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Freestyle Rules and Etiquette

It is the responsibility of all coaches to observe these rules, teach them to their skaters, and ensure that all skaters retain a high level of awareness and compliance.

  • All skaters and coaches must sign in and pay for all sessions before entering the ice.
  • Sessions are limited to 25 skaters.
  • Sessions may only be split between two sessions or surfaces to accommodate lesson times if approved.
  • Spectators are not allowed to be in the rink but may observe from behind the glass in the lobby or upstairs in the bleachers.
  • Headphones are only permitted in one ear for safety reasons, and you must be aware of your surroundings. Skating unsafely will result in the loss of privileges.
  • The use of cell phones is limited to the perimeter of the boards for skaters. Coaches may use cell phones for recording and music purposes in a safe manner.
  • Appropriate skating attire must be worn on all freestyle sessions. “Streetwear” is not acceptable skating attire. Hair, if long, must be pulled neatly back.
  • Please use trash containers to dispose of all trash.
  • Be courteous to all skaters and coaches. Remember, most infractions of rules are done by accident.
    • A friendly and courteous “excuse me” works wonders in educating new or inattentive skaters.
    • Apologize if you accidentally interfere with another skater’s practice.
  • Session flow: Respect others’ space and be aware of your surroundings. Do not skate or jump too close to another skater or coach. Be aware of skaters skating on patterns and setting up for jumps or spins, and do not cross their path. Spins should be done in the center of the rink. Be aware of jumping corners.
  • Skaters performing their program to music must sign their names on the list if multiple skaters are waiting. Skaters in a lesson may skip a skater not in a lesson, alternating between lesson and non-lesson skaters. Please, no restarting your music.
  • Skaters practicing their program have the right of way.
  • Right of way priority is as follows:
    • Skater playing program music in a lesson.
    • Skaters playing program music not in a lesson.
    • Skater in the lesson.
    • Skaters practice moves or dance since maneuvers have specific patterns.
    • All other skaters.
  • Keep moving. If you fall, get up immediately. Do not sit on the ice. If you must stop, do so only at the boards or off the ice.
  • No sitting on the boards.
  • Skaters who accidentally make large holes in the ice due to toe jumps must fill their holes with the provided slush bucket by the Zamboni doors. If the slush bucket is not available, please see the front desk.
  • Skaters and coaches are not permitted on the ice at any time during an ice resurface and must wait until the Zamboni doors are closed before entering the ice. When the Zamboni has been started or the doors open, everyone should gather their belongings quickly and exit the ice immediately.
  • Only water is allowed near the ice or on the boards. Coaches may have coffee if standing on the players’ bench, but coffee cups are not allowed on the ice or on top of the boards.
  • Kicking the ice and inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Rudeness, abuse, or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Skaters on the harness path or practicing skating skills or dance maneuvers that have specific patterns.

Always Remember Good Sportsmanship

Maintain a positive attitude. Congratulate other skaters.

Set a good example for younger, less experienced skaters.

Treat all skaters, coaches, and rink staff how you want to be treated.

Have Fun

Skaters, coaches, and parents not observing these rules will be asked to leave the ice. No refund will be given when asked to leave the ice due to a rules violation.

All staff coaches have the authority to enforce the above rules.

Coaches and parents, please review the above rules with your skater.

Please see Skating Director Denise Hughes with any concerns about violations of these rules.