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Shower Education

Why should swimmers shower before swimming?

  • A quick shower before using the pool increases water clarity, water quality, and air quality.
  • It helps remove perspiration, body oils, cosmetics, and traces of urine/fecal matter on your body, which lowers the “yuck” factor.
  • Lowering the “yuck” factor also reduces the risk of transmitting or contracting waterborne illnesses.
  • Chlorine does not kill germs on contact. It takes time (the time varies depending on the germ), and showers reduce the number of germs chlorine has to kill.

What else can you do to keep yourself, your family, and your friends safe and healthy?

  • Don’t swim if you have had diarrhea in the past two weeks.
  • Take bathroom breaks. If you are here with a child, take a break every 60 minutes. If you are here with a child in diapers, check the diaper every 30 minutes, and change it as soon as it’s soiled.
  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water after using the toilet or changing a diaper.
  • Don’t swallow pool water; do your best to ensure your children don’t, either.

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