Swimming Pools and Programs at Apex Park and Recreation District in Arvada, CO

Indoor Swimming Pools

Apex Center – Activity swimming pools and lap pool
George J. Meyers Swimming Pool – Adult lap swimming and open swimming

Outdoor Swimming Pools

Lake Arbor Outdoor Swimming Pool – Open swimming. Open May 29-Aug. 18, 2017
Secrest Outdoor Swimming Pool – Open swimming. Open May 29-Aug. 18, 2017

For information on showering before swimming, hygiene and health concerns please download the Shower Education Flyer.

Swim Lessons

Apex Park and Recreation District offer a wide variety of swim lessons starting at ages 6 months and up including private and semi-private lessons. Please call the Apex Center at 303-424-2739 for more information or register for swim lessons online.
If you are interested in private and semi-private swim lessons, please fill out the Private Swim Lesson Interest Form.

Swimming Fees and Passes

You must have a resident ID card to get the resident discount. Children under age 9 must be appropriately supervised by an adult. Fee listed are for Meyers Pool, Lake Arbor and Secrest Pool. (Visit the Apex Center page for fees and hours)

Under 1: Free
$2 (non-res. $2.50) Must be accompanied into the pool by a paying adult.
$3.75 (non-res. $4.50)
$4.25 (non-res. $5.25)
$3.50 (non-res. $4)
Spectator Fee – all ages:

Passes and Punch Cards

Must have a resident ID to obtain discount price. Passes not valid at the Apex Center.

Annual Passes

Valid one year from purchase date

4-18: $114 (non-res. $151)
19-61: $225 (non-res. $261)
62+: $129 (non-res. $174)
Family: $400 (non-res. $480) Family is a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children. Additional Children are $25 each.

10 Punch Card

Perfect option for the occasional swimmer! Good at all public and lap swim times.

4-18: $32 (non-res. $42)
$37 (non-res. $50)
62+: $27 (non-res. $36)

20 Punch Card

4-18: $62 (non-res. $79)
19-61: $72 (non-res. $99)
62+: $49 (non-res. $65)

Summer Passes

Valid May 29-Aug. 18, 2017

4-18: $78 (non-res. $89)
19-61: $114 (non-res. $152)
62+: $83 (non-res. $110)
Family*: $273 (non-res. $354)

*Family is a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children. Additional children are $28 each.

Group Rates

Special rates for groups of 20 or more. Contact individual pools for more information.

General Policies

Children under the age of 3 are required to wear a swim diaper and/or tight fitting plastic pants under their swim suits. (No regular diapers allowed in pools)

Children under the age of 6 must be directly supervised, in the water, by a parent or guardian. (The exception to this rule is the play pool, where children under the age of 6 must be appropriately supervised by a parent or guardian). Children ages 6-9 must be appropriately supervised by an adult in the pool area.

Children over age 9 may swim without adult supervision.

Non-swimmers of any age must be supervised by an adult.

Children 6 and older must use gender appropriate locker rooms.

Portions of all pools may be closed periodically for swim lessons or special events.

Please note that a full head and body shower must be taken before entering the pool.

Drop-in Aquacise Classes

Are you looking for fun swimming workouts? Try Aquacise swimming workouts! Aquacise classes are a coed water aerobics exercise using the natural resistance of the water without the stress to the body and joints found in land exercise. You can expect to strengthen and firm many muscle groups. Recommended for swimmers or non-swimmers who feel comfortable in the water. Always consult your physician before starting any exercise program, including swimming workouts. Participants should be 18 and over, unless approved by the class instructor.

Meyers Pool Drop-In Aquacise Classes

Fall/Winter/Spring: Mon., Wed. and Fri., 8-9 am
Summer: Mon., Wed. and Fri., 9:30-10:30 am

  • Drop-in: Res. $4.50 (non-res. $5.50)
  • 20 punch card
    • 19-61: Res. $82 (non-res. $96)
    • 62+: Res. $75 (non-res. $90)

Apex Center Drop-In Aquacise Classes

Apex Center Aquacise class fees are included in the regular Apex Center Daily Admission fees.

Fish Bowls – Drop-in Aquatic Class

Fish Bowls swimming workouts are gentle paced swimming classes for adults and senior adults who wish to improve/maintain their daily activities. Participants are encouraged to work at their own rate and to focus on the “Fish Bowl” concepts:

Independence in mobility
Strength and stretching
Healthy attitude and having fun
Balancing and breathing
Opportunities for social interaction
Water endurance conditioning

This drop-in activity meets at the Apex Center, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1-2 pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:15-10 am.

  • 19-61: Res. $5.50 (non-res. $6.75)
  • 62+: Res. $4.25 (non-res. $5.75)

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) classes, including SUP Yoga, SUP Boot Camp, and Drop-in paddleboard classes, from beginner to advanced, are available at Meyers Pool. Call 303-467-7140 for more info.

Paddleboard PlaytimeSecrest Pool, 6820 W. 66th Ave., and Lake Arbor Pool, 7451 W. 83rd Way, will host free-form stand-up paddleboard fun every Wednesday evening from 6-7:15 p.m during the summer. This exciting new drop-in program offers a way to hone your skills, add some active water fun to your day, or just cruise around the pool on a summer evening. Please be aware that there is no instruction provided. There will be 5-6 boards available to use at each pool during Paddleboard Playtime, and you’re encouraged to bring your own board if you have one.

Masters Swimming and Fitness Program

The Masters Swimming Workouts Program is designed to promote a fun, healthy and social environment for swimmers who are interested in swimming for fitness, participating in triathlons and/or adult competitive swimming. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and should possess intermediate to advanced swimming skills. Participants must show a resident ID card to receive the resident discount rate. Call 303-467-7140 for fees and additional information.

SilverSneakers Fitness ProgramApex PRD is proud to welcome SilverSneakers members to the Masters Swimming Program! This program is FREE to SilverSneakers program members. Contact your insurance provider to see if you are eligible for the program. Stop in at the front desk at George J. Meyers Swimming Pool, 7900 Carr Dr., for requirements and to enroll.

Practice Times/Locations:


Passes also valid for open/lap swim sessions at Meyers Pool, Secrest Pool and Lake Arbor Pool. New participants trying out Masters receive a free seven practice trial before committing to a pass or punch card.

Practice Locations:

Scout Merit Badge Class

Let us help your scout achieve the Aquatic Merit Badge. We provide a licensed lifeguard for water safety instruction, skill testing and badge requirements. 1 hour class.

Swim Teams

MS Hydrotherapy

Benefit from a cool water environment to help increase mobility, balance, strength and range of motion. Class is run by a physical therapist with special training in hydrotherapy and over 18 years experience with individuals with MS. For more information, call Julie Hines, CTRS, at 303-467-7158.

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