Family: Wife: Aimee. Children: (son) Tommy Jr, (son) Anthony, and (daughter) Taytum

Occupation: Owner: Skul Agency-Farmers Insurance agency located in Arvada, providing all lines of insurance from personal, commercial, and life.
President: Arvada Colts Baseball Club a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that provides free collegiate level baseball to the community during the summer.

What prompted you to run for the board? I was born and raised in Arvada and I want to make a positive difference in the community that I grew up in and love. I also have three young children that I want to show that to make a difference you need to be involved.

What skills and experience do you bring to the board? Being a business owner I am going to bring a businesslike approach to the board. I am very involved in the Arvada community and listen to all sides of the story before making the best informed decision that I can. I look forward to listening to the citizens as we move forward with the recreation district needs and improvements.

What are your goals for your current board term? It is very important that we get the Bond extended in 2016 so that we can execute the plan that was presented to the board from the 2020 Citizens Review Committee that included an east side recreation center, completion of the Long Lake and Lutz Field projects, and keeping our existing facility’s operational.

What makes Apex PRD stand out from other recreation agencies? I don’t have experience with other recreation agencies yet, however I do plan on getting involved so that Apex PRD continues to be a standout in the recreation field.

Vicki Pyne, Board Member – elected May 2016

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Family: I have been married 32 years to my husband, Tom. My five children are Alyssia, Thomas, Rachel, Stephanie, and Matthew, all graduates of Ralston Valley High School.

Occupation: Self-employed for 30 years at Thomas H. Pyne, DDS. I also serve on the State Board of Pharmacy, the Jefferson County Community Services Advisory Board, the City of Arvada Human Services Board, and as a volunteer for CASA of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties.

What prompted you to run for the board? I have always been involved in my community. With five kids I have served in various volunteer roles from PTA to After Prom and Athletics Booster Club President. My family is very active in sports and recreation and because of this, I served on the Apex PRD Vision 2020 committee in 2005 and 2012. Apex Park and Recreation District is a phenomenal district and I want to see it continue in that direction as our community grows.

What skills and experience do you bring to the board? I have good management skills, extensive board experience, organizational skills, and enjoy working with and representing people. I also have a background in social work which gives me a good perspective on meeting the needs of a wide variety of individuals that make up our community. I am familiar with most of the facilities and offerings of the Apex Park and Recreation District as well as the district partnerships which are invaluable in meeting district goals.

What are your goals for your current board term? As the newest member of this board, I will be getting fully up to speed with current goals and responsibilities, including overseeing the building of new facilities and upgrades of others, made possible by voters who chose to extend the current bond. Additionally, I look forward to working on the next imminent need which is Meyers Pool.
What makes Apex PRD stand out from other recreation agencies? Apex PRD stands out among other districts because of the community it belongs to. People are involved and active in making this district what it is. I look forward to this new opportunity to be a part of the Apex PRD board, as well as the chance to focus on providing recreation for the community needs of the future.

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