Gymnastics, Dance and Cheerleading

Apex Simms Street Center
11706 W. 82nd Ave.
Arvada, CO 80005

We are excited to have you and your child in our program! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brook-Lyn Kuhnle, Gymnastics, Dance and Cheerleading Coordinator at 303-467-7127, /* email hidden; JavaScript is required */.

Gymnastics, Dance and Cheerleading Classes

For a list of the current Gymnastics, Dance and Cheerleading classes, download the current activity guide or browse and register online for Gymnastics, Dance and Cheerleading classes. Please register for classes early because they will be canceled one week before the start date if the minimum participant requirements are not met.

Download the Apex Simms Street Center Parent Letter for information on Session Dates/Dates Off, MiniMeet/Recitals, and Staff Evaluation Form.

Extra children will not be allowed to play on the apparatus. They must be supervised at all times. Please plan ahead. Absolutely NO food or drink allowed in the gym at any time.

Pint Size Play Time

Ages .5-5 (Ages are strict)

Location: Simms Street Center, 11706 W. 82nd Ave., Arvada, CO

Open gym time for the youngsters! Parents and children are welcome to come play with all our gymnastics equipment. Some equipment is for skilled gymnasts; play at your own risk. No instructor; parents are required to stay and supervise their children. 25 child maximum. Must have one adult per 4 children. Drop in only. Please call 303-467-7120 or email /* email hidden; JavaScript is required */ for more details.

Fees: $4/hour. Punch Card: $40 for 11 punches


  • Mon., Tue., Thu.: 10-11 am and noon-1 pm
  • Wed., Fri.: noon-1 pm and 2-3 pm
  • Sat.: 10-11 am

Dates: Jan. 9-Mar. 9
No Pint Size Play: Mar. 10-Apr. 2

Drop In Gym

Ages 6-18

Location: Simms Street Center, 11706 W. 82nd Ave., Arvada, CO

Come visit our open gym time to work on gymnastics, dance and cheerleading skills! Parents must come in to the gym to check in their child and sign a waiver. Drop-in is limited to 20 children, please arrive early to ensure a spot. Appropriate gym attire is required. Please inform your instructor of any health issues or disabilities before leaving your child. Drop-in dates and times are determined at the beginning of each session. Please call 303-467-7120 or email /* email hidden; JavaScript is required */ for updates.

Fees: $5/hour. Punch card: $50 for 11 punches


  • Tue., Thu.: 8:30-9:30 pm
  • Sat.: 8-9 am and 3:05-4 pm
  • Sun.: 3-4 pm

Dates: Jan. 9-Mar. 9
No Drop In: Mar. 10-Apr. 2

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